Shut Up, Burglary Theorist!

02/21/201815 Comments

What?! You believe in burglaries?! Oh no, you’re just another crackpot, tinfoil hat-wearing nutjob, aren’t you? You’re a burglary theorist!

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What EVERYONE is Missing About “Russiagate”

02/19/201824 Comments

Yes, America interferes in elections all the time. And yes, the Russian ad buys happened after the election. And yes, the DNC really did rig the primaries for Hillary. But if you believe the truth then you’re a dirty Russian!

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Netanyahu Bribed, Oxfam Scandal, Smart TVs – New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: Israeli police recommend charging Netanyahu for bribery scandal; Oxfam feels the heat over sex-for-aid scandal; and your smart TV is a privacy dumpster fire.

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What the Hell is Going On At Newsweek?

02/13/20189 Comments

Wracked by allegations of ad fraud and tax evasion, Newsweek’s senior editors are resigning and it looks like the whole organization is falling apart…But from this chaos has emerged a tiny sliver of truth amidst the torrent of MSM lies. Could this be a sign that the truth will out when the editorial gatekeepers fall, or is this a mere glitch in the matrix? Stay tuned.

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The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct


Contrary to what its multi-million dollar international PR campaign would have you believe, the “White Helmets” are not a group of volunteer search-and-rescue workers that sprang spontaneously out of the Syrian soil. When you peel back the layers of foreign financing and reveal the foreign intelligence operatives and murky lobbying groups at the heart of the organization, what you find is that the White Helmets are, in fact, a propaganda construct.

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NBC/CIA, Deep Fakes, Red Light Refunds – New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: NBC hires the CIA…officially; deep fakes take the internet by storm; and one town gets their red light camera tickets refunded.

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Vanessa Beeley Exposes the White Helmets


For the past two years, Vanessa Beeley has been doing on-the-ground reporting in Syria exposing the lies of the NATO powers and their terrorist proxies. Her work on the White Helmets in particular has drawn the ire of the warmongers and their media mouthpieces. Today we talk to Beeley about the true nature of the White Helmets and the well-funded PR campaign that seeks to defend them.

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New Study PROVES Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatards!!!

02/05/201822 Comments

Take that, Repugs!

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The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards


You’ve seen the GOP’s version, but now it’s time for the REAL fake news awards. Join James for this special edition of The Corbett Report where he hands out dinos to some of the biggest propoganda poisoners and fake news stinkers of 2017!

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GPS Blackout, AI Courtroom, Community Internet – New World Next Week

02/02/20180 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: the military imposes GPS blackout over western US during exercise; algorithms will soon take over sentencing in the court room; and a new study proves community-created ISPs are better than corporate monopolies.

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