The Looting Conspiracy

08/28/202346 Comments

So, what's really behind this explosion in retail theft? And, more to the point, what do the powers-that-shouldn't-be have in store as their "solution" to this (generated) problem? The answers may surprise you.

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The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun!

08/20/202330 Comments

Of course you're not hearing about this CBDC pushback in the establishment media. Why would they tout their masters' failures, after all? But, weirdly enough, you're not hearing much about this pushback in the alt media either. Let's correct that today, shall we?

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Meet J. P. Morgan, Bankster-in-Chief

07/30/202316 Comments

How did John Pierpont Morgan's life experiences shape a sickly young boy into the financial monarch he eventually became? And how did he, in turn, shape the world around him with the vast wealth that was at his disposal? Let's find out.

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The Revolt of the Pawns

07/23/202377 Comments

Last week I revealed how the would-be rulers of the world see the grand struggle for geopolitical dominance as a type of chess game and how people around the globe (including the mujahideen in Afghanistan) are treated as mere pawns in that game, to be used, abused and sacrificed in pursuit of the grandmasters' aims. This week I will examine the growing awareness of that game and what it looks like when the pawns start to strike back.

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Your Guide to the Grand Chessboard's Pawns

07/17/202339 Comments

Today I will tell the story of some of these pawns on the chessboard and how they have been used, abused and discarded by the would-be rulers of the world.

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The Internet Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.

07/10/202344 Comments

Yes, the Internet—the "Information Superhighway" version of the "Internet" that was sold as a digital panacea to a credulous public in the 1990s, that is—is now officially dead. So what does this mean? And where do we go from here? Today, I'll get to the bottom of the dead internet theory and what conspiracy realists should make of this news.

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France Pretends NATO is About the North Atlantic

06/25/202311 Comments

That NATO would seek to extend its reach beyond its supposed North Atlantic regional remit is hardly surprising. In fact, as anyone following the rise of the Evil Empire will know all too well, NATO has been involved in a process of truly global expansion for decades now. But still, France's objection to this brazen attempt by NATO to stray from its nominal North Atlantic confines presents a new twist on the story. So, what does all of this mean? And if it isn't reined in, where will NATO be heading next? Let's find out, shall we? . . .

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Carbon Pawprints and the Rationing of Life

06/19/202322 Comments

. . . This is the logical next step in the escalation ladder leading us toward outright carbon eugenics. My long-term viewers will already know what that means, but for anyone who doesn't understand the importance of this story (and the many, many more like it that we will doubtless be subjected to in the near future), allow me to explain. . . .

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Tales From the (Jet-lagged) Underground

06/12/202356 Comments

For those who don't know, I've been in the UK the past couple of weeks and I just returned a few days ago. I'm over the jet lag now (thanks for asking!) and thought I'd ease back in to the weekly newsletter with some random notes and observations from my travels. Also, for Corbett Report members, there's a Subscriber Exclusive video with some more thoughts on my travel experience down below (you'll have to be logged in to see it, though).

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Sanctions Are War By Other Means

05/14/202315 Comments

Imposing sanctions on a country is a way of waging war against that country. It's not just that economic embargoes can cripple nations' economies nor that they tend to disproportionately affect innocent civilians. No, the reality is even more stark than that: sanctions kill. Don't believe me? Let's look at some of the examples of how sanctions have been used throughout history as a tool of warfare.

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