CBDCs: A Country-By-Country Guide

05/16/202286 Comments

Way back in 2017 I created a country-by-country guide to the biometric ID control grid that was coming into view even then. In that editorial I noted that "it doesn't take a Nostradamus to understand where this is all heading: From the cashless society and the biometric ID grid to the cashless biometric grid."

Well, here we are. It's 2022, and the merger of the cashless society and the biometric ID grid is nearing completion. In fact, the current iteration of this control grid agenda is even worse than predicted. Now known as Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC, this programmable digital money offers the banksters numerous options, including the ability to combine the cashless society with the biometric ID grid and even a social credit system. If and when CBDCs replace other payment methods, the banksters' control over society will be unprecedented.

But however closely you might be following the drive toward the CBDC dystopia, you might be missing the forest for the trees. Although each country's central bankers talk as if they have come up with the idea for a digital currency all by themselves and as if there is no international coordination behind the CBDC agenda, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as a recent Bank for International Settlements report indicates, 90% of central banks around the world are currently studying the feasibility of issuing their own CBDC.

In the past, I have warned about the coming CBDC nightmare and talked about the numerous ways we can start taking the monetary power back into our own hands.

Today, I am going to drive home the point that the coming CBDC prison is truly global in nature by demonstrating that it is not just being put into place in one or two totalitarian countries, but in nearly every country in the world. Only when we recognize how dire the situation is can we hope to motivate communities to implement the survival currencies that will see us through the controlled demolition of the existing monetary order.

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  1. un-stoppable says:

    This is excellent, thank you Mr. Corbett.

    As a reminder, here is the BIS chief, Agustin Carstens, speaking about how with CBDCs the central banks can now control who can use the currency and what it can be used on in real time:


    “A key difference with the CBDC [and cash] is the central bank will have _absolute control_ on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability–and we will have the technology to enforce that.”

    Let’s dissect this man:

    -privileged, check
    -out of touch, check
    -living in a bubble, check
    -never held a real job in life, highly likely
    -a glutton, check
    -trying to take all of our freedoms away, check
    -can see no problem with taking our freedoms away, check
    -big fat bastard, check
    -vain, check

    Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out.

    We absolutely cannot allow CBDCs to be imposed upon us. This is imperative. It puts all of our wealth and our control over it directly into the hands of the global oligarchy.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “living in a bubble”

      Carstens doesn’t live in a bubble, he lives as a bubble.

      “We absolutely cannot allow CBDCs to be imposed upon us.”

      Yes, just like we should not “allow” a central bank in the first place, or an income tax, or compulsory military conscription, or a standing army, or…………..

      • un-stoppable says:

        Everything you mentioned in your last sentence ranks mild by comparison to CBDCs, which represent total enslavement and fealty to the faux state. They must not be allowed to be implemented.

        This far. No farther.

        • Fact Checker says:

          You missed my point. My point is that “They” aren’t going to ask for your permission or mine. They’re just going to do it. Whether They just phase it in administratively without fanfare, or whether They do it precipitously on the back of some engineered crisis, it will simply be imposed in a top-down fashion, just like the draft has been before (and might be again at any time), and just like the Federal Reserve Act and income tax were.

          I wouldn’t dissuade you personally from refusing to accept CBDCs when they are mandated, and see how long you can survive entirely without legal tender, but there won’t be any opportunity or means of stopping the program at large. It’s already a fait accompli.

          • un-stoppable says:

            I didn’t miss your point, I had you pegged for a coward, but you could have just said that in three words (i’m a coward) without stringing it out over two paragraphs.

            You go ahead and welcome your abject slavery with open arms. This will be the hill I will die on. Why? Because if this goes through life won’t be worth living anyway so there is nothing to lose.

            Interesting tactics you have there by the way, loudly braying your surrender before the battle is even fought. Sun Tzu you are not.

            “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

            • Duck says:

              A coward runs away thru fear…. trying to make people give up without a fight is MALEVOLENCE, not cowardice.

              It’s a good tactic for the enemies of humans to practice on us

            • Fact Checker says:

              “This will be the hill I will die on.”

              That’s going to be easier said than done, actually. I suspect that when CBDCs are first imposed, there will be a “honeymoon period” where most people won’t even be aware it has occurred. Central Bank accounts will be set up for people, linked to their Social Security numbers and the like, without their active involvment. Cash will be phased out on some graduated basis. You might want to “die on that hill,” but it will be extremely difficult to know when you’re actually on “the hill”. It will sneak up on you sideways.

              I notice that you respond to my quite objective observations with a personal insult. This suggests that you have cognitive dissonance born from the fact that you are aware there are “known unknowns” that make it impossible for you to devise a precise plan of action. Then, you lash out at anyone who points out this absence of a plan, falsely equating objective (but unwelcome) observations with “cowardice”. Then you attack that straw man (“welcome your slavery with open arms”). Interesting you would level such a reckless attack, even after I said specifically that I would not seek to dissuade you from refusing CBDCs. Indeed, I live strictly by the “Three Rs” of Refusal, Resignation, and Repudiation.” Indeed, I’m already on the “hill that I’m going to die on”, since I will refuse all bodily injections until the (fast-approaching) end of my days. But I’m not so delusional as to believe that “we” will “disallow” the universal injection-based post-human apparatus that is being set up worldwide. I wholeheartedly encourage you to likewise reject CBDCs to the extent you’re able. I just know it’s not going to be as clear-cut as you seem to think. And there will not be mass resistence to it. The masses are being trained and conditioned to CBDCs as we speak, and frankly, they’re gonna love it! Here’s Hugo Talks on “Go Henry“, the kiddie beta-test of programmable digital money that is currently being used to train both kids and their parents:

              You can stand against the tide on a sea change like this, but you can’t turn the tide. That’s all I’m saying.

              • un-stoppable says:

                Calling you a coward isn’t an insult, it is a description—no different than calling Aleister Crowley evil or Margaret Sanger racist.

                A coward is what you are. You should endeavor to scrounge up the amount of integrity required in order to own up to it.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Good gracious so much aggro.

