BREAKING: US Strikes Syria, Russia Set to Respond


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It has begun. Trump, declaring "national security interests," has ordered an attack on Syria, striking a Syrian government airfield with a volley of 50 Tomahawk missiles. The news is still breaking and could include a Russian military response. Please help in compiling data on these events by leaving links and info in the open source investigation post.

BREAKING: It Has Begun — US Just Fired 50 Tomahawk Missiles at Syrian Govt

Trump: Syrian strike is in 'vital national security interest' of United States

McCain Furious At Rex Tillerson For Saying Assad Can Stay

McCain gloats about Syria strike on Twitter

‘FALSE FLAG’ — Ron Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense’

Reviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

UN Commission Investigator: It Was The Syrian Rebels Who Used Sarin

New analysis of rocket used in Syria chemical attack undercuts U.S. claims

Wilson lied the US into WWI for the bankers 100 years ago this week

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  1. Corbett says:

    Surely no surprise here, but here it is just for the record anyway:

    ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump’s Attack

  2. Corey.c says:

    Here is what I have so far as to what looks to be a false flag to pull Trump into giving the order to attack Syria. So here is a post from the film team stating that they were “getting ready for the attack” the day before it happened.

    Here are the so called White hats staging a fake shot of a rescue.

    Here’s is a good article bringing light to what I personally saw as bullshit. If you truly understand what Sarin gas does and how dangerous it is these so called white hats would be either sick or dead. They don’t have gloves or any real safety gear other than the masks.

    • mkey says:

      Open your eyes. The false flag is not meant to pull in the president, but the people.

      • dario says:

        Trump ran his campaign on being aware of the use of propaganda to lure public support. I would have expected Trump to call BS on Tuesday’s event if he truly believed his campaign rhetoric. His decision to green light yesterday’s operation confirm his role in the master plan to me.
        The operation seems to be somewhat of a show itself. The DoD alerts the Russians that they will be striking an air base which the Russians made operational back in 2015. It goes like this,”hey guys, get your stuff out because we will be putting on a show in one hour.” The US sends its TLAM barrage which lasts several minutes. Syria states that they have 4-9 dead. Russia then withdraws from the Safe Skies agreement (which explains the ability of the TLAMs to reach their targets with no resistance from the S300 and S400 installations). Now, the US is unable to operate freely in Syrian airspace because Russia and Syria have the SA monopoly in the bulk of Syria. What happens next with US air operations in Syria will be interesting.

    • rob32367 says:

      Help me out with something – how do these white helmet “mannequin challenges” get leaked on You Tube? This is not to convince me – this was a false flag gas attack and the white helmets are frauds. I just need help on how to respond when challenged on these leaked videos. Where do they come from and how are they obtained?


  3. Corbett says:

    Here’s what’s at stake:

    Russia warns of ‘negative consequences’ if U.S. targets Syria

    Russia: US airstrike was an “act of aggression” meriting emergency UN Security Council mtg.

  4. mkey says:

    This is a fucking catastrophe. Nothing changes.

  5. Corbett says:

    Very important interview of Philip Giraldi by Scott Horton:

    Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, says that “military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham,” instead endorsing the Russian narrative that Assad’s forces had bombed a storage facility. Giraldi’s intelligence sources are “astonished” about the government and media narrative and are considering going public out of concern over the danger of worse war there. Giraldi also observes that the Assad regime had no motive to do such a thing at this time.

    He also says that some of the IC sources who have called it a sham might come forward to put a stop to this…but that was before the missiles were launched.

  6. Aron says:

    It’s all about the babies…

    “The took the babies out of the incubators. They took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor.” — Kuwaiti girl lying to US congress, lead up to invasion of Iraq in 1991.

    “Yesterday, a chemical attack that was so horrific in Syria against innocent people including women, small children and even beautiful little babies.” — Donald Trump, April 5, 2017, lead up to cruise missile attack on Syria.

  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James…

    Off course, you are 100% correct on this one, and it is a classic “false flag” attack, that “most likely” will lead to a WW III, the size of which no one know yet.. it is a game of chicken, and let us see who blinks first.

