Around the Globe with Financial Survival


James joins Melody Cedarstrom for this wide-ranging edition of Financial Survival. Topics covered include Vietnam and tyranny, big tech regulation and back door globalization, the US-China trade war and false flags in the Persian Gulf.

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Don’t Throw Big Tech in the Briar Patch! – #PropagandaWatch

05/14/201919 Comments

Oh, no! Don’t regulate Big Tech! How will they ever be able to put up with the government enshrining them as the monopoly platforms that everyone must use?

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FLASHBACK: John Young on Wikileaks and Whistleblowing (2010)


In this 2010 flashback from The Corbett Report archives, John Young of talks about the then-new phenomenon, including the ways that information leaks can themselves be manipulated. We also discuss corporate complicity in government surveillance of the internet.

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I’m On Vacation! See you in May . . .

04/23/20192 Comments

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’m on vacation and I’ll be back in early May. Until then, Corbett Report members are encouraged to discuss any news events or weighty philosophical ruminations in the Holiday Open Thread.

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Ripple Effect On OKC And Why It Matters


Today James Corbett and Chris Emery of Free Mind Films join Ricky Varandas on The Ripple Effect podcast to discuss the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and why it still matters.

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What’s Your Take on Assange? – Questions For Corbett


What’s your take on Assange? Have you heard of Unit 731? And just who is Percy Corbett, anyway? Get James’ answer to these and other important questions in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Epstein Updates, Russia World Order, Ides of April – New World Next Week


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The CFR LOVES Domestic Propaganda! – #PropagandaWatch

04/16/20195 Comments

The former editor of Time / former Undersecretary of State for Public Policy thinks the US government propagandizing its own citizens is just fine and dandy. And where did he deliver these remarks? At the CFR, of course! Shocking, I know.

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The Corbett Report Subscriber

04/15/201913 Comments

Become a subscriber and join The Corbett Report community.

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The Dark History of the Minimum Wage


There’s something strange about the idea of a minimum wage. It’s one of those subjects that everyone has a strong opinion about, even if they have no idea what makes actual economic sense. But perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that the minimum wage has a dirty secret that most economists don’t want you to know about. Today we explore The Dark History of the Minimum Wage.

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