              • candlelight says:

                FC says,

                “Indeed, I’m already on the “hill that I’m going to die on””

                Well, if I die
                On top of the hill
                And if I don’t make it
                You know my baby will ~ Bob Dylan

                But, I’ll tell ya, FC, you ain’t on it…you is way over the top!


              • candlelight says:

                Quoting FC, once again:

                “The masses are being trained and conditioned to CBDCs as we speak…”

                This is absolutely true. No doubt about it. And forget about kids – that’s obvious. What I marvel at is seeing a grown man at a cash register (cash register – given the context, this terminology sounds already awfully anachronistic) use his credit card to charge a three dollar and change item, as if he had no cash on him whatsoever. Simply by casual observation, cash is being exchanged less and less each and every day that goes by. So, in general, by and large, we’re already living in – and for the vast majority of the populace – fully accepting a cashless economy – and “loving it”, too, as you suggest.

                The thing is, once drugs and prostitution are legalized, will it really matter?

                No comment.

            • mkey says:

              Poor old FC can be bit (i.e. a whole bunch) of gloom and doom, that stormy weather that ruins the parade, but in this case I would say that you are completely off the mark. He’s been rather objective in his replies to you and you seem to have taken it personally, what whatever reason.

              I’ll try to offer the same from another perspective: you can’t have just a little bit of freedom and you can not let go of just a little bit of freedom. You either have it all or you don’t have any. One single individual can not be fully free until ALL are fully free. There are no ways around these facts.

              Now, when it comes to paying taxes or jumping through various bureaucratic hoops is something vast majority of us does. Daily. To do otherwise is usually very difficult and often even lethal. So we do it and kind of try to find some middle ground. But being aware of it and not doing what needs to be done about it does not mean we are free. It means exactly the opposite.

              I personally do fear that some form of digital currencies will be foisted upon us, to a great extent they already have been. The “debit” system is nothing but digital “money” you can easily be locked out out, any day of the week. The bug in the system is availability of cash, which is scheduled to get scantier, I’m sure. Not because I can read the future, but because I can read the past. It happened many times already and all signs are telling us that a really big credit crunch is about to occur. Not as a failure of the current system, but as its best work, the great finale.

              But yes, resist, hold on, don’t give in, but also lets not lie out ourselves. Just remember how many people you know who didn’t really want to take the “vaccine” but they buckled, many of them just so they could go shopping, or whatever. A lot more people will be buckling when digital funny money hits. Well, buckling implies presenting some resistance so that’s probably a poor choice here.

              Lets just remember that some hundred years ago you have those Tibetan monks immolating themselves because it was demanded of them to carry documents. Now try to fathom the gap between that mentality and what we have as standard today.

              • Duck says:

                You are correct that it will get harder tti stay off grid but
                People who have at least some of their own food, people who know others to trade with, people with family and friends they trust…. THOSE people will be able to stay alive and do what they like.

                The problem is that such people need at some level to think LIKE criminals (NOT doing g crimes though lol!) And understand that the system is hostile to them. The people who depend on the system will have no choice just like the people who can’t endure hardship or do without some conveniences will have no choice.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    I guess it’s been repeated ad infinitum here and thus goes without saying, (which is why I’ll say it anyway) that one nicely timed crisis should effectively remove any and all reticence to this new addition to the control grid.

    If I can use the ALICEM tech as a gauge for example, I see a marked difference in people’s general reactions to it before and after the “Covid crisis” which brought such unprecedented precedents as the “tous anti-Covid” tracking app, its printed authorizations to go out shopping during lockdowns, mandatory mass testing and, of course, its passe vaccinal.

    Just as state-subsidized training money has been used to cajole large swathes of the French population into getting equipped with a FranceConnect account (mandatory to access all this training money you supposedly earn as you’re working)

    some benevolent looking UBI or something thereabouts should act like a laxative in getting a smooth flowing adoption of CBDCs when the time is ripe.

    So let’s see how fast that dastardly Putin can single-handedly destroy the petro-dollar

    and how fast social media-fueled identity politics can destroy any notion of bodily integrity through the controlled demolition of the slogan “My Body, My Choice!” with negotiations in the new collectivist social contract tacitly arriving at the seemingly fair compromise of “It depends.”

    and Huxley’s soma-soaked promises should soon be fulfilled.

    • mkey says:

      Driving license, gun owning license, business license, fishing license, hunting license, marriage license and working license were accepted as the norm. Many localities had the grow food and rear animals licenses, as well.

      The new norm are a shopping license, enhanced working and business license, eating license is right on the cusp.

      What else needs to be covered? Fornication under king’s consent, anyone?

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Corbett’s May 16th article
    CBDCs: A Country-By-Country Guide

    All the many source links provided in this article…Man!…that took some work!
    In a sane, non-corrupt universe, this Corbett newsletter would be a headline article at The Wall Street Journal.

    — Prescient —
    Corbett stands out with his foresighted insight of the potential future landscape.
    Out the gate, he opens with this line:
    “Way back in 2017 I created a country-by-country guide to the biometric ID control grid that was coming into view even then.”

    2017 was the same year he put out “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”, as a follow-up to his 2015 “How Big Oil Conquered the World”.

    I feel very fortunate to have found The Corbett Report. Corbett’s prescience and approach to situations have added so much to my life.

    A couple lines in his article caught my eye…
    …(I grinned on this) — “There’s an old canard in conspiracy realist circles that there are only three (?) central banks on the planet that aren’t owned by the Rothschilds….”
    …(clever, deceptive marketing by Authoritarians) — “…simply declaring (without showing proof) that it has “received public support for its plans….”

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s Recommended Listening and Viewing for Subscribers.

    I can’t wait to explore the Just For Fun(?)

    • Duck says:

      The question is are people getting as stupid as bots or are bots getting as smart as people?

      I think the former…. as Sam Vankin pointed out a while back before the internet went mainstream all the stupid people hung out in the slums abusing each other but now the internet allows them a platform.

      There may be only one way to tell the difference 😉

      If we witre lkie tihs hmunas can slitl udnresntnd us but mbyae bots cnat??

      Hmn…. my spell checker got most of that so maybe letter shuffling won’t work.

      • mkey says:

        We’ll probably have better luck talking like the mafia members. I mean the other, non state ran mafia. You know, that guy with the thing that was asking about that the friend of ours?

