Bitcoin, Anarchy and Freedom with Roger Ver

04/30/20141 Comment

Money is the common denominator in our current financial system, the currency that facilitates all of our daily interactions. We take its existence for granted, and while the debate in recent years has grown to include whether or not the government should “print more of it” or “print less of it,” the lack of comprehension about how dollars, Euros, yen, pesos and other government regulated national currencies are themselves the very root of the problem, conceived in iniquity and born as debt owed to the commercial banking system itself has prevented the conversation from moving past this infantile debate.

In recent years, mathematicians, cryptologists, computer programmers and others have been working quietly on the problem of how to create a system of exchange that bypasses the central banks and allows for instantaneous, pseudonymous, free transactions between individuals anywhere on the globe. Their answer: cryptocurrency, with its most well-known representative, Bitcoin.

Learn more about Bitcoin, how it works, and where it's going from here in this week's edition of The Eyeopener.

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  1. Richard Ran says:

    I’m a tad bit troubled by the fact that a lot of TPTSB are promoting/actively pushing BITCOIN these days.

    Bill Gates,
    Bettina Warburg, Ted Talk
    Goldman Sachs,

    And then there is this gentleman promoting bitcoin in a rather bizarre way:

    It really comes across as a grossly overacted, off-putting performance. I was sickened when I first saw the Albright statement about Iraq on YT, but the way this guy uses it to promote bitcoin is cringeworthy to say the least and raises questions about the man’s mental state.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

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