Context Is Everything

10/23/202363 Comments

I often get asked about an image I've had cause to include in several of my articles over the years. It depicts a television camera capturing a knife attack in such a way as to completely flip the reality of who is attacking and who is being attacked.

In case you haven't seen it before, here it is:

I would happily credit whoever created this image, but I can't. It's been floating around on the internet for decades now, and I've never once seen it credited to a particular artist. It has, however, been posted and re-posted so much that it's generated its own lore at this point.

Some say that the cameraman framed both of them.

Others insist there's a gun pointed at the cameraman's head, just outside the frame of the picture.

Whatever the case, it's easy to see why the image has generated so much interest over the decades (and continues to do so, judging from the feedback in my inbox). It's because it perfectly encapsulates a point that I will now spend thousands of words elaborating: context is everything.

If you have already internalized this point and you understand how this insight has been weaponized by the powers that shouldn't be, great! But here's another point to consider: we can use this insight about the importance of context to our advantage.

How? Allow me to explain. . . .

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  1. terez says:

    Haha, I’d like to submit as a contender for your illustration the cover of my book, in which some are throwing off the eye at the top while others free those crushed under the pyramid at the bottom and ‘petrodactyls’ circle with nowhere to land:
    I thought of you when I wrote this line on my recent episode: “Controlled Opposition only works when what you think depends on who said it.” Rather than context from facts and logic, that’s a context of authority that gives up authorship of our own thoughts.
    In this case, I’m looking at Leigh Dundas as the CIA agitator who planted weapons in the Trucker Convey when Trudeau was salivating for Emergency Measures and recruited patsies on J6 by saying the traitors and turncoats should by taken out back and hung or shot … all without a single inquiry from the police or media.
    And I contrast this to Russell Brand by putting his ‘rape and pedophile’ jokes back into context where they do the exact opposite of normalizing:

  2. TheGlobalist says:

    Challenge accepted Mr. Corbett. ?

  3. cu.h.j says:

    Great points made here about context and framing and narratives/propaganda being the primary means of social control and is used to exploit and enslave. This is their primary tool of war, propaganda that move the masses and prevent collaboration. It also makes people believe they are helpless and have no agency.

    Visual art could be used as “anti-ganda” and put up in public places. I’m not a visual artist but some of these images could be put up so people can see them and maybe it would plant a few seeds into the subconscious of people who are ready to wake up to what’s going on.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Not a graphic artist either, but took a stab with one of the AI image generators to see what came up.
    I’m not in love with the end-result but it’s a starting point.

    Reframing the problem:
    Many have pointed this out, but once you decide you no longer want to accept how things are, there is a ton of opportunity in forging a new path.

  5. Ectorshire Wolf says:

    I really like the concluding questions ” … how would you reframe the problem of the globalist technocratic conspiracy in a way that inspires people to take action and make changes in the world? Can you come up with an angle or a different narrative context that explains not just the problem but the solution in a simpler, more straightforward way …?”.

    Here’s something that came to me a few hours ago. It isn’t a drawing, it’s a proposed mass movement, sort of. Imagine a large number of people, as opposed to politicians, proposing something like the following:

    This is, obviously, a BARE BONES outline of my “Peace Has Come To The Middle East” proposal, but it conveys an idea that, as far as I know, has never been attempted in that area.  Any thoughts/suggestions?

    “China, Russia and United States contribute members to PHCTTME Design Committee

    Develop plans to equally finance and construct a city in the N E Egypt area of Sinai.  

    Present plans, publicly, to the governments of Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

    Begin construction of city using labor specifically manned by residents of Gaza.

    As infrastructure and residential structures are completed Gaza residents are relocated to the new structures.

    As Gaza’s population is relocated, work begins on developing Gaza into a functioning economic area and as infrastructure and residential facilities are completed Gaza residents can return.”

    It may seem stupid but what else is being considered/proposed?

    • Duck says:

      Ectoshire Wolf

      “…It may seem stupid but what else is being considered/proposed?…”

      You are making the (false) assumption that PEACE is what the players there want. The reason that nothing changes is because we dont understand the ACTUAL reason most things happen.

      Its not that the idea is in any way ‘stupid’, its just that its never going to happen because its based on the Western minded premise “Peace is the most important thing” ….which is NOT TRUE FOR THE PLAYERS THERE.

      If “peace” (except by genocide) was ever actually wanted Israel could have paid off Arab states, and the Palestinians, to absorb the people long ago- they have almost unlimited access to money. They could have paid it over generations and rid themselves of the people AND built up the economy of the region. To your average western mind that sounds good, but its BAD because both sides are ‘zero sum game’ thinkers. They would both rather be poorer aslong as the other is WORSE off.

      The tribal mindset both sides have- that outsiders are dirty, evil, ugly and worthy of death is something very hard for de-sacralized, de-racinated, atomized, pampered western minds to understand.

      • Ectorshire Wolf says:

        I might agree, up to a point. As far as I can tell, at this point, Russia and China are making it appear they are interested in finding a peaceful solution to the current tensions between Hamas/Israel. Are they serious? I don’t know, but the US administration has made it clear they are not interested in peace.