        • Duck says:

          Lol… you may be onto something there 🙂

          I think that’s why Jay Dyer does his show like that. He had a pretty interesting talk on the mafia.

          Funny enough I am watching Sopranos for the first time ever…got the disks for 2 bucks and scanned them to my media PC….I’ll write it off as educational

  5. Duck says:

    TBH places like Ghana south africa and Nigeria are naturally set up to avoid the worst of CBDC since th6people there are automatically more family dependent and already know the gov is run by corrupt and incompetent people who (depending on their tribe) may hate them just for being who they are.

    Its people who already live in the “open society ” of primarily economic, rather than family , relationships that are the most controllable…. I read in Culture Wars a while back that there is a big push to drive Indian Indians into new modern tower blocks and get them away from the busy street culture. That reminds me of what they did to the UK back in the 60s (see TV doc “why I hate the 60s” ) where neighborhoods where replaced by tower blocks and people became more atomized and distrustful of each other.

    The whole issue of personal freedom depends on the fact that THEY have product that people want…that’s their control model and has been thru sugar coffee tea gin and opium to Netflix and smartphones and like buttons….the real power they have over us is that we want the trash they have. Its Edmund and the Turkish delight from lion witch and the wardrobe.

    The moment we can say “meh” is the moment their power goes away….thus the drive to bring comforts to the 3red world.

    • Duck says:

      Now I read my post I realize that I should add that Dr Jones of Culturewars magazine wrote a book (not read it yet) saying that the creation of suburbia was designed for the same social engineering reasons of destroying homogeneous ethnic communities in urban areas that had political power and creating deEthnicized “white people” without a coherent voting block.

  6. Duck says:

    Why koko probably could not talk at WebArchive is NOT playing on this device…. not sure if that’s me or them.

    Someone else try pls and tell.me if it’s running for you?

  7. CRM114 says:

    Not a big surprise when Iran’s parliament building is a pyramid with 33 windows…..

    Miles Mathis website has work on the rulers of Iran; Khomnenes and Pahlavis

    • candlelight says:

      Yes, and the incredibly brilliant Mathis insists 𝜋 = 4!

      The Extinction of 𝜋


      So, without any further ado, are we to surmise there’s a correlation between 33rd degree Masons and the ancient Persians?

  8. OK I am going to need a little more details on how this will work for starters and the end game.         
    It is my understanding the end game is ONE (1) and only ONE (1) central bank for the entire world and ONE (1) CBDC for the world.         
    This ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT central bank controling the one CBDC of everyone on the planet. Am I off there?         

    What I see now is country after country marching almost in lockstep to create THEIR OWN CBDC. CBDC in yuan. CBDC in $U.S., CBDC in pesos, CBDC in hryvnia, CBDC in rubles, CBDC in shekel etc.         

    Is the goal to eventually amalgamate all of the 200+ CBDC’s into one?         
    Is this stated somewhere or is it assumed?         
    Or would the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT be just as happy to have the entire world using 200+ CBDC’s, one for each country?         

    Now let’s focus on an individual country.          
    Let’s say Country A goes all in, in one or two years. Total CBDC in their country.         
    It’s understood that cash would be eliminated at that time.         
    Let’s assume CBDC payment methods would be some form of electronic (computer, phone etc.)         
    or plastic chipped card.         

    How would the system differ from what we have now, except for the fact that there would no longer be cash?         
    In many countries the majority of people pay with plastic cards already (credit cards, debit cards).         
    The money we see in our accounts today is a digital representation of cash.         
    A digital representation of cash or digital currency is going to look the same.         

    So the big question is control. Today we have control of how we access and spend our money.         
    Our money is deposited in banks for the most part.         
    Are these bank going to continue to exist with CBDC’s?         
    I can’t see them going the way of the dinosaur willingly.         

    So back to Country A. Your money is now in your bank, but instead of being able to take out cash, you can only take out CBDC. A possibility I just thought of is that IF THE BANKS WERE NICE, they would issue CBDC ‘gift cards’ of various denominations, say $10, $20, $50, $100 etc. WITHOUT any chips in them…

    • Then you could withdraw $20, have it placed into the plastic gift card and then you could spend it on anything you’d like. The receiver would receive the gift card and then could in turn use it to spend as they see fit, etc. In essence the gift cards would be the new form of ‘cash’.              

      Let’s say the banks aren’t nice and don’t like that brilliant idea.         
      You can only use your plastic CBDC card or electronic slave devices for payments.         

      How would that be different from what we have now?         
      Unless you are deemed a terrorist by your government, they can’t block access to your bank accounts.         
      Or can they? In addition to CBDC’s are governments going to make new arrangements with the banks such that they report all transactions on a yearly/monthly/weekly/daily basis to the central bank?         
      Will the government also implement new powers whereby they can freeze anyone’s bank account, no questions asked?         
      Why would issuing a new currency inspire such draconian powers?

      If these things did start to happen in a few countries (freezing accounts) isn’t it likely there would be huge pushback to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and its ONE CBDC?

      • Duck says:

        Fawlty Towers

        I would expect that you will SEE one CBDC (unless they go with something like Bitcoin) in each state.

        I expect there will be a thing like apple pay or the credit card system or whatever so you can spend in other countries without needing to convert “e-bucks” to “bitPeso” yourself.

        The system just has to interlock and share data…. it could one day become 1 system but a world wide control grid does not HAVE to be ONE system (which would be less desirable for the many local state bankers who want in on the game).

        Personally I imagine they want a cyberpunk future where the nation states are tiny and weak and easy to stamp on….. just like agenda 21 is seen at LOCAL levels even though it’s world wide there won’t be push back unless people became aware and have something to fight for….. With no real politics or religious principles or ethnic areas most people will go with what’s easy andwalk where the farmer wants

    • mkey says:

      Regarding the thing you said about “deposits”, do note that most of the “money” in the system is credit/debt anyway. It is estimated that about 3% of currency in circulation is actual cash. With fractional reserve lending (which went almost to 0) there are no deposits whatsoever.

      • Yes I realize that.

        If your 3% cash number is fairly accurate, then removing cash from the system in a state/country wouldn’t be a great change, even if not desired.