    I knew there was something in process. I did not know at the time, but here are some signs that we should all have seen coming (a bit like chess).

    1- Attack on London -UK. I did not understand it first, but it was to tell the UK to stop getting close to Russia. Reports has it that the UK started establishing closer relationship with Russia early in March. I guess that has stopped now.

    2- Attacks in st.petersburg in Russia – again at first, i did not understand it, but now it is clear. It was the US telling Russia “you stay out of what is coming or you get more mad ISIS bombing”. And that was the USA speaking 🙂 .

    3- Last nights attack – Which finally confirms that Trump “with his small hands” 🙂 has finally lost the battle with the “deep state”, and things are back to “Obama stage”. So, we are back were we started, and the only difference is, the USA does not have a president who will “cover his ass” because he is a smart lawyer and will not put himself in a bad position.. The USA have a dumb president who will be worse than George W. Bush(i miss that guy, at least he was funny to listen to), if that at all possible.

    So.. My guess is, and knowing how “eastern mind” works (and Russia is partly eastern thinking), we are heading for a showdown, and the biggest loser is going to be the middle east, and the Arabian Gulf more specifically. One wrong missile into an oil tanker (or even a water desalination plant) and the whole world goes into deep sleep for ten years at least.

    Time to go out and buy tin food and stock up on water…

  8. Corbett says:

    So did the US notify the Russians beforehand or not? I’ve seen numerous tweets and stories suggesting they did, but the New York Times states categorically they did not:

    Anyone have any source data on this?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello James,

      It appears that the USA notified Russia as part of the Safe Skies agreement between the two superpowers, but it was just a “stay out of the way” kind of message.

      Russia just responded by “stopping” that agreement so this can never happen again.. The next time Russia detects a flying object over Syria, it can shoot it down, and turn around and say Ooops..

      • Corbett says:

        Thanks for that VoA. I see the notification has apparently been confirmed by Captain Jeff Davis of the Pentagon: “Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line. US military planners took precautions to minimise risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.”

        However I can’t seem to find a report on Russia stopping the agreement. Do you have a link for that?

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Sorry James… That news was part of Maria Zakharova (Russain ministry of foreign affairs speaker) announcement on Al Mayadeen News channel.

          I did search on-line but nothing yet.. I guess it will be official press release in few hours.

        • Corbett says:

          Never mind. It’s definitely coming through the news wires now:

          Moscow suspends US-Russia memorandum on flights safety in Syria

          A significant escalation indeed…

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      “So did the US notify the Russians beforehand or not?”

      CNN’s Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr said so on multiple occasions last night.


  9. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Russia stops safe skies agreement with USA over Syria.

    Translation: Russian made S-400 missile system enters the picture… Anything overflying the Syrian airspace will be shot down…. (including USA Tomahawk missile.

    And so it starts 🙁

  10. BuddhaForce says:

    “This is clearly a victory, at a policy level, for General McMaster, for General Mattis, and for people in the administration, who believe in a U.S. led, liberal, global order, based on rules, based on values.”

    Things have been moving so fast since the election, its been a bit much to parse. There is obviously some sort of struggle going on in the executive branch and elsewhere. Like capos fighting over territory when the Don is weak.

    I’m really just surprised they opted to go back to the chemical weapons attack for the THIRD time…

  11. VoiceOfArabi says:

    My two cents on this topic after watching 5 hours of analysis from different sides.

    If this was a game of chess… Then Trump has just lost….

    What is next is… either Trump backs down (like any loser would do)… oooorrrrr… flip the chess table and produce a double guns from under the table and shoot the opposing team dead! (that’s Russia, China, Iran & Co.)

    Ooohhh what fun times (i love western movies)???

  12. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Russia enforcing and expanding the S-400 missile system in Syria effective today

    (source – Russian ministry of defense)

    Iran national security council – Iran is with Russia in this fight.

  13. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Russia ministry of defense spokesman

    ISIS and Al Nussrah started an attack on Syria Military forces in concert with the US missiles attack last night. It appears to be orchestrated attack between ISIS/AlNussrah and USA military.