        With that said, what would happen if everyone ignored the US and undertook an effort similar to the one I proposed? If the rest of “the world” pushed for something like that, what would Israel & Hamas do?

        Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the many average citizens of the region would embrace such an effort.

        If nothing else, it doesn’t hurt discussing such.

        • Duck says:

          “…. if everyone ignored the US and undertook an effort similar to the one I proposed?….”

          Hard to ignore a bomb coming down to your roof. The USA still has massively more ability to Project Force then any other state….but the REAL question (since the US is on THIS issue wholly owned by Israeli / Jewish powers) is you other one

          “….. If the rest of “the world” pushed for something like that, what would Israel & Hamas do?…”

          Israel does not WANT peace.
          They want to grab as much land as possible AND keep their neighbors weak.

          The “settlers” are doing to Palestinians who white settlers did to American Indians …moving in and taking OWNERSHIP of the land. They are quite happy to use terrorism to scare the locals off. Either side can stop peace thru doing violence…pretty easy for them.

          Dont get me wrong- I think Islam and Muslims suck too but the main obstacle to peace is that Israel does not WANT peace. As long as the jewish lobby in the US keeps them flush with cash and VETO’s UN sanctions they will just keep on pushing for more….and if they ever loose I 100% think they WILL do the “Samson Option” and ruin the middle East AND target Europe and the USA.

          In their hearts their thinking is Tribal and Alien to modern European though….at base its “My people RIGHT…YOUR people evil, dirty, wrong”

          THIS guy gives a rather good overview of the situation IMO
          Pete Quinoes Show, Episode 963: A Century of Zionist Violence w/ Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

          “…Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the many average citizens of the region would embrace such an effort….”

          No one ever has or ever will care what “average citizens” think about anything. The organized minority will always trump the disorganized majority, as it says in “The Populist Delusion” By Neema Parvini.

          • helanda says:

            “No one ever has or ever will care what “average citizens” think about anything. The organized minority will always trump the disorganized majority, as it says in “The Populist Delusion” By Neema Parvini.”

            Mr.part of the problem ey?

            The US consists of 250million dumbfucks, the world consists of over 8 billion people. Many dumbfucks there to, but you get my point.
            This is exactly what Corbett talked about.

            Whining that we can’t do anything because this and that. Wææ,wææ,wææ.

            Well motherfucker, we can make our own table, and we will.
            So stfu and let us come up with something in peace. If you dont have anything constructive to come with, be gone. No one likes a “slacker” in these comment sections, this ain’t a fuckin Wendy’s man. :):) I am not angry or mad. I just like to cuss, cause whythefuck not??

            So dont be like the duck, or the goose or the pig that wouldn’t help the chicken bake a fucking bread.

            ( dont come when the bread is done and all the hard labour is over )

            • Duck says:


              Just a serious question here…. do YOU have water, grain, chickens and rabbits?

              Anyone who does not have the very basics of staying alive without outside help for AT LEAST 2 or 3 months IS NOT and CAN NOT “make their own table”

              How many people do you think – even HERE in the comments section, can live 3 months without outside support?

              Because if they CANT say that, they cant do shit except at the whim of whoever has the food….Most people wont even give up fking NETFLIX, and are thus worthless.

              “….Mr.part of the problem ey?…”

              NO, the problem is people who are trying to solve the problem WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT IS.

              You can not expect Human NAture to change and become something it has never been before….people will not suddenly become “New Anarchist Man” anymore then they became “New Soviet Man”:

              “….Whining that we can’t do anything because this and that. Wææ,wææ,wææ.

              I M NOT saying we cant do anything….. I am saying that if you want that change YOU had better do it yourself, and stop waiting for everyone to wake up.

              THEY WONT….ever. Its not in their nature- if you actually read the book you would even understand why that it.

              “…… come up with something in peace…..”

              I just Did- stop waiting for people to wake up and start

              a)Doing your own thing with your own group

              b)Start doing at least a BIT of politics and supporting people that dont actively hate you wand want you dead.

              “…..So dont be like the duck, or the goose or the pig that wouldn’t help the chicken bake a fucking bread….”

              I enslave chickens and steal their eggs. To them I am the Ruling Class, 🙂 They LIKE that I feed them and keep them safe just like MOST PEOPLE LIKE being owned by the ruling class.

              • helanda says:

                “Just a serious question here…. do YOU have water, grain, chickens and rabbits?”

                Water, yes. No chickens or rabbits. Well rabbits is in the woods here. With deer ( just shot one, two days ago )
                I have cows and sheeps. I live in western Norway. Grain is grown in the east.

                “Anyone who does not have the very basics of staying alive without outside help for AT LEAST 2 or 3 months IS NOT and CAN NOT “make their own table””

                Not with that attitude, Mr problem.

                “I enslave chickens and steal their eggs. To them I am the Ruling Class, ? They LIKE that I feed them and keep them safe just like MOST PEOPLE LIKE being owned by the ruling class.”

