Corbett Report Radio 267 - Financial Survival with Kerry Lutz

12/07/20121 Comment

Kerry Lutz of joins us once again to discuss finance, the economy, and what people can do to prepare for the coming financial collapse. Topics discussed include the gold and silver markets, the illegitimacy of the social contract, the Fed's manipulation of key statistics and the importance of self-sustaining economies.

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Corbett Report Radio 266 - Stay Out of School

12/06/20121 Comment

Tonight James talks to the "unplugged mom" Laurette Lynn about her book, Don't Do Drugs Stay Out of School. We discuss the conditioning and indoctrination of the compulsory education system and how parents can take their children off the treadmill of traditional schooling. Join us tonight for a fascinating conversation about the inter-generational revolution that can truly change our planet for the better.

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Corbett Report Radio 265 - DARPA Exposed

12/05/20129 Comments

The internet. GPS. Windows. Videoconferencing. Siri. Smart dust. Why isn't it common knowledge that these technologies started as DARPA-funded projects? When the government, defense contractors and tech giants team up to create the next generation of military technology, who wins and who loses? Find out on tonight's broadcast.

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Corbett Report Radio 264 - Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?

12/04/20122 Comments

Although the MSM is no longer telling us to care about the people of Egypt, their revolution is still ongoing. Now they are fighting President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who have just declared that he is above the judiciary. But who are the Muslim Brotherhood, where did they come from, and what are their connections? Join us tonight as we examine the American and British intelligence establishment links at the base of this radical Islamic group.

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Corbett Report Radio 263 - The Gift of Truth

12/01/20120 Comments

Tonight James introduces you to the new Corbett Report DVD Multi-Pack by dipping into the DVDs for some video and audio highlights. Containing hundreds of hours of interviews, videos, podcasts and articles, these DVDs make the perfect tool for your info arsenal. Subscribers can purchase the pack from the e-newsletter for 7500 Yen, and non-subscribers can purchase it for 10000 Yen.

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Corbett Report Radio 262 - Middle East Update with Nile Bowie

11/30/20124 Comments

Nile Bowie of joins us tonight to go over some news headlines from across the Middle East, including the UN General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood, western double standards in the "Arab Spring" and the American-ization of Saudi Arabia. We also talk about the recent 9/11 conference in Kuala Lumpur and Nile's upcoming trip to China and North Korea.

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Corbett Report Radio 261 - News and Open Phones

11/29/20120 Comments

James covers breaking headlines and takes your calls on tonight's program. Topics covered include cyber-activists hacking the IAEA over Israel's nuke program, more global warming bull, and rising secession movements across the EU.

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Corbett Report Radio 260 - The Palestine Question

11/28/20122 Comments

From the recent Israeli operation in Gaza to a bid for non-member state status at the UN to the specter of Yasser Arafat being dug up from his grave, there is no shortage of news from Palestine right now. Tonight on the program James goes over these stories and shares some of his recent reports on Palestine including an interview with former Palestinian detainee Jawwad Musleh.

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Corbett Report Radio 259 - 9/11 Truth Goes Worldwide (With Your Help)

11/27/20121 Comment

Back from his trip to Malaysia to present at the "9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth" conference, James talks about the conference, who was there, how it went, and where it's going from here. James also stresses the vital importance for everyone to take up the task of spreading this information to others in the alternative media revolution that is our last best hope to change this system for the better.

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Corbett Report Radio 258 - Petraeus Updates, Headlines and Open Phones

11/15/20120 Comments

The Petraeus affair continues to unfold as it looks more and more like a Night of the Long Knives taking place amongst America's top brass. Tonight James covers the latest on the Petraeus front, as well as covering other news and headlines, playing the latest track from Joshua Owens, and taking your calls.

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