Bracing for "Cyber 9/11"

07/23/201718 Comments

As Al-CIA-da become the "good guys" (again), and I-CIA-SIS starts to crumble, and the latest boogeymen fail to strike a chord of panic in a boogeyman-weary public (remember the fearsome Khorasan Group, anyone?), it is safe to say that the old Global War on Terror (GWoT) paradigm is falling by the wayside. Lucky for the multi-trillion-dollar global terror-industrial complex, then, that the spiffy new cyberterror paradigm is waiting in the wings to take its place!

But just as the fading GWoT paradigm requires a steady stream of (perceived) threats in order to justify the bloated budgets of the US intelligence and security apparatus, so, too, does this new cyberterror paradigm require a constant flow of (perceived) online threats to justify the bloated budgets of the US cybersecurity forces. And just as in the GWoT, every “failure” of cyber-intelligence and every “inadvertent” proliferation of cyber-weaponry gives the newly-created US Cyber Command an excuse to expand its role and take even bolder action in its quest to “fight the net.”

The GWoT and all of its attendant ills have been built on the back of that "catalyzing event"— our "new Pearl Harbor," 9/11. So, naturally, the new cybersecurity establishment is waiting breathlessly for the "cyber 9/11" that will justify the complete crackdown and government takeover of the internet.

Join James for this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber as he delves into the history of the "cyber 9/11" meme and what form such a virtual false flag is likely to take.

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  1. PeaceFroggs says:

    The US Military Industrial Complex created the Internet, hell I even remember when Windows PC’s had an NSA key, and wait for it, it was actually called an NSAKEY, haha, so they could track and trace our every move!

    If a “cyber 9/11” ever happens to justify the complete crackdown and the US government takeover of the Internet, that will no doubt prove the US is indeed an Empire, imposing their laws in other countries, which is probably why (Google) “BRIC Nations Plan Their own “Independent Internet”.

    The US Empire is the problem, not governments.

    Signed, your residential socialist

    • mrbloom says:

      Does anyone on the planet really need proof that the US is an Empire, imposing their laws on other countries? Wouldn’t those countries governments do the same thing if they had the power to do so? The bankers, and corporatiers would get their sticky fingers into any government on the planet and turn them into empires if it helped to consolidate their control. Government collusion with vulture corporations is the nature of governments and vulture corporations. Empirical cronies are the problem. The solution is small communities coming together and ignoring these freaks. Signed, your residential anti-socialist. mrbloom!

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        “Does anyone on the planet really need proof that the US is an Empire, imposing their laws on other countries?”

        — Eh yeah! this is not a given man, by any means, most Americans have no f*cking clue, they still believe they are free!

        “Wouldn’t those countries governments do the same thing if they had the power to do so?”

        — Where you’ve been? Never heard of the cold war?

        ” Empirical cronies are the problem.”

        — Only one empire currently, and that’s the US of A, just thought I’d point that out!

        “The bankers, and corporations would get their sticky fingers into any government on the planet and turn them into empires if it helped to consolidate their control.”

        — BRICS! Hello??? Anybody Home?

        The solution is small communities coming together and ignoring these freaks.

        — Sure, if you live outside the US of A and outside the reach of the IMF and World Bank, if not, then that dollar you’re holding in your hand, regardless what small community you live in, is the problem, not the solution.

        Google — “Bretton Woods” and “Nixon Shock”

        Signed, your residential socialist

  2. wingsuitfreak says:

    Amazing how all these governments keep finding new battlefields. I just read a blurb for a site which was talking about dark matter. What’s the first thing they think of? A dark matter warship. So sad.
    I remember also when they were talking about jailing bloggers in 2008 or so. That was when I started my own blog. I discontinued it long ago, but I don’t think I was the only one inspired to start one because to be a blogger was considered to be a subversive. It was still a good start for me to begin to put together my own personal philosophy of politics. Cheers again for another good report James. Another Jim but from Flouride-a

  3. mrbloom says:

    Just wondering if I’m getting dumber as I get older, or if this stuff is all getting very confusing. Seems like the lies and tangents have become so complex that blaming it all on the Russians is the simple answer to all our problems. Geez, they really have us by the groins. Time to start grafting our fingerprints fellow conspiracy theorists!