                You have clearly not heard the story…
                Maybe it’s an Norwegian one. I did not find it in English.


                It’s a really good one, stuck with me since i was an youngin…

              • helanda says:

                Lol, not an Norwegian story.

                The wise little hen


            • Duck says:


              A book by an author who is building his own table

              Published by a publisher who is building their own table

              Explaining why the opinions of most people dont matter


              Or you can buy it on Amazon (like most people will).

              Hell…. you can listen to Pete Quinoes Show read the entire book aloud, with commentary from guests (1st Epp has the author himself on)from a couple years back.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I agree with the spirit of the post, meaning that people can make a difference if they try.

              People can change the world with effort, but the belief in failure and that “it’s always been this way and will always be this way” impedes motivation.

              This is straight out of the Art of War and psychological operation manual if one exists.

            • cu.h.j says:

              JC had a post about this over a year ago. The image he posted said everything and I’ll re-post it. It’s of an elephant tied to a small chain who believes he can’t get away because he’s learned through conditioning that if he tries will fail. So he stops trying even when he is big enough to break free:


              • Duck says:


                ‘….On first glance, though my glance is meaningless without actually reading it, it looks partisan for organized government. But maybe I’m wrong and will read it and find out.,,,’

                Its a quick read that gives a digested baby food version of the Elite Theorists that write massive hard to follow books.

                Basic take away for me

                The organized minority will always beat the disorganized majority

                The ruling Elite tends to go bad, and then a new counter Elite rise from below to replace them.

                if you dont mind using the search or scrolling back you can hear the whole book read with guests commenting


              • cu.h.j says:

                Thanks, I’ll check it out. The statement here:

                “The organized minority will always beat the disorganized majority”

                That might be accurate. Being organized is an advantage in any aspect of life. Preparing, having a plan and the will to execute the plan is essential in general.

                I’m reading the book, it’s quite small so pretty quick reading. Will check out the commentary.

                Intuitively I know that people like to have a plan, some sense of control over their environment and future, even the perception of control is soothing.

                The propaganda machine knows a lot about the psyche of the common man. The rebellion could learn and use similar tactics.

                Who ever the elite are, they appear to be a bunch of psychopaths who lack any creative vision of meaningful existence.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Let me qualify more “The organized minority will usually beat the disorganized majority”

                “An organized minority has a strategic advantage against a disorganized majority”

                I think the last statement is probably closer to the truth.

                There are also variables to consider such as context and quality and/or ability.

                I think this is why the elitists want to cull the human population. They fear the masses, especially those who pose a threat, those who are more intelligent and determined.

              • Duck says:

                “….“An organized minority has a strategic advantage against a disorganized majority”
                I think the last statement is probably closer to the truth…..”

                No…because an ORGANIZED group will all pull towards the same goal.
                They will ALWAYS ultimatly succeed over a group that does not pull for the same goal.

                The bigger the group the harder it is to make them all pull together (though they WILL slow down and resist the minority more)

                “…..There are also variables to consider such as context and quality and/or ability….”


                You need to start thinking like an Aristocrat does and work to protect your own sphere.

                Did you look at the AI pics?
                The incongruity between Rockwells america and todays shows how little ability to resist the masses have now.

                “….I think this is why the elitists want to cull the human population. They fear the masses…”

                Kinda…they actually HATE the masses and want them dead but dont fear them.

                They fear people who might rise out of the masses and form a Counter_elite and replace them….’competition is a sin’ so to speak. The SINGLE most important example of this is the push to encourage vice, especially single parent families who will almost never produce kids that can compete with properly raised kids.

                Gates does not fear Ghetto trash….he fears middle class people with ambition and ability.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Have you read the authors who are condensed in the book The Populist Delusion?

                I know some of the works are quite long, but it might be worthwhile at least skimming the authors quoted in the book.

                I think I’ll take a look at this since I have more time now. On first glance of Mosca’s work The Ruling Class:


                It does not seem like an impossible read. Also, with all political science and history texts the author has a context and bias. It is very good to keep that in mind. It is also important to consider ones own biases.

                IMO it is very important to get out of echo chambers. Also, it is always good to use ones own mind to digest information. With that written, I’ll take a look at some of these academics who composed the “elite theory”.

                My main interest in this body of work is that I think that some of the information could be valuable for people looking at multiple strategies to disrupt the current “elite”.

            • Duck says:

              “..Not with that attitude, Mr problem…”

              Its not attitude my friend, its the truth.

              Dont eat anything but 100 calories of Carbs every day for a week for a week and then tell me what you would do for food.

              I actually do know the story of the Little Red Hen (in my book she had a cool hand cranked drawbridge to her house, lol, wanted one so bad) but its actually not relevant to the issue since

              1)’IF’ (hopefully ‘WHEN’) you get your own table going people will come to it AND YOU WILL WANT THEM because they will make it possible for you to keep functioning

              2)In the real world the little red hen comes running when I throw some feed or oats out for her.

              My point is NOT dont build a table, my point is that the majority of people are chickens who will come when your Hen Scratch looks tastier then the Globalist Hen scratch.

