Interview 1650 – Whitney Webb Dissects the Wellcome Leap into Transhumanism

07/08/2021129 Comments

Whitney Webb of joins us once again, this time to discuss her latest article, “A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction.” Even if you’re familiar with the transhumanist agenda, what the ex-DARPA, ex-Silicon Valley old hands at the newly created Wellcome Leap are planning to do in their quest to transform the human species in the coming decade will blow your mind.

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Interview 1649 – James Corbett Destroys the China War Propaganda

06/15/202178 Comments

In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James Corbett joins Patrick MacFarlane on the Liberty Weekly podcast for a hard-hitting, information-packed and wide-ranging conversation on the 2D China vs. US war narrative that is being steered by the war propagandists and the 3D China + US reality underneath. In addition to China and the New World Order, James and Patrick talk about The Great Convergence, the question of how WWIII will be fought and what part we have to play in derailing this propaganda narrative before it destroys humanity.

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Interview 1648 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/11/202128 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Tokyo braces for the Olympics; the world braces for Cyber Polygon; and some not-unmitigated good news leads us into the summer break.

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Interview 1647 – James Corbett Presents to the Corona Investigative Committee

06/07/202176 Comments

Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee interview James Corbett about his investigation into the corona crisis and the future of humanity.

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Interview 1646 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/04/202154 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: killer drones are hunting targets by themselves; a concert promoter is charging an extra $1000 for the unvaccinated; and a California cafe owner is charging $5 for orders placed while wearing a mask.

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Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod

06/03/202183 Comments

In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James talks to James Delingpole, an ex-MSM journalist who has taken the red pill in the past year and a half and is now engaged in a series of conversations he never expected to be having on his Delingpod podcast. This is one of them.

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Interview 1644 – Antiganda in Action on Declare Your Independence

05/31/202134 Comments

James Corbett joins Ernest Hancock and guest co-host “PJ” on this week’s appearance on Declare Your Independence. This week they discuss how The Corbett Report and other independent news and media is helping to unlock the minds of others; Ernie’s sign activism and how antiganda can be one of our most effective tools for communicating important info in an uncensorable way; and how The Greater Reset activation is taking place.

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Interview 1643 – James Corbett Speaks to an ex-MSM Journalist

05/29/202160 Comments

This week on James Corbett Redpills the Normies, James talks to Alison Morrow, a self-described refugee from mainstream journalism who quit her 12-year career as an award-winning reporter after her attempts to report real news were consistently thwarted. Today, Alison interviews James about the centralization of control, communication, and consciousness in the hands of an oligarchical elite and how we can combat their agenda.

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Interview 1642 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/28/202160 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: UFOs go mainstream; vaxxed are tracked without their knowledge in UK; and Vaxxapalooza is coming to Chicago.

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Interview 1641 – Exercising your Rights on Revelations Radio News

05/24/202122 Comments

In this conversation recorded on May 17th, James joins Tim and Andrew of Revelations Radio News once again to discuss all the latest news from around the globe. From the Gates’ divorce to the COVID nightmare to the supply chain collapse to exercising your rights (and literally exercising), don’t miss this wide-ranging conversation.

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