Chaos Out of Order

01/22/201711 Comments

Well, we've all survived inauguration far. That's a start, right?

It's certainly a sign of something when we take some measure of comfort in the fact that the world hasn't quite ended yet, but you don't need me to tell you that. Everyone can feel it deep down. Whether it's the fake news squawking their propaganda louder than ever, or protests and riots mixed with rumors of protests and riots, or wars of words between the newly-crowned president and...well, almost everyone, things seem to be full-on crazy and getting crazier by the minute.

Don't you just wish for some "normality" right now? Wouldn't it be nice to go back to that bygone time of a couple of decades ago when the world didn't seem so insane?

That's the trick. That's exactly what you're supposed to be feeling right now. Allow me to explain...

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  1. Karl says:

    Hopefully, the unbridled arrogance of our elites shall continue to blind them to the fact that crisis also gives us the opportunity to dispose of them. Revolutions are usually pretty messy, but if we will only learn from history and simply not replace one set of elites with a new set just like the old set, we can create a new period of individual freedom (until the elites figure out how to subvert our freedoms once again). Rohm Emmanuel was right about not wasting a good crisis, but we’re the ones that shouldn’t be wasting it!

  2. garyegeberg says:

    While more people may be “waking up,” I think it is still a very small percentage of the population. The incessant conditioning, engineering, and orchestrating (CEO) of the great majority of people by the PTSB is, in my opinion, showing no signs of being even minutely ineffective.

    In an era in which disinformation results in the misinformed being so rattled and reactive, they can’t help but march and protest and lament in the ways the PTSB want them to. It’s truly disheartening, and I simply can’t find any reason for optimism–though individuals and pockets of people whose inner and outer worlds still retain enough order can choose to be optimistic and creatively engaged in their personal lives.

    At the end of 2015 on Media Monarchy, Corbett’s prediction for 2016 was “divide and conquer,” and it’s only going to intensify this year along with the horrifying possibility of some kind of nuclear “event,” if not the exponentially more horrific possibility of nuclear war.

    Sadly, the misinformed are going to play their part in their continued enslavement and self-destruction because the CEO is incessant and incessantly effective. Keep in mind that many (most?) of the Trump protesters and marchers were “with her” and are upset that the horrific Hillary didn’t win the (s)election, which points to how well the CEO is working.

    As more and more of the masses are enticed to become rabid crusaders for the engineered cause, they become increasingly trapped in the older and more powerful parts of the human brain, the limbic system (emotional brain) and the survival system (reptilian brain), which makes the pre-frontal cortex, the most human part of the brain that is needed in order to make executive decisions for oneself, increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to access.

    Methinks that even if someone could call a time-out and have the manipulated marchers and nearly-mad masses watch a thirty-minute segment exposing what is going on and how they have been conditioned, engineered, and orchestrated to react in the ways they are, they would cry out “conspiracy theory,” as they have taught to do, and return to their reactive ways because its simply more compelling and familiar and offers the instant gratification of belonging to the self-righteously outraged herd and other perks.

    To think critically is to stand increasingly alone, and in my experience, most of those who are trapped in conventional views courtesy of corporate media remain either unaware of or utterly resistant to the information that is readily available via independent/alternative venues such as the Corbett Report,, and, to name just three.

    I end by saying that I am grateful for those who comment on this site, as these individuals provide me with a sense of solidarity and, to date, have helped me not descend into a state of being barking-mad. I am researching barks, though.

    • mkey says:

      Look at how many people didn’t vote, even in such a frenzied state.
      I’m not implying that people who don’t vote = people who have opened their eyes, but that number definitively points toward some sort of awakening and weening of effects of mass propaganda.

      The problem here is that most of these people who are unplugging are not taking it a step further.

      • garyegeberg says:

        I hope that the increased numbers of non-voters reflects something positive. My experience with the deeply entrenched remains baffling and frustrating, because they are absolutely unwilling to consider anything other than the propaganda they have bought into. As for the next step, I’m not sure what the next step is, other than to become increasingly informed, but then what? I’d welcome your thoughts/suggestions.