        What it comes down to in my mind is the end game.
        CBDC’s alone would not be unbearable.

        It’s what might happen soon after…
        Happy drunk politicians on power trips (a la Trudeau) who may start freezing
        people’s CBDC accounts for whatever reason(s).

        Linking the CBDC accounts to other digital systems (health, recreational, work, social credit, etc.) so that access to any of them could be stopped at any moment without recourse.

        The end game would be essentially total control of people’s lives.

  9. Well this is a little frustrating…

    I deliberately broke up my post into two parts to be sure I wasn’t
    going anywhere near the word limit.

    It was put in the moderation cue nonetheless (the first part). 🙁
    Now I’m in a pickle because I can’t post the smaller second part
    until the first part is accepted.

    Well I could post it, but it wouldn’t make sense to anyone if they
    hadn’t read the first part, first.

    • Duck says:

      Was it the links?

      Links sometimes cause that and sometimes do not. The system appears to dislike YouTube links the most…. you could post part 2 with links added and get it out in moderation? Then it will show up all at once

      • There weren’t any links in the post that was put in the cue.
        I think mkey may have hit on the reason. It could be weird formatting
        in my posts.
        I am not typing directly into the comment box.
        I am copying text into the comment box that I have typed in another program.
        That’s all I can think of for the moment.

        You should also know that I was using mkey’s special comment box.
        It’s a tool he has created to facilitate adding special formatting into
        your post.

    • mkey says:

      I don’t know (yet?) what’s happening, but in this post that was help up there wasn’t a lot of extra characters, as I was expecting. Maybe they were cleaned up later. Note that you can always delete your comment and try again. I have to check your message. Maybe you can send me over some output from your application? If you have the above post in it, that would be perfect. You can also use something as simple as pastebpin.

      • OK mkey I just conducted a logical experiment with interesting results!

        I made two posts here. Each post consisted of the first part of my two-part post that gave me problems yesterday.

        For post one, I DISABLED your Tampermonkey scripting. I simply copied the same (problem) text into the comment box and tried to post. The post went through without a hitch.

        For post two, I ENABLED your Tampermonkey scripting. I copied the same (problem) text into the comment box and tried to post. The post went into the MODERATION CUE !

        I deleted each post after doing each test.

        • mkey says:

          The second post had a high character count due to many nbsp characters. I have no idea how those get added but they will count toward the total character count as a single space instead of 5 letters.

          Characters: 3272 | Words: 374

          I can fix this by simply clearing them out before sending to server. It must be some strange conflict with the browser. The interesting part is that I don’t see that you used any sort of formatting so why would that get added is beyond me.

  10. John Blaid says:

    Here is the status of Sweden in regards to its creation of a CBDC called e-krona.

    “The Riksbank started the e-krona project in 2017 to analyse the need for an e-krona. The project team has held a dialogue with several national and international agents to hear their views on an e-krona, reviewed proposals for suitable technology, and examined the legal issues that need to be dealt with to ensure the Riksbank has a clear mandate to issue an e-krona.

    The e-krona pilot – developing a technical solution for the e-krona

    In 2020, the Riksbank entered into a more practical phase of the e-krona project. To test how an e-krona might look and function, the Riksbank started a project, the e-krona pilot, together with the company Accenture, to construct a possible technical platform for the e-krona. The objective of the project is for the Riksbank to learn more about how a technical solution for the e-krona could work. By testing this technical solution, the Riksbank will be able to learn more about the possibilities of the solution and also to use it as a basis for comparisons with other technical solutions and models for a possible e-krona.
    Next step in the e-krona project

    In 2022, the Riksbank will continue its work on:

    – Investigating the need for and effects of an e-krona on the Swedish economy.
    – Testing the technical solution for the e-krona within the e-krona pilot.
    – Investigating whether and if so how an e-krona would affect Swedish legislation and the Riksbank’s task.
    – Comparing different technical solutions and a models for an e-krona.
    – Preparing for a possible procurement of an issuable e-krona.”
    Source: https://www.riksbank.se/en-gb/payments–cash/e-krona/

  11. Hagar says:

    I recently received a PDF from a South African friend titled “The Synagogue of Satan”. The author seemed not very literate in the English language, with misspellings, punctuation, and style, and no cites. It is 300 PDF pages of double-spaced text and I’ve spent delays reading in order to ponder what I think I know and what I would confirm as accurate. I have only read through 50 pages so far, and am concerned about the coming CBDCs. So far the main thrust of this article is about the Ashkenazi Jews, and more specifically the Rothschild banking “system”. From my non-scholarly study of history, I found agreement. Here is a link for those more capable of sorting out the truth. I hope this link works, cause I am not a geek, I am just a grumpy old man, who can’t fight, too slow to run, so I’ll just shoot you!


    • beaconterraone says:

      Herr Rothschild helped to popularize the Star “of David” (in reality, the Star of Remphan/Saturn/Satan) as a symbol of modern Jewry. “Rothschild” – “red shield” – refers, in fact, TO a red Star (or shield) “of David.” While the Star of Remphan was, indeed, used back well into the past, the symbol of the (real) Jews was (is) the Menorah.

      The symbolism of that demonic, occult talisman is hard to overstate.

      The building Mystery Babylon System is so named because it originated in ancient Babylon, and is based, fundamentally, on both Babylon’s financial schemes and its occult/pagan religious practices. Its ways were injected into Western Civilization via another Babylonian product, the Babylonian Talmud.

      Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 are powerful, ominous verses.

      • Hagar says:

        Yes, and a better link. Mine was double-spaced without the Index and other source material.

    • Duck says:


      If you want to understand how it works with jewish power vs. Jewish influence vs. influence of jewish ideas imbibed by others try “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by EM Jones.

      He is correct that you can not understand history without taking these things into account…. the book is 3 volumes and expensive but will reshape your understanding of the last hundred years as much as Mr Corbett changed understanding of the FED or WW1

      • Hagar says:


        I grok that. Unfortunately, I have not the time nor the resources for an expensive 3 volume discourse. Like so many, I must rely on Mr. Corbett for insight. I just wonder if the oft-repeated phrase, ‘it’s the Jews and it’s the lawyers’ is this the reality? Oh well, I am just clinging to my Bible and my guns.

