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...But How Do I Make Money? - Questions For Corbett

10/30/202361 Comments

". . . but how do I make money from this information, James?" is a question I receive from time to time. Or, more charitably, "Given the conspiracy reality, how do I invest for my retirement?" That's a better question, but still, it depends on what we mean by investment, and what it is we're looking to achieve in the long run. No, I'm not an investment advisor and won't give you the latest hot stock tip, but I do have some things to say about this topic.

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What Was the Jessica Lynch Story? - Questions For Corbett

10/23/202318 Comments

So you've watched 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory and now you're wondering who Jessica Lynch is? Well, you can always check the hyperlinked transcript. But while we're at it, why not dig a little further into the Jessica Lynch and learn all about how the media fabricates war stories for the consumption of the fluoride-addled, television-addicted masses?

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Do the Rothschilds Own the Fed? - Questions For Corbett

07/18/202353 Comments

So, is it true that the Rothschilds own the Fed? And if not, then who does? Today James gets to the bottom of the whole Fed ownership things and helps you reformulate the question in a meaningful way that will help you dazzle and impress your conspiracy realist friends.

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Are Sanctions War? - Questions For Corbett

07/04/202335 Comments

Did you know that a third of the planet is under some form of economic sanctions at the moment? And, more to the point, do you know what that really means? Join James for this edition of Questions For Corbett as he delves into the horrors of economic warfare and clears up the confusion between (voluntary) boycotts and (government-imposed) sanctions.

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Are We Going to Win? - Questions For Corbett

06/21/2023164 Comments

Today James answers the question he received most often from the attendees of The Better Way conference in Bath: are we going to win this thing? Get ready for a bigger answer than you're expecting and a homework assignment of your own.

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100 Questions! - Questions For Corbett #100

05/13/202355 Comments

Questions For Corbett is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Join James for this 100th Episode Extravaganza where he takes on the task of answering 100 questions from the ever-growing question bag in as entertaining and informative way as possible! 

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Do You Have the JFK Secret Society Speech? - Questions For Corbett #099

04/05/202376 Comments

Paul writes in to ask if I have the full JFK secret society speech. Why, yes, I do! And guess what? The full speech shows that those highly-edited two-minute YouTube videos you saw back in the day were misleading at best and downright dishonest at worst. Wait until you hear what JFK was actually saying.

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What is the Delphi Technique? - Questions For Corbett #098

03/09/202332 Comments

Peter writes in to ask how we should respond to the Bank of England's rigged survey about CBDCs. James answers by describing the Delphi method and how to anti-Delphi in real life.

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mRNA Vaccines for Livestock? - Questions For Corbett #097

03/02/202333 Comments

Are mRNA vaccines being developed for livestock? You bet they are! So what does this mean? As usual, it depends who you ask. Find out the bad, the worse and the putrid of third generation vaccines and the future of food in this week's edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Is the IPCC Rigged? - Questions For Corbett #096

02/20/202321 Comments

Today James demonstrates the proper way to formulate a question about someone's research if you want to get a useful answer. And, as an added bonus, you'll learn how the UNFCCC was rigged from the outset and how the much-ballyhooed IPCC report is nothing but a negotiated political document!

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