        • nosoapradio says:

          If it’s any consolation, I’ve noticed that people who didn’t grow up in a NATO country seem to have at least partially escaped your CEO phenomenon.

          …though I haven’t met anyone who seems to have the inspiration or inclination to put a brake on the seemingly inexorable march towards the global smart grid…

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett QUOTE:
    “…the powers-that-shouldn’t-be had to generate this current chaos. The unprecedented levels of social, political and economic tension we are experiencing right now are part of a game plan….”

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Well done James… Another great article…

    However, you failed to mention that the “order out of chaos,” strategy was officially announced by the powers that shouldn’t be back in 2006. So, it took 10 years to get us here…. WOW….

    So, if you are interested in seeing this… google the following

    creative chaos condoleezza rice

  5. panzerleader says:

    Only befriending all, walking into Tehran would destroy them, like has been the case in Beijing .

  6. archives2001 says:

    An audio or video or this would be greatly appreciated for us ‘seniors’, James.

  7. bill_i says:

    I’ve become a part-time student of the “Deep State,” something that’s connected with my love of history, and I appreciate James’ POV on the subject and have appreciated a number of his particular articles, videos, and podcasts.

    At the same time, I’ve long had interests of a different nature, no less of the “fringe” than much that pertains to the Deep State (although, very often, what is on the fringe at one moment in human history is entirely conventional at another moment). This deals with expansive states of consciousness, associated teachings and methods, and at times, enjoying the possibilities enabled by engaging in related activities with others. Here, the topic of the nature of reality (and self) is more germane than what takes place in political realms, hidden parts of military industrial complexes, and so on. The best teachings are optimistic. Various methods and techniques enable experience that strongly suggests analytical thought is insufficient by itself while granting glimpses of fantastic realities and, in a more practical sense, how each person — individually and collectively — uses thought and belief, consciously or not, to form their existence.

    Then, too, I work in a corner of the high tech industry, which requires me to attempt to comprehend the larger business world it is part of.

    It’s not always possible for me to connect or relate all three areas in any sensible way; things can look very different depending on which hat I’m wearing.

    Even so, I believe focusing on each area adds something to my understanding of the other two areas.

    “You get what you concentrate on; there is no other rule” is a dictum of one of my favorite teachers on the metaphysical side.

    An example was my incessant focus, over many years, on the evildoers behind the events of 9/11, after I became convinced that those events were not as portrayed, aided by occasional mild “psychic” experiences and extensive digging. What did I “get?” I met someone who narrowly survived a particularly heinous murder attempt by some component of the Deep State.

    Checking that story out got me deeper and deeper into the darker parts of the Deep State, until I couldn’t stand it any more — I’d previously had no idea how pervasive all of this was, or how long it had been in existence, and much of this I found in publicly available information, too. Like so many others, I’d never bothered to scrutinize it. I was forced to modify my beliefs about the country I’ve lived in all my life, which in many ways is more like the Roman Empire than I’d previously imagined.

    As to the chaos James writes about, and whatever “order” those drawn to the exercise of power (and usually corrupted as a result) imagine creating in its wake, one can concentrate on beneficial results that can arise under such circumstances; one need not focus or concentrate strictly on dire results.

    The collapse of so many conventional beliefs can lead to considerable anxiety, disruption, and the rise of repressive regimes (much more repressive than we are used to), but there’s also opportunity here, namely to explore and embrace non-conventional beliefs, particularly those that are quite distinct from the materially focused official beliefs instilled in us from an early age, in a process of socialization and, at times, indoctrination.

  8. scpat says:

    Global cyber attacks! Oh won’t the government do something about it! We must implement a Cyber Patriot Act to protect everyone! Oh and, “the bug creating the global havoc, called Wanna Decrypt0r 2.0 — also known by names including WCry, WannaCry and WanaCrypt0r 2.0 — exploits a flaw that was identified in a stolen National Security Agency document.” So it is the fault of those whistleblower thieves exposing the intelligence agencies’ hacking programs. Damn them. Now that there was the release of NSA hacking software, we are all exposed to these attacks in the future. I think the narrative goes something like that.

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