  12. beaconterraone says:

    Revelation 13:17 represents the written manifestation of what an old man saw via a Divine Vision of our era, over 19 centuries ago. It’s coming, regardless of whether one “believes in” it or not.

    CBDCs are just a large piece of the System that is going to be deployed.

    St. John’s words thus, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” were the warning. And now it’s almost here.

    Prepare. And understand that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the ONLY thing that will protect you from the horrors yet to materialize. No amount of human planning or resources can overcome the monstrous design on humanity.

    • Fact Checker says:

      John of Patmos was—just like “Saint” Paul, Josephus, and the rest of the inventors of “Christianity”—a mendacious, scheming Jew who cooked up a wild, schizoid horror-story of grandiose threats and deranged imagery to terrify and hypnotize th dumb masses of goyim, and to lay out a rough script of eschatalogical “prophesies” that could be “fulfilled” over and over, in order to further amaze and bedazzle the foolish goyim. Now, world Jewry is quite obviously orchestrating and staging “signs and wonders” that will harvest the mindtrapped goyim once and for all. Any mushbrain expecting a zombie-rabbi “messiah” to return is going to get it: good and hard.

      Your “relationship” with that Iron Age fairy-story character is simply trauma-based psychological programming, of precisely the same “apocalyptic” nature as the outlandish Judaic lies that have followed suit over the ensuing 2,000 years: nuclear holocaust; holocaust of Jews; global warming; Islamic terrorism; and virus pandemic. You should be “preparing” your mind to discern and dissent—not to play a passive, pre-scripted role as an extra player in the satanic rabbinical play that is being staged for the benefit of the rest of the dumb masses. “Jesus” is just a trick; an attractive mirage projected over a trap door, beckoning you to seek out its vaporous embrace…

      It’s sad that this isn’t obvious.

      • Duck says:

        Sadder to spread one’s own sense of misery and helplessness….. even back when I was an atheist the hate some folks had for the religious always struck me as envy of the peace it might give

        Since you think no hope exists what other than malicious pleasure exists for you in attacking others hope?

        • Fact Checker says:

          It’s the frustration of being swept along with the Herd of dumb Jewdupe goyim, right onto the cattle-chute into the Abattoir.

          It’s the unshakable “faith” of the Jewdupes in the Jewish lies that makes things hopeless.

          • Duck says:

            “..It’s the frustration of being swept along with the Herd of dumb Jewdupe goyim, right onto the cattle-chute into the Abattoir….”

            Well… you gave up.

            Don’t expect anyone else to help you if that’s the choice you made.

            Your not even really suffering yet…. you have food and internet. If that is what you can’t give up then at least enjoy the truck ride.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “Well… you gave up.

              Gave up what?

              “Don’t expect anyone else to help you…”

              I don’t.

              “Your [sic] not even really suffering yet….”

              You don’t know me or my problems at all. Your constant gaslighting technique of acting like everything in the world is hunky-dory is grotesque. Wake the fuck up. Look around you. The entire population of the Earth is being systematically murdered. Everyone—worldwide—is not merely suffering, but is being tortured to death. You just happen to like it, being the good little masochistic Jewslave goy you are. But that’s your own twisted derangement. Nobody else needs to share in the perverse thrill of your blood-magick fetish.

              “then at least enjoy the truck ride.

              Haha just like a good little goyslave. Enjoy the ride to the slaughterhouse, goyim, for it it God’s Will, and It Is Good. Depraved masochism par excellence.

              • Duck says:

                Ok factbot

                Explain what possible problems a person on the internet who has not starved to death has…. 1st world problems make me grin…. people who have never actually had privation whine so much

        • beaconterraone says:

          I don’t bother responding to him anymore. There is no point. He’s as much a religious fanatic as anyone who he has contempt for allegedly is.

    • clr says:

      Amen, Brother or Sister!

      But my question here is, since the U.S. has been under the rule of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since March 13, 2020 https://www.ncsl.org/ncsl-in-dc/publications-and-resources/president-trump-declares-state-of-emergency-for-covid-19.aspx — check out the provisions in THIS legislation — stinkin’ CREEPY!
      Other countries may have had other dates of “COVID Emergency Declarations.” These, no doubt, are TOTALLY scientific. For example, if one were to travel to Antarctica, could the dreaded COVID possibly survive in such temperatures? — and could anyone tell me when the Prime Minister of Antarctica declared a COVID emergency down there? Personally, I don’t know how all of those countries who’ve got a slice of the pie in Antarctica are ever going to agree on all of that “science” of viruses blowin’ ’round on major wind currents and the “science” as to how these tiny particles of DNA or RNA unattached to a living cell are going to attack anybody in such cold temperatures.
      My suggestion is that, should you know anyone who’s STILL scared of COVID and its seemingly infinite variants, tell ’em to run down to Antarctica IMMEDIATELY!

      • beaconterraone says:

        It’s very clear to me that, whether there is a new virus or not, COVID-19(84) [or maybe CONJOB-19] was much more psychological warfare than “pandemic.”

        We may not know most of the truth about things, but we know our rulers are lying to us.

  13. colosseum says:

    The website:


    is the best resource I could find on monitoring CDBC progress worldwide.

  14. Fact Checker says:

    I think everybody should take a close look at Duck’s implicit “reasoning” here. He is saying that no suffering “counts” as long as you have not “starved to death” and you can “get a latte”. He makes no room for the acknowledgement of chronic stress that is, as recent Corbett guest Denis Rancourt explained, what really kills people. https://www.corbettreport.com/mortality/ Duck, to the contrary, seems to completely disregard all the massive worldwide suffering of the punitive, penal abuse of all of humanity exemplified by the lockdowns, and the ongoing curtailment of freedom and dignity through which all th world’s humans are continuing to toil.

    I honestly don’t know if it’s part of Duck’s “shtick” to pretend that tyranny doesn’t exist, or if it’s good, or what. Does he purport to pretend that the lockdowns didn’t happen, or that they were good? Does he “count” the misery of all the children (not to mention the adults) who have been driven to suicide? It doesn’t seem like he does. He seems to take the implicit position that none of that suffering was “real” because the suicides didn’t “starve to death” and they were “blessed with the freedom to get a latte” that they could even wash down their lethal quantity of sleeping pills with!