              Germans were prostituting themselves ,and their kids in the Wiemar inflation, and ALMOST EVERY ONE ON THIS BOARDS is going to go get their vax passport UNLESS they are able to live outside the system.
              The simple test is CAN YOU LIVE 3 MONTHS WITHOUT OUTSIDE HELP…if not they will fold when the pressure comes down.

              Your worldview is wrong if you thing that the majority of people will ever choose a harder option over the chicken coup….so you either need to live OUTSIDE the coup or you need to get some influence over how the coup is run- better is BOTH.

              Seriously…. read “The Populist Delusion” (or listen to it being read on the Pete Quinoes show) if you are stupid enough to believe that the average person is ever going to wake up and choose freedom- Freedom requires a lot of education and work.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I found a free download of the book here “The Populist Delusion”


                I’ll have to check it out. I wonder if JC has read it. Perhaps once I read it I’ll pose a question.

                On first glance, though my glance is meaningless without actually reading it, it looks partisan for organized government. But maybe I’m wrong and will read it and find out.

              • helanda says:

                Ok ok, I kinda agree. I will read the book. (Hopefully) This weekend.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Did you read the book? It’s pretty small. I thought it was rather fascinating actually and probably should be considered by ordinary people “Kulaks” and/or those with more capital/economic resources.

                One of the main take aways for me was that organized resistance is probably better than atomized “lone wolves”.

                I have come to conclude that studying history is probably helpful to understand the present. History and political science is something I know very little of, despite having a college education. I think lack of knowledge is a weakness.

                Anyway, would love to read what you thought of it. In fact, I wonder what others here in JC’s audience who are more well versed in political science and history think of it.

              • helanda says:


                I started reading then I started skimming.

                I’m not an political educatè, nor an especially educated man.
                Would say more practical, I like arbitrage stuff.

                I’ve read stuff like this before and I agree with some.

                Ofcourse some rulers are needed, just look at parents. We would not be writing on this message board if parenting were not an thing. We would look for food and hide in caves still, those few who survived being born and then just left to fend for your own after you stop suckle 😛

                An corrupt democracy is not an democracy.
                We dont even know what a democracy actually look like, especially in the US where you are ruled by warmongers.
                You guys have been bombing the shit out so many countries that you guys should be totally sidelined from any further co-OP for peace, if that is ever going to be an thing 😛

                Also us here in Norway. Fucking Jens Stoltenberg.

                I disagree with that we can not make a new society, with a all new structure.
                Because that’s what intend to leave for the next generation or die trying 🙂

              • cu.h.j says:

                Yeah, I agree with laying the foundation for a new society of sorts not based on exploitation but on cooperation and respect.

                Something new would be motivating for people to work towards. But in my lifetime, I think rolling back or extricating the parasites from control is still worthwhile.

                Some of the value I got from a book like this is to see how the opponents might think and also to not underestimate the enemies or think that organization and coordination is not important.

                I also hope that defectors from the old system could see value in a new system, something more fulfilling rather than base impulses and wants.

                I think humans are capable of evolving, consciousness evolving and learning to live as autonomous people and also be part of community etc. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think less formal education is probably advantageous because one is not constrained or corrupted by as much brainwashing as those who have been programmed to some degree.

              • helanda says:

                “Yeah, I agree with laying the foundation for a new society of sorts not based on exploitation but on cooperation and respect.

                Something new would be motivating for people to work towards”

                Or something ancient, like them tribes over in africa, amazonas, south-american and in the good ol America ( Indians)

                Thay had the elders as “rulers”/guiders/bosses

                And one good thing about that, if you get old you also get to be an elder.

                And also when they elder died I dont think they family inherited power if it was not gained by themselves.

                We all need to acknowledge that technology have been amazing. There are so many inventions that has made our life easier and as it is today.

                But the people who invented those is long gone and their offspring is reaping the benefits of what a dead guy did.

                That’s moronic.

                One thing is to inherit a house and some valuables, but it is not so totally different to inherit empires.
                So an good thing would be to limit what stuff you actually can own and how long you should be able to own it before it becomes available for all to copy.

                If you would do that the cost of things would go drastically down, the elite would become obsolete and the items with actual value would start to actually matter.

                Maybe even we would stop sending African children to their deaths mining for gold or picking our chocolate..
                Or god forbid, “steal” the cocaine paste from farmers and distribute it globally for an insane yearly amount of imaginary money and do it with violence.

                In an insane world the sane, seems insane…

              • cu.h.j says:

                Yeah, local groups with organic leadership. I don’t think that every single leader is prone to holding on to power.

                A good leader does not do it for power but takes pride in collaboration with followers. Also the leader/follower relationship can change based on skill/experience in different domains.

                A leader who becomes corrupted by power over others should not lead because that is a weakness. Most of our leaders it seems are obvious psychopaths.

                Out of principle people should not follow a psychopath. Leaders are given power by followers and much greater discretion should be used in who we give our power to.

