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What Does Demographic Crunch Look Like? - Questions For Corbett #054

02/06/202062 Comments

This week James tackles a question from Corbett Report member HomeRemedySupply who asks about the declining population in Japan. What does a shrinking population look like, and how does it impact the economy and the culture? Find out more in this week's edition of Questions For Corbett.

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What's Behind the Paywall? - Questions For Corbett #053

01/27/202021 Comments

Have you ever wondered what's behind The Corbett Report paywall? Well, wonder no more! Today James takes you behind the login to show you exactly what super secret insider info you get by becoming a subscriber (spoiler: you don't get any super secret insider info at all).

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Who Is Smedley Butler? - Questions For Corbett #052

01/22/202014 Comments

Have you heard of Major General Smedley Butler? If not, you might want to ask yourself why that is. As one of the most highly decorated Marines in the history of the US Marine Corps and as a passionate and eloquent speaker about the racket that is war, Smedley Butler deserves to be a household name. Find out more in today's edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? - Questions For Corbett #051

01/15/202012 Comments

Today James fields a question on anarchy among the elitists and finds that the REAL question is whether we ever really get out of anarchy at all.

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Did Soleimani Kill 600 Americans? - Questions For Corbett #050

01/10/2020115 Comments

Everyone has heard by now that Soleimani was responsible for 600 American deaths . . . but where does this oddly specific number come from? Today on "Questions For Corbett," James finds the answer at the bottom of a barrel of neocon lies.

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What is the Future of (Bankster) Finance? - Questions For Corbett #049

12/18/201914 Comments

This week on Questions For Corbett, James answers a question from Jim, who asks if the Bank of England's vision for The Future of Finance supports the idea of a banker dictatorship, and whether this vision paves the way for the next bankster-directed war.

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What Did #ExxonKnew and When Did They Knew It? - Question For Corbett #048

12/03/201939 Comments

As #ExxonKnew gains traction with the public, one Corbett Report listener writes in for more info on the subject. Today we explore the Rockefeller-funded beginnings of this push for prosecution, how it has disintegrated in the courts, and how it has succeeded in penetrating the public consciousness in the service of the technocratic agenda.

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Who is James Corbett? - Questions For Corbett #047

11/27/20198 Comments

In this week's edition of Questions For Corbett, James answers the most frequently asked questions that he receives: Who are you, where are you from, and why did you start this website?

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WWI on DVD? - Questions For Corbett #046

11/23/201921 Comments

In this first edition of the new, bite-sized weekly edition of Questions For Corbett, Rick asks if The WWI Conspiracy is available on DVD yet.

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What's Your Endgame? - Questions For Corbett #045

06/07/2019261 Comments

So what's James' endgame anyway? And what's the deal with the Lord of the Rings? And can you be pro-freedom if you're for mandatory vaccines? Good questions! Find out the answers to these and other burning queries in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

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