    Assuming Duck is not a bot, it would seem that he has an autistic absence of empathy or compassion that allows him to consistently get off on the unfolding end times destruction or humanity, because the suffering of the gentiles “doesn’t count”. It’s a quintessentially Judaic, Talmudic mindset, which entirely objectifies and instrumentalizes the goyish masses. He very much embodies the Talmudic mindset that gentile souls are worthless, and that their pain and lives are negligible in relation to the messianic redemption of planet Earth by the YHWH-ites.

    • mkey says:

      The chronic stress thing is a misnomer. What we are really talking about is the fight or flight response of the human body to a perceived dangerous situation. Perceived being the key word, how can the brain know what’s happening if it were not through perception. How well is perception aligned with reality?

      When it comes to being in constant “stressed” state the body is actually gearing up for a critical physical activity by sending more blood to muscles and less to the brain and viscera. The entire organism reacts to this state by halting growth in favour of of maximum power draw. Loss of IQ is to be expected, probably no need to mention what happens to reason.

      People are so easily triggered to these states these days that I don’t think their bodies could differentiate between a “hurtful” tweet and being eyed for breakfast by a Bengali tiger.

      • Duck says:


        True…stress is what you feel when you know you should do something but have not yet done it.

        People are going crazy because they live in a dopamine fix ‘rat utopia’ of low physical activity and high social media.

        For those wondering what I’m on about lol

    • openlens says:

      This “duck” commenter told you he adheres to what you know as “judaism”?
      Interesting. More nasty cockfights. I can hear Benatar singing….

    • Duck says:

      Fact checker

      “….He makes no room for the acknowledgement of chronic stress that is….”


      stress is that feeling you have when you SHOULD do something but haven’t.

      If you are thinking that a lockdown is gonna destroy your life you are leading the wrong life.

      Getting stressed out and dying is something that happens to animals, or stupid people.

      I have had some rather unpleasant, stressful things happen in my life but the idea of fagging out and dividing or just giving up is just retarded

      People go thru wars and genocide and slavery and rape and crippling accidents so honestly people who give up because the lockdown STRESSED them deserve nothing but disgust…stop being such a baby or you really will lose everything

      • cu.h.j says:

        I’ve found the “lockdowns” stressful and depressing, probably because I felt/feel like I’m not doing enough to speak out and am disappointed in myself. I’m also disappointed in people who went along with this. They gave up their liberty when they could have stood up, like the gym owner from New Jersey, who kept his gym open and gave the middle finger to the government. I’m sure he suffered consequences, but could be proud of himself and look at himself in the mirror with pride.

        That’s the depressing part for me, people easily trading their soul for convenience. And am I also guilty of this as well? Maybe I am because I go along with the testing policy at work because I want to keep my paycheck. Maybe when I am angry at others, it’s the weakness in them that I also see in myself.

        I do know one thing and that is that there are people who have suffered in their lives far more than I ever have and when I feel bad, I try to remember that it could be so much worse. The fact that I still have an intact healthy body is something I am grateful for.

        This is not to say that I think that people should be passive and just “look at the bright side” but in their struggle allow themselves to see a bright side that gives them strength to continue. Nothing is black and white, at least this is what I think. Humans can’t see the whole picture and have a subjective experience.

        • Fact Checker says:

          “I do know one thing and that is that there are people who have suffered in their lives far more than I ever have and when I feel bad, I try to remember that it could be so much worse.”

          I’ve never understood why people are made to feel better by knowing other people are suffering worse. This indicates, to me, a callous lack of compassion at best, and schadenfraude at worst. Part of what makes the world as unbearable as it is is knowing that it is far, far worse for others, and thus can and will get far, far worse for everyone. It’s all shades of pain.

          “This is not to say that I think that people should be passive and just ‘look at the bright side’ but in their struggle allow themselves to see a bright side that gives them strength to continue. ”

          You are medicated. This is a performative admission that your environment is not suited to your natural constitution, and that there is something very not right about your existence. Your “strength to continue” is derived from pharmaceuticals—not perspective. Without your pharmaceutical “readjustment” you would maintain a more realistic impression of the “value” of existence. I think deep down you know that, and I salute you for your precautionary attitude that prevented you from perpetuating the suffering of your germ line.

          • cu.h.j says:

            You are definitely entitled to your point of view. And I’m not offended by your comments. But, to feel relief that one does not suffer the way another person is is a normal reaction as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s a thing among health care providers, when you take care of someone who was just paralyzed from the neck down or who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer to think “I’m so glad I have a healthy body that can walk”

            It’s something that is a visceral response. Maybe it’s that dark side that everyone has within themselves. It’s a human failing perhaps.

            And I am mildly medicated, not excessively so though. And who knows if the meds do anything at all at this point. I know who I am. I would probably have a much meaner disposition if I was un-medicated though. I don’t think there is something “not right” with my existence though. I enjoy my existence a great deal, despite the stress. And I’m glad my mom decided to have me and it would be disrespectful of me to her to repudiate my existence.

            If you don’t enjoy your existence and have an intact body and mind, I have compassion for you but also don’t understand how you could not appreciate what you have. I think it’s okay to enjoy what you have, even if there are other who are suffering. Maybe you can reach out to some people who you see suffering and try to help them.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “Maybe you can reach out to some people who you see suffering and try to help them.”

              Solzhenitsen said, “[I]f you live in a graveyard, you can’t weep for everyone.”

              I might similarly say, If you are on Death Row, you can’t help anyone.

              • cu.h.j says:

                We are all on death row though, everyone, even our foul psychopathic would be overlords like Carstens and Gates. Everyone has an expiration date and will for a long time to come.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ I might similarly say, If you are on Death Row, you can’t help anyone.”

                I would disagree.

