Carbon Pawprints and the Rationing of Life

06/19/202322 Comments

As I mentioned last week, I spent some of my time in the UK last month dipping into the local dinosaur media to see what kind of indoctrination the British are being subjected to these days. Who knows? Maybe I'd even be pleasantly surprised by some thought-provoking or counter-establishment content in the local paper.

Or not.


Sorry for the poor cropping on this photo (I was balancing the paper on my knee on a bumpy train ride when I snapped the pic), but yes, the full headline does indeed read "is owning dogs really as bad as using private jets?"

At first glance, this story seems utterly absurd, a preposterous joke slipped into the daily news by an editor with a penchant for the bizarre. At second glance, it seems like it must be some kind of tongue-in-cheek recognition of the stupidity of the green hysteria.

But, after reading the article for yourself, you will see that the article and the author are taking this concept deadly seriously. In fact, it is the logical next step in the escalation ladder leading us toward outright carbon eugenics.

My long-term viewers will already know what that means, but for anyone who doesn't understand the importance of this story (and the many, many more like it that we will doubtless be subjected to in the near future), allow me to explain. . . .

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Solve zee problem. Eat zee dogs.

    Or maybe just feed all the carbon eugenics promoting knuckleheads to the dogs.

    That would be a really (Soylent) green solution.

    Just kidding. I like my dog too much to feed her vaccine tainted meat.

  2. G. Jingping says:

    Don’t worry, Corbetteers, I have it on good authority that space aliens will solve all of our problems with new technologies that “whistle blowers” have just divulged at a totally believable press conference. If they can fly faster than the speed of light, how hard could it be to fix our human problems? Now, if only the aliens could learn to land their space crafts without crashing.

    • zyxzevn says:

      I wonder who the Pentagon is targeting with the information.
      Ancient aliens crowd? Scientology?
      Not many people believe in alien made UFOs.

      Greer is not really following the war propaganda,
      and has a very different approach with his CE5 idea.

      Most people do not believe the governments or pentagon anyway.
      And those who do believe the government, usually do not believe that
      UFOs can exist. And will not suddenly change their minds.

      Maybe the Pentagon just wants to pretend that all strange
      phenomena are just military technology.
      So it can go back into secrecy. As usual

  3. generalbottlewasher says:

    Come on! You mean I got to read!?!?
    Corbett son you are a devil. I already read a sign today,,,

    Enter here for
    Free ice cream
    Proceed to end of chute.

    I’m gonna get some ICE CREAM.

    Happy Father’s Day!


  4. bazanted says:

    Chihuahua: That’s not fair. I only eat 1/100dredth compared to you, therefore only 0.0000004 % CO2 impact.
    St.Bernard: but I provide an invaluable service..

  5. kristinec says:

    Any article that includes “neener, neener, neener” is my idea of great writing!

  6. hanky says:

    Here it is, in their own words (and video).
    Please send this short compilation of their propaganda to all your friends, on either side of the issue. This specific campaign has been rescinded,the public wasn’t quite ready for it last decade, but this attitude is real and needs to be exposed. Thank you,vid:WjVW6roRs-w

    • CQ says:

      That’s bloody awful, hanky. Can’t believe it was made in 2010.

      To recover from that insanity, you can listen to the clever composer of “The Pandemic Dance” (recommended by James, h/t Torus) as he sings his way through every eugenical globalist plot known to man–starting with the purposeful sinking of the Titanic:

  7. sjones says:

    I’m always amazed how many people, even relatively intelligent ones, buy into this global warming scam that CO2 is the driving force of earth’s temperature. CO2’s impact is minuscule compared to water vapor and that is far more minuscule compared to solar radiation. As a ChE, I’ve been following this from the beginning shooting down “the science” with real science. Yet the scam continues to grow.

    Just turned on a friend to you and he’s loving it.

    • mkey says:

      The devil is in the details. If one starts with the supposition that “climate chance” is caused by people, experts will put forward many theories why this simply must be the case.

      And then people will simply and completely fail to understand that the onus of proof is on those who are making the claim. But that’s just one of byproducts of decades of successful schooling.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am in the process of reshuffling my ideas on society and individuals

      sjones says:
      “I’m always amazed how many people, even relatively intelligent ones, buy into this global warming scam….”