                But on a practical level, I do think that leadership is sought by people. If this is a maladaptive learned behavior it won’t change overnight. In the interim leaders who want to teach and empower people to be autonomous and responsible for themselves are needed.

                I like what Derick Broze and others like Richard Grove are doing by teaching and demonstrating what autonomy and freedom entails and how to “actualize” it.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Didn’t Israel fund Hamas in order to destabilize the moderate PLO? The Zionist government wants Hamas around. They in part use it to terrorize their “own” people.

          That government doesn’t care for the inhabitants there, Israelis or Palestinians. This is likely some kind of “chess move” by the elitists and the civilians are just pawns, completely expendable.

          The tribalism there just makes these moves easier and stupid people go along with it and forget that their government sees them as disposable objects. It’s kind of sad actually because there are some people over there on both sides who do want peace. There are good Israelis and good Palestinians.

          Duck makes a good point though about the mindset of others, context if you will. It is hard for someone who has not been inculcated in a certain cultural or tribal context to understand the point of view of those who have. Universal values of peace and harmony and cooperation IMO should be shared among all human beings. Some people can learn a better way though and see a different perspective.

  6. mkey says:

    Guess Larken’s The Dot clip is all that you (should) really need. BTW just because one is looking for a solution does not ensure that one exists.

  7. Linefeed says:

    Laughing at them is also a very effective method. We need a means to also convey that through!

    • Duck says:

      “….Laughing at them is also a very effective method. We need a means to also convey that through!…”

      Laughter is good for Breaking Down power and authority, but the joke is kinda on us if we’re ruled by people who wouldn’t have been allowed to mop the floors of the Halls of power a century ago.

  8. miriam.b says:

    The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.
    ~ Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn

  9. Duck says:

    “…Can you come up with an angle or a different narrative context that explains not just the problem but the solution in a simpler, more straightforward way than I’ve attempted here?….”

    At its heart the problem is that people started to think Freedom was the Natural state of man, rather then the possession of small number of gifted and determined people.

    These AI pics, of Norman Rockwell style pictures of Modern America IS THE BEST illustration for why we are where we are. THE PEOPLE are no longer able to rule themselves.

    All in 1940/50’s style

    The first pic is an internet 4chan type ….2nd one is your unmarried wine drinking cat lady….3rd and 4th show white reactions to the Floyd riots.

    A look show you whats wrong….the people depicted are like another SPECIES compared to modern westerners, who are remarkably fatter, less fit, and less healthy. Weirdly the machine got cat ladys crazy uptight face just right.

    I like the Last three pics of the set too since they show the three cardinal Vices (Sexual immorality, personal intemperance and blithe indifference) that have replaced the Virtues.

    There is no “fix” anymore, just living thru the mess until things get back to normal. When the system cant support useless people anymore things will improve.

  10. Jetmab says:


    What a great way of waking us all up this Monday morning James – thanks and, a good reminder to the poor souls who still hang on to main stream…

    I love the music you use in the little film about Japan….

    Thanks and have a good week…screw the msm!!

  11. helanda says:

    Link table,

    An cartoon that depicts that table, agony, apathy and cruelty. A light goes off, a little Corbett appears and point in a direction.

    Behold. Another table, structured with sturdy titanium legs and a golden top longer than Putin’s puny table.

    History slowly repeats but with all the facts of what actually happend is exposed. Knight, Webb, Titus,Jones, rudowski. ETC

    All appears like Angel’s telling an epic story.
    One by one, commits to our new table as the exposing of the corrupt nepopedos exposes one after another who sits at the old table.
    They eventually have no one left, no table, no food, no money, no power, NO CONTROL. they shrivel up and die and their offspring is outcasts and a laughingstock.

  12. davidbmcbain says:

    I have a story to demonstrate lying by omission. I call it Wee Jimmy and Wee Jock. (I’m a Scot, so I use the Scottish dialect.):

    Mum: “What’s happened to my nice new crystal vase that I got from Granny for my birthday?”

    Wee Jimmy: “It fell.” (True.)

    Mum: “It was right in the middle of that table! Who knocked it off the table?”

    Wee Jimmy: “Wee Jock did that.” (True.)

    Wee Jock was too young to defend himself and Mum was a BBC viewer. So the matter ended.

    Mum could have probed a little further by asking how exactly Wee Jock managed to achieve such a feat, taking into account his size etc. Then the truth would’ve surfaced or the lies would’ve had to start. The full account is that Wee Jock did knock the vase off the table because Wee Jimmy pushed him into the table.

    Sometimes people listen. People love stories. But it never seems to change viewing habits. It’s a never-ending struggle – albeit necessary.

    I love that cartoon btw.

  13. stuff says:

    It is disheartening to see James use the same out of context methodology he calls out in the article in one of his examples!

    Whatever your position on climate change it behooves you to look at apples to apples when it comes to charts. If you want to really be on top of things then go for context.