                “Today you will be with me in Paradise”

                I am pretty sure that one of the recipients of these words were happy to hear them..
                But that is only assuming that one considers encouraging words, thoughts of hopefulness and optimism to be helpful.
                I do.
                Of course according to the old oaters. A couple puffs from a hand rolled cigarette was happily received.
                To each his own. 😶

              • Fact Checker says:

                cuhj, there’s a difference between being fated to die (a universal curse) on one hand, and being captives just waiting for the moment that your captor chooses to murder you, on the other.

                Gates and Carstens believe themselves to be not the captives, but the captors. (Now, bear in mind that I think the Machine will liquidate them, too, in the end, but that’s a separate matter entirely. For now, they think they are “players”.)

                In any event, I’m not sure how your comment relates to the topic at hand, which was in regard to compassion and charity. This mention of Carstens is a sudden subject-change, probably reflecting that you’re as bored with this thread as is poor old Fact Checker…

              • cu.h.j says:

                Yeah, the death row thing was distracting. But, I don’t think individual circumstances necessarily preclude helping someone who is suffering. But, I also am not convinced we are on “death row” as you say.

      • Fact Checker says:

        And here it is. Duck reveals expressly that he has absolutely no regard for the suffering of anybody. In his view, “stress” is nothing but baby talk. For “faggots”.

        “If you are thinking that a lockdown is gonna destroy your life you are leading the wrong life.”

        Look closely at this. Absolute, brutal lack of concern or compassion for human beings. Pure Judaic monstrosity. To him, goyim are just trivial animals to be abused without compunction.

        “Getting stressed out and dying is something that happens to animals, or stupid people.”

        See here how he psychologically insulates himself from all suffering by attributing any bad feelings to “animals and stupid people”.

        “People go thru wars and genocide and slavery and rape and crippling accidents so honestly people who give up because the lockdown STRESSED them deserve nothing but disgust…”

        Wow. Just wow. Perfect encapsulation of the heartless, callous barbarism that characterizes YHWH-ites. They pattern their own wicked souls after the genocidal desert demon in their groteque blood-magick chronicle “The Bible”. You are a credit to your deity, you heartless creep. Congratulations. I’m sure YHWH will feed you the brains of 92 virgins to celebrate your triumph when you reach Paradise.

        • cu.h.j says:

          You mean you have compassion for the “dumb masses”? Or just the people who know what’s going on, but are compelled to go along because they have no perceived choice?

          I personally felt bad for people who’s businesses were destroyed by lockdowns and for teenagers who committed suicide during this time. I feel compassion for “good” people who might not know what people here know, but aren’t the kind of people who would sell their neighbors out to the gestapo. They kind of person who would help you out if you were attacked by someone on the street or give you directions if you were lost or who would help you jump start your car. There are even some people who might donate a kidney if someone needed it. There are some really kind hearted people out there.

          Who do you think deserves compassion, fact checker? I’m just curious as I look into my own heart and soul during these trying times.

          • Duck says:


            I don’t think FC actually feels compassion for the sufffering masses- he just tries to use the compassion of others as a weapon.

            I could be wrong but few people actually feel the toxic level of empathy he expresses because they don’t KNOW any of the people they claim To care about.

            Signaling virtue is what weak bad people do to control others thru guilt.

          • Fact Checker says:

            I have compassion for every living thing.

            This leads to great frustration when I see people needlessly contributing to and perpetuating suffering in themselves and their fellow humans, and this frustration breeds contempt. Unfortunately, contempt and compassion are not mutually exclusive, so I find myself saddled with large burdens of both!

            Compassion doesn’t come from the “deservingness” of the target of said compassion. Compassion is an involuntary, visceral impulse, that some have, and others don’t. (Those who gladly adopt being characterized as a barbarian, as you can see, don’t.)

            At the same time, compassion does not necessarily require sacrifice, and being able to tolerate the compassionate impulse (and not harden yourself against it as some do), but without letting it lead you astray is a necessary and challenging skill. A big part of the scam of “liberal democracy” is that compassion has been weaponized against the compassionate (along compassion’s vulgar sister: sticky, goyish sentimentality). The “pathological altruism” that characterizes the West at present is the disastrous effect of weaponized compassion. That’s what needs to be avoided. As long as one’s compassion doesn’t lead one to do harm to yourself or others, it should be embraced. “Deserving” doesn’t come into it.

            • Duck says:

              You can not feel compassion for an Abstraction…. “all living beings” is an abstraction.

              Right outta screwtape letters , at the British Museum where people can think for hours about “mankind” without a second’s regard for the ACTUAL men only yards from them.

              Vanity and posing are not empathy and care.

        • Duck says:

          Lol fact checker

          I am sorry if the brutal reality that no one cares about your minor worries upsets you…. I know that can make you

          But the joke is that you try to make a VIRTUE of being too sensitive to survive hardship.

          Honestly if you really are too pathetic to cope with the minor struggles of a lockdown you WILL DIE. Everyone alive today is alive because one or more of their forebears suffered and fought thru things more horrible than this.

          Thank you for the compliment btw… a “barbarian” is a far smarter and healthier and happier creature than the decadent foppish creature of a late stage civilization.

  15. n4x5 says:

    Less than a month after the Central African Republic became the second nation to grant Bitcoin legal tender status, El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele recently announced through Twitter that his country is hosting a meeting of central bankers and financial heads of various developing nations to discuss crypto. Assuming this is not a hoax and is actually occurring, I don’t pretend to fully understand the motivations of all the players involved nor the degree to which they are being puppeteered, but in any case this process of crypto adoption is something to monitor as it progresses.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      RE: — Bitcoin Prices —

      Gareth Soloway, a technical trader, has correctly forecasted Bitcoin prices in the past, which I have noted way back on the Corbett comment sections, repeatedly. He had some extraordinary forecasts which came true.

      The following might be of interest to those owning crypto…

      Monday May 16th interview by Daniela Cambone with Gareth Soloway.
      Crypto Carnage:
      Why Bitcoin May be Headed to $12,000
      And Can UST/LUNA Be Saved?


    • Duck says:

      Bitcoin can not become a world currency…. the system is set up to be too slow for everyone to use it.

      They could use exchanges acting like local Fed Banks…issueing their own version to locals they could balance up the bitcoin ledger at night like banks balance up… using it like Reserve money?