    • Corbett says:

      I know there are multiple reports about ISIS having used the strike against the airbase (which was running anti-ISIS operations) as an excuse to proceed, for example in Palmyra:

      But do you have anything more specific on these attacks being done “in concert with” the US strikes? Like actually begun at the same time? Any links or sources on that?

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        unfortunately, i don’t have links via the web…

        My information is based on satellite reports shown by Russian Ministry of defense press conference conducted by MOD second in command.

        in the translation, they did not announce timing, but they have shown how ineffective the strike was, and they also produced reports of ISIS/AlNussrah Major attacks few hours after the missile strikes supported by satellite photos…. which is way beyond my understanding.

        if anyone speaks russian i suggest we check Russian ministry of defense websites.

        • Corbett says:

          Thanks for helping to relay this information. You’re right: it would certainly be useful to have some Russian speakers and others participating here. If anyone can lend a hand and translate Russian news from the source, please do!

    • Corbett says:

      I’ve just found the quote mentioned by VoA in this RT article:

      6 MiG-23 aircraft destroyed in US strike on Syrian airfield, runway undamaged – Russian MoD

      “The ministry also pointed to the events that followed the strikes, a large-scale offensive against the Syrian Army carried out by Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front terrorists.

      “‘We hope that this offensive was in no way coordinated with the US,’ the ministry said.”

  14. Pablo de Boer says:

    Trump twittered in 2013;

    Trump in 2013: ‘The President Must Get Congressional Approval Before Attacking Syria’

  15. Pablo de Boer says:

    ‘Don’t attack Syria’ Donald Trump’s old tweets to Obama

  16. Pablo de Boer says:

    ISIS used US missile strike to launch new offensive near Palmyra, Homs governor tells RT

  17. Pablo de Boer says:

    Erdogan spokesman calls for Syrian no-fly zone without delay

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman said on Friday it was necessary to enforce a no-fly zone and create safe zones in Syria without delay, calling U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian air base a positive response to “war crimes”.

  18. Octium says:

    From the Newsbud daily picks

    Reports of Chemical Attack Appeared Before Syrian Airstrike in Idlib – Syrian FM

    “…Moreover, the first reports of the chemical attack in the province of Idlib appeared a few hours before the Syrian Air Forces conducted an airstrike on an al-Nusra Front ammunition depot on April 4, Walid Muallem noted…”

    (The Original source appears down to me at the moment, so I can’t check it out)

  19. rueckl1b says:

    Interestingly the strike was not very efficient according to Russia
    6 MiG-23 aircraft destroyed in US strike on Syrian airfield, runway undamaged – Russian MoD
    The ministry described the combat efficiency of the strike as “quite poor.”

    “On April 7, 2017, between 3:42am and 3:56am Moscow time, two US Navy destroyers (USS Porter and USS Ross) fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airfield in Homs Province, Syria, from an area near the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.

    “According to our sources, only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said, adding that the points of impact of the other 36 cruise missiles remain unknown.

    What do you make of that?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      I read that as follows:

      Either the US Military is so poor and can’t aim to save their ass (highly unlikely) oooorrr…

      The Russian’s have just offered a pawn for US military to expose their under belly and get them to lose the chess game! (The Russian’s knew the strike was coming and they used electromagnetic jamming to turn this strike into failure.!)

      I say the Russians are very good chess players.

      Ohh, and reports says there are 9 (4 kids) civilians killed so far as result of these missing missiles. (they fell in villages around the airport)

  20. mike.e says:

    Former British Ambassador to Syria says Idlib gas attack is possibly all “FAKE NEWS”:

    Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, speaking on Sky News, says he believes it is “highly unlikely” that Russia or the Assad regime was behind the gas attack in Idlib and that it is possible it is all “FAKE NEWS”.

    See full segment here:

    Also in the first video, linked to above, former Texas congressman, Ron Paul says to Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, that: “It makes no sense, even if you were totally separate from this and take no sides of this and you were just an analyst, it doesn’t make sense for Assad under these conditions to all of the sudden use poison gasses,” Paul continued. “I think it’s zero chance that he would have done this deliberately.”