    First the apples to apples error – if you blew up James’s second chart to the year scale of the first one what you would see on a century level basis would be a line heading up gently. This is because the swing from low to high temperature at the end of previous ice ages took place on a millenial scale. Then look at the temperature change 1.5 degrees vs 8 degrees. Chart 1 needs to shrink down by a factor of 5 to match chart 2. So both the X and Y axes are conveniently distorted to tell a story. This is bush league level statistical sleight of hand, changing the scale so the comparison looks like what you want it to. This is the mathematical equivalent of cropping a picture.

    Now the context part. What is the reason for those regular swings low to high over the last 500,000 years (and more) in chart 2? The standard explanation is the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the earth. This is driven by long term cycles most prominently the changing the tilt of the earth (we all heard in science as kids about the 23 degree angle and the tropic of cancer but who knew it actually went from 20 to 25 over the course of tens of thousands of years).

    So why go into this? Easy – you can plot solar energy against temperature and it is a pretty good fit over the past million years. Plot it for the last century and you have quite the divergence. The below chart is a combination of the long term Milankovich trends with short term stuff like sunspots and solar storms. That is the energy line. The temperature line is plotting the bar graph data points in James’ chart 1 as a line. You need both lines, really to understand the data, aka context.

  14. mfph says:

    While working for a leading Environmental Corp. I found it useful to define problems in terms of the solution. Now, long retired, I am an expat living in the Philippine Islands for the last 21 years. That is how I solved the many problems of living in the USA. Problem solving is more basic here.

    As a 1960s dissident I strongly supported alternative culture and policies; mostly to my own detriment. The wind blew the other way, and we few were swept away. The festering Cities reward the damned.

  15. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    Stepping off the plank is exactly the one and only solution. In order to see change, we need a critical mass of people to step off the plank.
    Right now we are at about 20% non steppers. How can we bring this number up is the question? We need about 50% or more.

    Better, honest information will do the trick, according to some (including James). But its the old egg/chicken conundrum: Do people know truth and become seekers because of the report? Or do they know the report because they learned how to be brave and see uncomfortable truths in the first place.

    The bad news is: it is the latter.
    The good news is: if this is so, the number will go up all by itself. Unstoppable. Simply because the time to wake up has come. That’s why all this power-play & propaganda against the masses has sky-rocketed in the last years.

    How long will it take? How could anyone say. Could be 50, 200, 500 years? I wont see it happen. Credit to James anyway: he (and many others, in fact we all) may be able to speed the process up a bit. However, what goes around,comes around, eventually.

    • mkey says:

      Where did you get 20%? That may be a very anegdotal number, but I would say if we were anywhere close to that figure we would be able to see it everywhere.

  16. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    To cite James: “Now, there is obviously more involved in fighting a millennia-long conspiracy to suppress free humanity than simply bowing out of the system, as I have no doubt my well-educated audience will rightly observe.”

    No. I happen to strongly disagree with that. Again, this is the narrative of the god-like, oh-so millennia old elitists speaking.

    No, it really is that ‘easy’: JUST STEP OFF THAT PLANK!
    And ‘poof’.. elitist illusion gone.

    No need to make it look more difficult than it already is.

    Besides: I like it, how this kind of philosophical pessimism (we can do nothing) can turn into its opposite in the blink of an eye, if only brought to its logical conclusion (we do not need to).

  17. david.f says:

    If we’re tired of playing their games, maybe this will help!

    Vaccinate The Yawn
    Written in 2021

    News is abhorring
    And so boring
    Starting from the break of dawn
    I think we need
    To be indeed
    Vaccinated for the yawn

    They always try
    The same tired lie
    Their old shtick goes on and on
    I’ll catch my death
    With lack of breath
    If they don’t vaccinate the yawn

    They put on acts
    With tainted facts
    Their dog dug up from the lawn
    And then they’ll drone
    Over that bone
    Hurry and vaccinate the yawn

    Obey we should
    For public good
    And if not they’ll use their brawn
    That same lousy
    Makes me drowsy
    Excuse me while I yawn

    Here’s protection
    From infection
    Sorry but we’ve seen that con
    So please instead
    Cure sleepyhead
    And vaccinate the yawn

    We’ve had enough
    Of their old stuff
    We’re pooped out being their pawn
    Since they’re creepy
    We’ll stay sleepy
    Until they vaccinate the yawn

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett writes:
    “OK, so here’s my idea:
    I think this concept might be expressed in visual form with a depiction of Atlas.”

    Corbett stirred the pot…

    I’ve been very busy and had not yet read this “Context is Everything” article.
    Things were popping on my plate minute by minute, and then in the middle of it all I get a call from a wonderful, local friend with whom I had not spoken to in many months.
    I was elated! Thrilled!
    This fella has long been an activist…and so much more.
    We talked for a good hour.
    For both of us, Corbett Report is our top “go to”.
    We are both members.

    He asked me about the article and the Atlas depiction.
    I hadn’t read it.
    I told him that I’m not good on the those type of details. I’m no help.

    This fella is a professional musician and a professional artist, smart as hell and has a great sense of humor. He is very willing to help people, and he does.

    Anyway, I’m kind of excited. He is working on the Atlas depiction.