      I don’t pretend to understand exactly but as I understand it the bitcoin code was written with a rather small “buffer” which was ok at the start but can’t handle a world wide volume of traffic.

  16. openlens says:

    Bermuda makes sense. That’s where all these freaks hang waiting for “land to rise”, etc. Ghislaine, Terramar, all that gobbledegook.

    Thank gooodness the beast continues to grow, huger and huger, and easier to defeat all at once.
    The bigger they come, the harder they fall. It oughta rival the Walls of Jericho for a world class rock and roller.

    Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid.

  17. Ukdavec says:

    Here is some information related to CBDB in New Zealand. Overview – very early investigative stages. All being driven by the RBNZ – the central bank.

    1. Reserve Bank consults on the future of money


    Worth noting the public consultations took place when the most populous areas (Auckland and the North) were under a hard lockdown due to Covid restrictions. It would appear pushing this through is more important than Covid.

    2. The Future of Money demands innovation

    Latest position


  18. MEFF says:

    Dear James, I hope you and your family are ok.
    With all the respect you deserve, I kindly ask you to interview Leslie Manookian. She’s a simple, humble, expert in finances, economics and vax. Really interviewing Catherine Austinf Fitts din’t give us any new, we know her story and it’s always the same story, we know about the CBDC. And all we can search in the CBDC site.

    I watched 2 interviews with Leslie Manookian, one in the Grand-Jury or the Corona Investigative Committee and there’s no comparison. she explains it simple, fast, easy and don’t pretend to be something fake and she doesn’t ask stupid monet for nothing. SHE REALLY WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

    Catherine, iwth her stupid CASH CAMPAIGN THAT FAILED TOTALLY, is shit as she just keeps asking money, if she really want to change the CASH, she would make the campaign in ALL LANGUAGES, SO ALL COUNTRIES, NOT ONLY ENGLISH SPEAKING ONES KEEP USING CASH. It’s just common sense that she woudln’t reach anything just talking to english speakers, I wrote her many times and she”s a bitch (sorry)she’s so arrogant, so disgusting, just wants money for everything. I’M SO SAD AN DISAPPOIINTED OF HER, SHE CLEARLY IS EVIL AND PART OF THE EVIL MAFIA TOGETHER WITH KENNEDY KR THAT JUST WANT A POLITICAL POSITION AND SELL A sueless book.

    JAMES, you’re great!!! You deserve more than interview this bitch, I discover many many valuable people, really brave and educated people that can talk about many topics for free to help others. The Grand Jury or the Corona Investigative Committee have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Watch them, and don’t be scared….. you need to be more brave. With love and respecto.María from Mexico. I have narcos here around and I’m brave with my channel and social media sharing the truth, nothing happens. Other great brave example is RAMOLA D REPORTS, you should follow her example. WITH FEAR WE WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. THOSE PEOPLE WILL REALLY CHANGE THE WORLD.

  19. Fact Checker says:

    Edward Slavsquat’s latest is that Russia is accelerating their CBDC program, on the pretext of “because sanctions”: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russia-fast-tracks-cbdc-digital-ruble?s=r

    Edward’s copy is good as always, but I would draw the Corbettariat’s attention to a just-plain-sterling comment by one of his loyal Substack readers:

    “[T]he entire planetary reconfiguration underway is outright inorganic in nature and origin. It is all being implemented by a superintelligent AI Singleton that is converting the global biomass of humanity into a raw material to be absorbed, integrated and instrumentalized in the infrastructure profusion of the Machine’s unitary Cyb-Org meta-corpus. Think of individual human beings now as single biological cells being harvested en masse and transplanted into a cybernetic matrix, where they will be used as transistors in a single giant quantum supercomputer, the Global Brain. CBDCs will act essentially as hormones or neurotransmitters that tell the “cells” (individual human drones) what task is next required of them, and how much tokenized “compensation” they will receive, and exactly how they may spend their tokens. CBDCs are “behavioral scrip”.

    “The economic pressures exerted by this programmable, cancellable Scrip will inexorably nudge the entire hive of humanity first into the Metaverse, which will accelerate the process of Cyb-Org assimilation, and eventually into holding pods where each human will be like a dairy cow, drained of her bioinformatic data, reverse-engineered, and finally sacrificed. The accumulated database of bioinformatic data will then be used to generate an artificial simulated world, where the ghost-puppet “Digital Twins” of the absorbed humans can be further manipulated and tortured for eternity.”


    Fact Checker likes the cut of this guy’s jib!

  20. I know I know, James has been warning us about this for years. But when it hits home and you are taken by surprise as I was today, it feels like your head’s been clubbed by a 2×4.

    So I enter the front door to my local Royal Bank and something seems off, immediately.
    I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I was getting some bad vibes.
    The lighting inside seemed to have changed slightly.

    Then I notice an impromptu table at the front entrance manned by two employees,
    but I walk in another direction to the banking machines and do my business.

    Being curious after I was done, I headed towards the table, with its sign prominently saying “Digital Banking” and asked what was going on?
    One of the two women responded and what she said totally floored me!

    She started by saying all the teller stations are now closed, no cash is given out there anymore. and no person-to-person business is conducted in the bank.

    I hadn’t been in the bank for quite a while so I asked how long has this been going on? She told me since Sept. 2022. Then I asked how many other Royal Banks in the city are doing this? She said this is the only one. I asked about banks in neighbouring cities? She again said this is the only one in the two neighbouring cities. Then I asked about Toronto? She said she didn’t know and I asked about the rest of Canada? Again she said she doesn’t know. I asked about the other competing banks? She didn’t know.

    I asked her why they are doing this (as if I didn’t know)? She said it was to bring people on board to digital banking! I responded by saying I have been doing digital banking with my computer for more than 20 years.
    She said there are still many people who aren’t taking advantage of ‘digital banking’.

    She said they are bringing it in slowly so people get used to it. (Where have we heard that before?)
    She said by 2030 around 70% of their banks will be like this.

    Then I started to get into a conversation with her about what is really going on.
    I probed her to see if she knew. She didn’t let on to anything. We talked for about 10 minutes or so and then I left asking her to let management know this is likely the final straw that breaks the camel’s back for me and my business with this bank.

    I’m still in a bit of shock!

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