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I gotta say again… James Corbett is a very skilled writer.
    For something which could be “drab and dry”, he wove this Bracing for “Cyber 9/11” gracefully while hitting an assortment of current events (e.g. Russia, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, FBI, NSA, DNC, etc.).

    Another toast to the writers.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ponerology and 9/11
    The comment boards have been stirred up with all the recent Corbett Report releases about Psychopaths. Since this Corbett article Bracing for “Cyber 9/11” talks about 9/11, I want to mention the following audio interview about Ponerology…
    (Fast Forward when they solicit the radio donations – )
    During the interviews, 9/11 was brought up repeatedly.

    Also, it should be noted that Dr. Andrzej M. Łobaczewski repeatedly tried to get his Political Ponerology manuscript published and seen broadly.
    I think one time he and co-researchers had to burn it.
    One time, he tried the Vatican. That failed.
    Mr Zbigniew Brzezinski read it. He was full of enthusiasm both towards the book itself and its translation. He said that the translator had done an excellent job and that he would take care of its publication. That failed.
    (Quote from Interview with Dr. Andrzej M. Łobaczewski – )
    …which came from…

    (Sidenote: I came across the above as a result of Russian hackers in collusion with Joe Bob Briggs.)

  6. keith.k says:

    Somebody should turn that graphic into a T-shirt. No don’t think, it isn’t patriotic!

  7. scpat says:

    From Marshall McLuhan’s 1969 talk (Recommended Listening), he says something very insightful for that time. At 48:00, a student asks: “Will computers de-humanize society or have they already done it?” McLuhan responds: “They will take away every vestige of private being that you possess, and private image. That’s already happening at very high speed.”

    This is absolutely profound to me. This was before any truly practical computer was invented and before the internet was invented. To have understood, in 1969, the ramifications that a computer could have on privacy blows me away. I suppose he understood human nature, the trajectory that society was on, and the rate of advancement of technology.

  8. Ragnar says:

    People should be calling for a repeal of the “patriot act”. Also, there should already be a protest campaign ready for when that “lone” hacker does “attack” us for our cyber 911.

  9. willrock says:

    I believe you are 100% right, James! It makes total sense!

    I also have the personal belief that they will also use the next false flag to smash the criptocurrencies and promote a ‘safe blockchain’ managed by the BIS.

    It’s probably getting closer!

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s “Just For Fun” Videos
    These videos are almost a replication of the insanity which we see with society on “Trending YouTube Videos” or the MainStreamNews.

    Just insane hilarious gibberish.

  11. hellofriend says:

    I wonder if enough shameless headlines like these will lead to the cyber 9/11?:

    Not because there was an actual cyber attack. The headline reads like it was some elite Russian hacker using 0-day exploits crafted by himself in his basement, doing it for espionage and to help the great motherland.

    In actuality, the ‘cyber attack’ was the result of one Colonial Pipeline’s utter incompetent management staff opening random .exe files, probably while they attempted to look for porn or other things they shouldn’t be looking at on the job. They got ransomwared and blackmailed, and if it was someone up high enough, they probably freaked and said ‘stop everything now!’ (note: Most C-level execs are impulsive like this, it’s 100% flight or fight with these types)

    Article quote:

    “On Saturday, as the F.B.I., the Energy Department and the White House delved into the details, Colonial Pipeline acknowledged that its corporate computer networks had been hit by a ransomware attack, in which criminal groups hold data hostage until the victim pays a ransom. The company said it had shut the pipeline itself, a precautionary act, apparently for fear that the hackers might have obtained information that would enable them to attack susceptible parts of the pipeline.”

    What the idiotic press fails to explain is that only morons click on random .exe files, usually planted in porn, warez in search results. The New York Crimes doesn’t dare shame Colonial Pipeline’s complete failure that the result of their breach was their own upper management with elevated access searching for free porn, movies and warez. No, instead the New York Crimes follows up with this totally unrelated statement:

    “In the next week or so, the administration is expected to issue a broad-ranging executive order intended to bolster security of federal and private systems after two major attacks from Russia and China in recent months caught American companies and intelligence agencies by surprise.”

    Get it now? Idiot looking for porn at work gets infected with ransomware, and all the New York Crimes has to say is “CHINA!!! RUSSIA!! IT’S THEM!!”

    Unfortunately the unwashed masses are still surprisingly technologically illiterate and will never put 1 and 1 together to realize that it is some random cretin looking for porn at work and getting infected with ransomware and not China or Russia.

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