    Did I mention that this professional artist has a sense of humor?…

    Late October’s Halloween – Alex Jones – from years past

  19. Lucidity says:

    Well, James, while Im not a Conspiracy Theorist, I am—as Ed Dowd has labelled himself—‘a Conspiracy Analyst’ who has witnessed/realize/and know the insidious, far-reaching power of the “They/Them/Those composed of all-powerful Davos Illuminati Jewish Vatican Space Laser elitists”.

    “More generally understood, this is a point I have been at pains to stress in my work on solutions for years now. The real failing of the conspiracy theorists is that they tend to picture humanity as the helpless captives of a They/Them/Those composed of all-powerful Davos Illuminati Jewish Vatican Space Laser elitists whose terrifying strength and awesome resources make them completely unassailable and ensure that their plans inevitably and unerringly come to fruition.”

    “This narrative of the God-like, untouchable elite is inherently demotivating. “What’s the point of even trying to resist? The powers-that-shouldn’t-be will get their way in the end anyway.” In this sense, this narrative is functionally indistinguishable from enemy propaganda. By discouraging people who would otherwise stand up to them, the conspirators have probably done more to retain their dominance than by employing any other method of control.”

    Yes, I am discouraged to stand up. Why? What I have witnessed over 60+ years is an all-powerful mafia-type cabal that has silenced, taken-down, taken-out, murdered any person who stands up against this mafia-type cabal’s agenda.

    Let me list a few examples: JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, Robert F Kennedy, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, the Clinton’s list of murdered people who worked with them or around them who were about to talk—eg. Ron Brown (Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce), and Vince Foster (WH attorney). And then there are the doctors and scientists that have stood up and spoken the truth on so many medical issues who have been delicensed; their careers with their incomes thwarted—eg. Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Christiane Northrup.
    And in the business realm—Catherine Austin Fitts who stood up to the Deep State losing her career, her income, and was poisoned 8 times.
    And let’s not forget the J6 folks who peacefully and patriotically stood up and walked to protest a national injustice who sit in torturous DC jails wt no end in sight—it’s been 3 years.
    Or consider the truckers in Canada who rallied for freedom and truth—they stood up—and their bank accounts were frozen. Or consider the number of Australian folks who stood up by not wearing a mask during the Covid plandemic who were brutally attacked, physically beaten.

    The message that I have gotten from those cited examples and many many more that I have witnessed is that if you stand up against the cabal’s agenda—you will pay heavily.

    The power that ““They/Them/Those composed of all-powerful Davos Illuminati Jewish Vatican Space Laser elitists” have secured has not been because people have not stood-up; their power has come from there ability to murder those who standup, and then being free of an inquiry, judgement, or retribution and being in a state of immense power control with complete immunity. That is the Truth.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • cu.h.j says:

      Great pragmatic comment pointing out the real consequences that some face when they speak out.

      I think JC had a newsletter or podcast about how there will be consequences and that a persons line in the sand is good to know in advance.

      I also just read this book/short essay called The Populist Delusion and I’ll post a link to a PDF download here:

      I don’t endorse the opinions of the authors but do think that it provides insight into how a revolution could work in the real world and is perhaps already underway.

      The thing is that the switch from what we have now to an idealist anarchist situation won’t happen instantaneously or may not even happen on a mass scale in my lifetime or even decades from now. Perhaps we can at least roll back some of the tyranny. But, I do think that organized resistance is far more likely to have a lasting effect than unorganized resistance.

      That part of the book IMO was spot on. My general question would be has spontaneous order actually maintained a peaceful system that maximized liberty for individuals?

      I don’t have the chops in world history to cite an example, but my guess is no. So I am inclined to think that atomized resistance is very helpful but that the a sustaining state of peace and freedom requires organization and perhaps in the present time leadership of some kind.

      In sum, you make great points about the reality of resistance having real consequences and that they only become worthwhile if the consequences will have lasting change. The J-6 demonstration showed that protest without a plan will fail. But, these protests do have an effect because what we have now and the plan they have for us is untenable and people are getting sick of it.

      Perhaps people with a better plan can have a more lasting effect.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Correction, resisting tyranny can have consequences including imprisonment and even death and people will be more likely to take the chance if their resistance can have a lasting impact. Protest in the absence of a well thought out plan may play right into the hands of the oppressors. J-6 is a very good example.

        In fact J-6 probably had Fed infiltrators who used it for their advantage and made an example of people who spoke out against the illegal government.

        It seemed like people who participated perhaps hadn’t anticipated this possibility which was poor planning.

        Although I think any resistance at all to tyranny and public display of dissent is helpful because it can be an example to others who may be better prepared or more able to effect change.

        • Lucidity says:

          —Thank you, cu.h.j, I appreciate your reply.
          —Also thank you for the ‘Populist Delusional’ link; I will read it.
          —I agree wt you that “organized resistance is far more likely a lasting effect than unorganized resistance.”
          Support for yr stmt: the American Revolution; MLK Jr’s peaceful marches; Vietnam anti-War protests.
          —Regarding your Q?: Has spontaneous order actually maintained a peaceful system that maximized liberty for individuals? Can you define ‘spontaneous order’?
          Give a contrived example of it? Would the family unit be an example of ‘spontaneous order’?