    See full segment here – Syria Gas Attack: Assad’s Doing…Or False Flag?:

  21. mike.e says:

    During an interview this morning on the BBC news, former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, said that it is:

    “Possible that [the US] is just looking for a pretext to attack Syria”.

    When asked why he seemed to be a relatively “lone voice” raising concerns about the US administrations narrative regarding the gas attack in Idlib, Syria, Mr Ford said:

    “I don’t leave my brains at the door when I examine a situation analytically, I try to be objective and based on previous experience, including Iraq, we can see that we cannot take on face value what so called intelligence experts tell is, not when they have an agenda.”

    See the interview segment on YouTube:

  22. zyxzevn says:

    Got this link:

    Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question

    I. Evidence From Khan Sheikhoun Does Not Support Assertions Of Airborne Chemical Weapons Use

    I. Rebels Are Known To Have Possessed And Used Chemical Weapons In Syria For Some Time

    III. The Khan Sheikhoun Incident May Be Part Of An Ongoing Power Struggle Over U.S. Policy In Syria

    Additionally, footage from the scene of the incident taken by the Syrian White Helmets appears to show that their operatives were not assisting victims in a manner that was consistent with established protocol on how to handle sarin saturated bodies. Images appear to show that Syrian White Helmet operatives were handling purported sarin victims with their bare hands, rather than with gloves, which is necessary to prevent the rescuer being injured by the chemical themselves. They also appear to be using simple dust masks, which are not suitable protection in the event of a sarin attack.

    (So it can not be Sarin, because sarin goes through skin)

    • Mohawk Man says:

      “in a manner that was consistent with established protocol on how to handle sarin saturated bodies.” Important point zyxzevn. False flag consistent behavior. These clowns are not as smart as they think they are (see Sandy Hoax false flag shooting).You are correct because you do not handle bodies with bare hands on sarin gas victims. Bravo.

      The Mohawk

  23. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Russia ministry of defense will arm Syrian Gov with the latest weapons to support them with the war on terror. In the past, Russia limited it support to providing air power to assist Syrian Gov.

    my analysis… I guess this is the check mate position for US and its backed Guns for hire – ISIS (Saudi) and AlNussrah (Muslim Brotherhood/Turkey).

    hummmm… what is next i wonder.

  24. mike.e says:

    From The Real News Network:

    How do we know what happened in Khan Shaykhun? The sources for the Western media outlets are mainly “opposition activists,” as BBC put it in one of its early reports. A BBC story from April 4 (Syria Conflict: ‘Chemical attack’ in Idlib kills 58 [3]) lists the various sources it has relied upon:

    1. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). Founded in 2006, SOHR is based in the United Kingdom and receives funding from the European Union and-most likely-the United Kingdom. It relies upon a network of opposition activists across Syria to provide raw information, which its director, Rami Abdul Rahman, then digests. SOHR is openly anti-Assad.

    2. Khotwa (Step) news agency. Founded by opposition activists in late 2013, Khotwa-as they say-aims to “bring the world’s attention to the suffering of the Syrian people.” Its 40 correspondents are mostly based in rebel-held areas. In 2014, its director, Mohammad Hrith, was in the news in Turkey due to a fracas between Hrith and the Prime Minister of the Syrian interim government Ahmed Touma. Touma’s people suggested Hrith came to demand funds from them.

    3. Local Co-ordination Committee (LCC) of the town. The LCC is part of a network of local groups emerged to coordinate protests after 2011. They represent the politics of the area in which they are established. Their general tenor is anti-Assad.

    4. Hussein Kayal, a photographer with the pro-opposition Edlib Media Center. Kayal and the Edlib Media Center are part of a network of journalists including those involved with the Aleppo Media Center. They are affiliated with the Syrian Expatriate Organization, led by Mazen Hasan, who is a leading figure in the Syrian opposition that is based in the West and a key person in the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition for a Democratic Syria. The Coalition has been urging U.S. armed action to overthrow the Syrian government.

