Corbett Report Radio 051 - Nuclear Free by 2045 with Dennis Riches

01/18/20120 Comments

Joining us tonight from Japan is Dennis Riches of the Nuclear Free by 2045 blog. We discuss the Fukushima crisis, its historical parallels and the largest nuclear accident on US soil: a meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory near Los Angeles that almost no one has ever heard of.

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CBS Evening News: Radioactive waste from ‘decontamination’ buried in elementary school playground (VIDEO)

Another Decon Worker Dies in Hirono-Machi, Fukushima in a Government Decon Project

I bet Alex Trebek never asked this question on Jeopardy

Why Most Research Findings Are False

Happening Now: M4.2 quake in Fukushima, followed by M3.5 — Both in last 45 minutes

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