          —I partially agree wt you that sustaining peace and freedom requires organization. For me what needs to be foundational to sustain peace and freedom requires like-minded people who value peace and individual freedom—not necessarily an overlording organization—but rather a community of like-minded folks who value individual freedoms that are in agreement to not infringe, thwart, or harm another individual’s liberty.

          to be continued…

          • Lucidity says:

            To continue wt my response to yr post, cu.h.j

            —I agree wt you that the J6 ordeal has exposed the real tyranny in power in the US, that is deliberating harming innocent folks who peacefully ‘stood-up’ to support Trump.
            —I disagree with yr statement, paraphrased as “the J6 folks hadn’t anticipated Fed infiltrators…which was poor planning.” You must consider that the J6 folks were encouraged and invited by Trump to come to DC to show him support. Those J6 folks did not come as an organized group wt pre-plans; they came as individuals and families showing their individual support for Trump. And being common folks, grass-roots folks, the J6 people were not thinking in terms of the Deep State’s sophisticated machinations of planted Fed infiltrators—their objective was to be present to give support to Trump.
            No blame of any kind should be levied on those J6 people. They were not organized wt any pre-plans.

            —I agree wt yr final stmt that all visible public displays of dissent are helpful to the cause of over-throwing tranny. Yet, back to my original post’s point: the price of dissent, to ‘stand-up’ to tyranny, is brutal.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I didn’t mean to imply that the J-6 protesters should be at fault and can understand how that came across. I think it was terrible that Trump seemed to abandon people who supported him and nothing came of it except that protesters were given prison time for showing up.

              I think that grass roots activities in future protests need to consider the possibility of agitators and Fed infiltration.

              How can future large scale grass roots protests be more organized? How to plan for Fed infiltrators and what to do? I don’t know the answer to these questions but these are now things that cross my mind now.

              Divesting from the system is one way to slow down their consolidation of power and control. Offering an alternative to the old system and marketing it to the public is also good.

              I think we need multiple strategies and contingency plans. Also defectors from their side to ours will be helpful. Simple sabotage and complex sabotage also for people who work in the system.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Also, almost no activity is risk free. It is important to consider consequences. I have to give my respect to citizens in China who protested the “0 Covid policy” a few years ago.

                Their system is extremely tyrannical and protesting can be deadly over there.

              • cu.h.j says:

                These tyrants seem well organized to me and they use multiple strategies against us and have contingency plans. They also have the MSM for perception management.

                They infiltrate organized resistance groups as well. Perhaps we need our own clandestine groups to organize and plan.

              • Lucidity says:

                Well, cu.h.j., I agree, that post the J6 ordeal, all supportive rallies and protest gatherings of people need to consider the likely possibility that paid agitators, infiltrated FBI and even CIA agents will most likely be present at such gatherings, which necessarily will increase the possibility of a dangerously volatile outcome.

                I also agree that opting to get out of “their system” as much as one can is a good choice to make, but to do so for one’s self-respect.
                Individuals’ opting out of “their system” will not stop “them” from reaching “their” goal to enslave the world population under “their” complete control.
                Why? Because “they” have amassed such immense power by amassing/stealing/engaging-in-corruption to have accumulated immense wealth that allows “them” to pay handsomely millions of “their” minions who work for “them” in small localities, municipalities, states, and nation governments all over our earth along wt paying off hosts of Corporate CEOs (think, MSM) to comply with “Their Plan”.
                “They” have had a grand plan with its implementation being completed in stages over centuries.

                And those who do opt-out of “their system” will be punished in some way and will pay dearly—eventually.
                Think—China’s Social Credit Scoring System—it’s coming—to be implemented in the US. And those opting out will most likely be hauled off to the newly completed concentration camps that have already been built (WV having a concentration of such camps) with more in the works for “Re-Education” purposes—to re-educate those who do not comply wt “their” plan.

                Not a pretty future, but a very real one.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I think opting out and building alternatives are probably the only sustainable way out. But multiple strategies must be employed.

                The idea that elitists are monolithic and untouchable I think is in part part of their PR campaign. They have weaknesses. There are multiple players.

                Nothing is without risk.

    • helanda says:

      And to think they are just like us…

      An product of two people of fucking, and doing the best they could?

      Well, they were born into positions and we were told: You can be anything you like!?

      It amazes me of how much they must care of following in their forefathers footsteps.

      I dont know how smart or evil today’s Rothschild is, considering he married to Nicky Hilton. She is too pretty to badmouth. But the hiltons are/were transporting and storing coke all around the globe. So it’s kinda logical they married. Since they are so obsessed with legacy.

      Looks more and more like we are following a “great” plan created by a bunch a dead guys, executed by inbred nepo cunts.??

  20. TheGlobalist says:

    OK, I have been racking my brain on this for some time, and finally came up with an image that *might* work. I used the idea to create an article, so here it is, entitled WAR OR BROCCOLI?

    Your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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