    5. An AFP news agency journalist (unnamed). Some of the main photographs from Idlib came from two Agence France-Presse photographers, Omar Haj Kadour and Mohamed al-Bakour. Both offered vivid pictures from the hospital in Maaret al-Numan and Khan Shaykhun. Omar Haj Kadour’s Twitter account shows he is decidedly on the side of the opposition. The account by the stringer al-Bakour seems utterly sincere. He says, “My job is to take pictures. To cover this attack. To show this horrendous crime to the world.”

    Neither of the AFP reporters confirms who used these weapons on the civilians, many of them young children. They merely document the act. They are not experts. Their evidence includes foam at the mouth of one of the victims and the smell (“The first thing that hits you is the smell”). Most nerve agents are odorless. The photographers describe what they experience. To analyze their information would take a great deal more time on the ground. The others quoted by BBC do not hesitate. They point their fingers at Assad. Those with the densest relationship to the armed opposition are the first to claim that this attack was done by the government.

  25. UKJC says:

    TASS agency piece covering a lot of the above:

  26. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hitlary is still alive and as usual a disgusting person

    Hillary Clinton on Syria, Putin & election

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    4/6/2017 – (Regarding chemical attacks) Rex Tillerson statement: “…There is no doubt in our minds, and the information we have supports, that Syria…are responsible….”
    VIDEO statement –

    (Comment: Either Rex is lying or his intelligence sources are a con.)

    On 3/30/2017 Rex Tillerson stated that the U.S. would not interfere with the Syrian people.

    – Chemical Attacks of Tuesday 4/4/2017 – PHOTO shows White Helmet propaganda – no gloves used handling sarin victims while wearing gas masks
    Article about the false flag published on “Sign of The Times” by Adam Garrie of The Duran…
    Hours after an apparently self-evident false flag chemical attack in Idlib, Sean Spicer affirmed that it is no longer US policy to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power.
    The article cites a variety of reasons why the chemical attack is a false flag event and also links to these reasons…

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    EVA BARTLETT Twitter

  29. Mohawk Man says:

    Steve Bannon out 2 days ago—-President Kushner in immediately. Coup d’état by Goldman Sachs as Mr. Trump takes advice from his gorgeous but not too bright daughter. Nepotism always ends poorly. Cohn and Powell also in/both stanch leftists and lifetime Democrats–(G.S. alumni) and the Neo-cohens are happy as hell.William Kristol/John Bolton/Kissinger/Cheney and the other neo-cohens have achieved climax. Now very tired and need a smoke.

    “Conservative” Mark Levin radio host last evening was ecstatic at the prospect of war with Russia/Syria—“Crimes Against Humanity” is what he raved about (also been clamoring for war with Russia for 2 years). And his proof Assad was responsible? Non-existent. I note it’s the Bolsheviks and neo-Cohens who have been clamoring for war with Syria/Russia for about 3 years. Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Schiff, McCain, Graham, Flake et al.

    Important–Gary Cohn, Dina Powell in – Bannon OUT—attack on Syria occurs immediately. -Both Goldman Sachs alumni at the high end. Please call the White House (few actually call them–calls have an impact) and demand they are fired and this unprovoked attack is unacceptable. This cannot stand. Both are staunch globalists and have replaced Steve Bannon—a nationalist. Goldman Sachs IS Globalism and they have successfully completed a Coup d’état against America. They must be dealt with on a permanent basis. The Money Changers MUST be removed and their stolen wealth seized.

    Other key point—-Putin signed a deal to provide natural gas to Europe recently—but G.S. (a Fed member/owner) doesn’t like that—Gas from Qatar to Europe is much more profitable to keep the Petro dollar in place and G.S. running their Brownstone operations to entrap politico’s. Syria also does not have a Rothschild owned central bank—neither did Iraq nor does Iran, North Korea as Libya also did not and the implications are quite obvious.

    Barry Soetoro has a humorous but honest assessment–note the graphics. This guy is good. Pardon the length of this post.

    Make Israel Great Again (MIGA)

    The Mohawk

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 6 interview Senator Richard Black (who has previously visited Assad and supports Assad. Former top prosecutor at The Pentagon.)