      James Corbett says:
      “This is insane. It would be one thing if this were meant as an exercise in stupidity, but all of the coverage of this tempest in a dog food bowl treats it as a Very Serious Issue and uses it as an opportunity…
      …But, ultimately, this is not the type of argument that will be won by facts and figures because it isn’t a rational argument at all.”

      Corbett Member mkey tempted me to view Some one who does not have an internal monologue/dialogue.

      I’ve been having an internal dialogue about this “nil internal conversation aspect”, along with the implications of other character traits which people may have but that I do or don’t have.
      We all know about Psychopaths and Sociopaths, where they are incapable of empathy and feeling remorse for harming others.

      Mattias Desmet talks about “Mass Formation” and this can help to grasp the herd mentality.
      But there is much, much more, because the human’s individual thought-processes are out of view.

      ~~~ For example: Non-verbal Autism – The documentary “Spellers,” inspired by the book ‘Underestimated,’ by JB and Jamie Handley, chronicles the misconceptions of an individual’s thought-processes.
      ~~~ For example: Dallas City Council Fluoride Fight. The Council can stop it anytime, because water fluoridation (as a method of forcibly medicating the public) is mandated by the Council. Despite hundreds of presentations, pallets of printed documents and tens of thousands of emails, (all citing scientific studies), Council Members yawn at obvious health risks. They are more concerned about braided hair, and mandating government trans-gender bathroom usage and proper pronoun usage with city employees. No concern about harming people.
      ~~~ For example: Hot sweltering Summer of 2023, and people are still wearing masks/social distancing in stores, including using hand sanitizers.

      There is a wide spectrum of individuals, each with their unique mental/emotional characteristics. I could rant about the chemical toxins, contagion of weird ideologies or sociopathic behaviors, odd emotional hang-ups, and such.
      In some areas, I think that I have over-estimated the mental framework which many individuals possess. The group insanity is easy to recognize, but I think that a large number of people have major mental issues that are not easily noticed.
      I could say more, but will end it here.

  8. illbnice2u2 says:

    They had to change their wording from Climate Change to Global Warming because someone brought up the fact that the Climate is always changing.

  9. Fresh news from Sweden,

    Digital ID rolled out a couple of days ago:

    I’m holding my Argentinean pass tighter than ever. Wouldn’t surprise me that it comes the time of saying ‘Hej då’… what might surprise me is that once I realised that it’s time to leave, exactly as in the scandemics, it will be too late and I won’t be able to go to South America. Good that life is full of opportunities for all the Goldmunds. In my case I’ll experience in first person the beauty of the facial expressions of the Swedish when they start to wake up to the big lies.

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    Carbon dioxide use to be desirable.
    As described in Bernard J. Eastlund’s application for US patent Jan. 10th 1985.
    Method and Apparatus for Altering A Region in the Earths Atmosphere,Ionosphere,and/or Magnetosphere.
    Column 12, lines 35-40. Describing fig.5

    Patents reveal things on occasion.
    Our little Oil Capitol city just had a high probability encounter with 100 mile per hour winds in a perfect swath through the center of the city West to East
    Just try to gain access to the nearest HAARP, GWEN, Doppler,NextRad high energy transmitters operation logs . Probability=0
    Now 2nd day after. High pressure doom parked over area,100 degree heat index next
    5 days. No power for 250,000 out of 600,000 residents for days to come.
    Nature or Disaster capitalism? Gray areas of good and bad guys abound.

  11. generalbottlewasher says:

    Dr.Naomi Wolf discusses eugenic nature of lipid coated nano particles found in vaccines too dental numbing shots.

    Now we know how the trans movement came about. Pure eugenics.

  12. dmay says:

    Anyone who has been paying attention and retains any ability to think critically can see that the legacy media is nothing but propaganda: outright lies with some twisted truth thrown in occasionally, or actual truth with government spin.

    All designed to mislead.

    These articles only constructive use is to show where the sheeple are being herded. Of some interest, but I try not to waste time and energy on them. So I did not read the article, or most of JC’s commentary on it. I have chickens to tend to.

  13. zyxzevn says:

    The WEF is following China’s strategies.
    So currently I am learning how bad China is functioning.
    China is Building Escalators to Nowhere – No, Really

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