  31. david b says:

    here are some tweets by trump I found from 2013 they may be you be interested in

    then go half way in the youtube they will come out

  32. david b says:

    on the tweets go to the 4:23 second mark on progress bar

  33. VoiceOfArabi says:

    ***Interesting News***

    Some military analyst puts the reason to the low effectiveness of the US missile strike to the possibility that Russian S-400 missile system intercepted the American tomahawk.

    Off course, if this happened… both sides will deny it or engage in a full fledged war…

    Wow…. if this is true then Trump has really “effed” himself….

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Looking at who first put out the propaganda photos of the recent chemical attack…
    White Helmets exposed
    Summary and history – 4 minute video –
    The deception of the “White Helmets” as the good guys was started by James Le Mesurier and his NGO. His old twitter

    (Great resolution video footage from Syria)
    Interviews with Syrian civilians about the “White Helmets” exposes the “White Helmet” farce.
    (6 minutes)


    Corbett Report & White Helmets

    EXCERPT “…Observers further noted that on April 1st, 2017, a doctor on the ground in Khan Sheikhoun, Dr. Shajul Islam, had received several shipments of gas masks in the days running up to the chemical incident……Dr. Shajul Islam was at one point sought by the British government in connection with the abduction of two journalists in Syria, and security services have stated that Islam and his brother may have had ties to ISIS executioner “Jihadi John.”….”

    Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack by Paul Antonopoulos (PHOTOS)

  35. Pablo de Boer says:

    How US Missile Strike in Syria is Likely to Affect Russia-China Ties

    The decision by United States President Donald Trump to carry out a missile strike on an airbase in Homs is indicative of his geopolitical failure because this decision is likely to prompt Russia to form a military alliance with China, according to military analyst Konstantin Sivkov.

  36. Mohawk Man says:

    More interesting feedback from President Assad interview—–

    Question 18: Mr. President, Syria has been subject recently to continuing Israeli aggression. What is the objective behind that? And are you concerned about the possibility of a Syrian-Israeli war?

    President Assad: Concern about a war is unrealistic, because the reality is that we are living this war. But as for calling it a Syrian-Israeli war, YOU CAN ASSUME IN ANY CASE THAT THESE TERRORISTS ARE FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL. Even if they are not a regular Israeli army, they are still fighting for Israel. And Israel shares the objectives with Turkey, the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other states. They all share the same objective. It is a war that has taken a new form and uses new instruments. Practically, our victory over the terrorists is a victory over all those states put together. That’s why Israel is doing its best to support these terrorists in every place the Syrian Army advances. They attack in one way or another in order to provide support to the terrorists and in order to stall the momentum of the Syrian Arab Army in facing them.

    Source document:

    The Mohawk

  37. Corbett says:

    Sadly not The Onion:

    Shares of Tomahawk cruise missile maker Raytheon up 2.1 percent in premarket trade after U.S. missile strike in Syria.

  38. bocegueda says:

    Hi James and everyone else. Good work.
    I made a drawing about this incredibly stupid situation. Please feel free to use it if you think it will be useful.
    Let’s keep this work up. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the indoctrination camel’s back.


    • Corbett says:

      Excellent work, Bob. Thank you very much for sharing that. You really should share that on the social media platforms. It would help to get people’s minds wrapped around the stupidity of the official story.

    • 2rad4m says:

      Nice work Bob.

      I think Trump saying yesterday Assad’s guilt “cannot be disputed” is an instruction to the rest of the soulless psychos who run the organized criminal conspiracy (ie government) in their respective giant open air prisons.

      Launching the missiles leaves the reality based community trying to figure out what really happened, while the empire carries on creating its own reality.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Great work Bob. I suspect Assad was tired of winning too: “You gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning”

      Really sums up the situation in a brilliant manner. We’re all tired of winning.

      The Mohawk

  39. Andre says:

    Live UN Security Council meeting, quite ridiculous the declarations from the NATO countries regarding the chemical strikes…

  40. Pablo de Boer says:

    Russia says US air strikes in Syria came ‘within an inch’ of military clash with their forces

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said the US air strike on a Syrian air base came “within an inch” of militarily clashing with their forces.

    He said the action taken by the Americans was in breach of international law and their own internal procedures, and accused Washington of “barely avoiding combat clashes with Russia”.

    In a post on Facebook, Mr Medvedev said the air strike had “completely ruined relations” between the two superpowers.

  41. Pablo de Boer says:

    Russian MoD Announces Measures to Bolster Syria Air Defense System

    The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday that it is going to increase the effectiveness of the air defense system in Syria amid recent attacks against a Syrian armed forces airfield.

    US missile strikes: Russia announces plan to bolster Syrian air defences and derides Trump over ‘extremely low’ effectiveness of bombing

  42. scpat says:

    CDC Report on Sarin Nerve Agent:

    In regards to the photo evidence of the White Helmets handling the Sarin chemical victims without proper protective equipment (no gloves, exposed skin), I have linked a CDC report, which is an official government document on how to handle a Sarin chemical incident.
    From CDC report on Sarin-
    “A fraction of an ounce (1 to 10 mL) of sarin on the skin can be fatal.”

    “ROUTES OF EXPOSURE: Sarin can be absorbed into the body by inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or eye contact.”

    The report goes on to detail the required personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to avoid personal bodily harm to rescuers, such as the White Helmets in this case. Notice the equipment needed includes two layers of protective gloves to stop skin exposure, as well as a full body chemical suit.
    “LEVEL A: (RED ZONE): Select when the greatest level of skin, respiratory, and eye protection is required. This is the maximum protection for workers in danger of exposure to unknown chemical hazards or levels above the IDLH or greater than the AEGL-2.
    A NIOSH-certified CBRN full-face-piece SCBA operated in a pressure-demand mode or a pressure-demand supplied air hose respirator with an auxiliary escape bottle.
    A Totally-Encapsulating Chemical Protective (TECP) suit that provides protection against CBRN agents.
    Chemical-resistant gloves (outer).
    Chemical-resistant gloves (inner).
    Chemical-resistant boots with a steel toe and shank.
    Coveralls, long underwear, and a hard hat worn under the TECP suit are optional items.”

    Level A was the maximum PPE needed. Now, level D is the minimum amount of PPE needed. Notice protective gloves is still necessary to prevent bodily harm to the rescuer.
    “LEVEL D: (GREEN ZONE): Select when the contaminant and concentration of the contaminant are known and the concentration is below the appropriate occupational exposure limit or less than AEGL-1 for the stated duration times.
    Limited to coveralls or other work clothes, boots, and gloves.”

    The White Helmets, one of the groups that the US government and mainstream media are considering as providing evidence that the Syrian government was responsible for this attack, is not even following proper safety procedure when treating these Sarin victims. If those victims in the video with the White Helmets were really gased, the rescuers would be harmed without proper PPE. The White Helmets have already been confirmed to be a US and U.K. Propaganda tool and connected with terrorist organizations, but this further confirms their phony rescue videos.

  43. PeaceFroggs says:

    On CNN right now, watching the Russian UN envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, hand Nikki Haley her ass regarding Trump’s unilateral attack on Syria yesterday!

    Kinda gives me hope that Trump won’t be able to run roughshod over nations, like he did by avoiding getting approval from congress yesterday.

    We are a mosaic of nations, ruled by laws and order after all aren’t we? So who declared Trump “King of the world”?

  44. Pablo de Boer says:

    Why would Assad attack civilians not military? It’s simply irrational’ – U.S. Senator

  45. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James…

    I just want to draw your attention to something i have just thought about..

    I am watching UN security council session, and I have heard that there was an ISIS attack in Sweden this morning…..

    As i type, the Swedish delegate is singing like a bird in favor of the USA strikes…

    What if the ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood attacks on European Nations and World nation in general is a way to persuade them to follow the line of the US policy..

    Maybe from now on.. Every time we hear of an attack by ISIS, we should see how that benefits the USA.

    I am just saying….

  46. Corbett says:

    The newsletter is now posted. To avoid any confusion I’m going to close down the discussion here. All new links/analysis regarding the Syria Strikes should be directed there:

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