Beyond Pegasus: The Bigger Picture of Israeli Cyber Spying

08/08/202130 Comments

We have been told to live in mortal fear of online hackers, and, as the "cyber pandemic" narrative ramps up, the fear-mongering over Chinese, Russian and even North Korean cyberwarriors is going into overdrive.

Strange, then, given this climate of non-stop cybersecurity hysteria, that we rarely hear mention of one of the world's confirmed cyberhacking superpowers: Israel. Just as Israel's nuclear arsenal is the worst-kept secret in the world, it seems that mention of Israel's cyber arsenal is strictly forbidden in the mainstream press. But it is now undeniable that Israel is running one of the most sophisticated, pervasive and influential cyberhacking operations in the world.

The official silence on Israel's cyber espionage changed last month when the story of Pegasus—a piece of military-grade spyware developed by Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group—made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The software, as Haaretz and other MSM half-truth peddlers inform us, is able to hijack the phones of its victims, recording from the phone's cameras and microphone and collecting location data, call logs and contacts, all without the target's knowledge. And, as the consortium of dinosaur media publishers who were given access to this treasure trove of information report, it is being used by "oppressive regimes" to target "180 journalists" and even scoop up personal contact details of national misleaders like French President Emmanuel Macron and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

But there are some very important things you never learned about the Pegasus story in the dinosaur media's coverage of it, and, if you do rely on the lamestream media for your knowledge, there are a lot of things you won't know about the history of Israeli cyberspying. So today, let's take a look at the issue of Israel's high-tech espionage.

So what is the real story of Pegasus and how deep does the rabbit hole really go? For the answer to that question, you'll have to read this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber. And, while you're here, check out James' recommended reading, listening and viewing for the week.

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  1. PeterofPan says:

    David Icke claimed in his book, the Trigger (if I remember right), that Intel has made a hard ware based backdoor in their processors. Does anybody know if this is correct? Can you source this?


    • mik says:

      Here is an interesting take on undocumented instructions in x86.

      Breaking the x86 Instruction Set

      This analysis is just the tip of iceberg. The guy didn’t even attempt to look into some more complicated ways back-doors can be installed. That is after all very reasonable, since it is physically impossible to check all possibilities.

      Hardware hack is very bad, but there is something worse. Hacking/hijacking of software used to make microprocessors is worse, but in a way probably easier. There are just two companies providing comprehensive software: Synopsis and Cadence, both from US.

    • Duck says:

      the IME on Intel chips (and i thinkthe AMD version of the same backdoor) will run even if your pc is turned off (as long as power comes thru the PSU to the Motehrboard) and AMD has its own version… you basically have a 486 computer on your CPU doing “stuff” that you can’t see…. I recall that Lunduke over at Lunduke on Tech wished that he could run Dos games on it 🙂

      You should never trust ANY computing device attached to a network (or… if your really ‘interesting’, some NOT attached to networks…) because every chip has backdoors..even if they did not build them in your CPU is backwards compatible on Instruction Set wise and I bet not a hundred people even KNOW all the instructions your CPU can run

    • beaconterraone says:

      Yes. Both Intel and AMD processors are compromised. No matter what operating system you use, Unit 8200 and/or Mossad can see everything you do on “your” computer should they target you. We should presume this access includes all of “Israel’s” partners, such as the NSA, GCHQ, and ASD.

      The “flaws” Spectre & Meltdown exposed a few years back were NOT “flaws.” The guy who found them wasn’t supposed to.

      The TPM is also dual-function: “securing” processor data in most cases, but also allowing for such data to be “diverted.” The “T” stands for “trusted,” but you’d be wise not to trust “them.”

      “Israel’s” central role in this worldwide control grid, including backdoors into ALL “Western” CPUs, as well as “special intel” like the Maxwell/Epstein HUMINT program, has profound implications for the nature and purpose of the Mystery Babylon System, which is what St. John called our currently-function, shadow world government.

  2. Duck says:

    That was interesting to read.. I was listening to Chris Knowles talking (I think on TheHigherSideChats podcast) a while back about how much money Epstein was pumping into weird tech…not just the weird genetic stuff but AI and cycberwar robots.
    He was talking about the Other Maxwell sister being into cyber security which I guess puts the whole family in the blackmail biz for Israel … I am sure I read that on CR but can’t find it off hand

    • Mielia says:

      Other Maxwell sister being into cyber security

      you probably read that at whitney webb

      sister: Isabel

      unlimited hangout article
      The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage

  3. zyxzevn says:

    COVID Propaganda || Mass Hypnosis Exposed (by a Hypnotist)
    About the weaponisation of hypnosis for Covid propaganda.

    The hypnotist (who does stage-shows) explains what tricks are used
    in the propaganda.
    With stage-examples he shows how people do things
    that they would normally not do, behave irrational,
    or even become angry by command.

    Any Solutions?

    Maybe we can find a way to help the people
    to get out of their hypnotic programming.
    They are like sect victims.

    Some ideas that I had:
    1. React and talk calmly
    2. Simple Non-aggressive Memes?
    3. Redirect anger (Who is blocking Ivermectin?)
    4. Break the programmed rituals and symbols, by adding stuff/humor?
    5. Let people know that these hypnosis tricks exist

    Does anyone else have ideas or experiences?

    • Duck says:


      “..Does anyone else have ideas or experiences?..”

      As long as the normie is entranced by the magic mirror (either the big one in the lounge or the small one in their pocket) you can not reach them because they are constantly getting updates and reinforcement. Even if you reach them It probably WONT STICK because the screen will take their attention.

      Their psyche is so destroyed that they are barely conscious human beings anymore.. IF they see YOU breaking programing then they might break out too, but most will not wake up as long as their addictions are fed. When netflix dies you know the genocide is well underway

      The only thing that might break thru is fear of imminent loss of comfort… the majority of them have zero principles or morals and will keep pretending to sleep until they get frightened into action…. the thing is that the Powers have readied things like Q or parts of the Alt Media to lull them back into calm.

      This culture is Mouse Utopia and only by cutting ourselves off from modern culture can we hope to survive

      This guy has a pretty good break down, from a normie POV

      This is kinda cool too

      • flammable says:

        Depends on what is meant by loss of comfort. If by comfort, you mean the simple pleasures like entertainment, food, convenience then the majority would have rejected the lockdown measures because it is incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient.

        What went wrong was that even the most distracted, unconscious human beings have a desire to do good for humanity. However there is conflict as people do not want to put the work in but want to be a better person. People are suckers for simple tasks, rituals, and symbolism that make them look like they are doing good in the world while not truly growing.

        Those in power took full advantage of this playing on people’s fear of disapproval. They got people willingly to sacrifice a small level of discomfort in exchange for approval and boosting one’s ego. The risk of rebellion due to the large amount of discomfort built over time is mitigated by redirecting the anger at non-participaters who are blamed for continuing the crisis.

        • Duck says:

          “… lockdown measures because it is incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient…”

          Is it though? Really? For most people?
          The middle class had very little struggle, AFAIK, Lockdown 1- and my understanding is that its hard to fill low wage jobs when low class people get free money. There was food and toilet paper, despite the media generated fear, and even poor people generally had access to entertainment, porn and sugary/starchy food.

          “.. human beings have a desire to do good for humanity…”

          ONLY if you define ‘humanity’ as their family, it once applied to larger groups identities but that has been undermined as people have been atomized. When you see the Virtue Signaling about helping other the vast majority of people are just seeking approval from the group

          “…Those in power took full advantage of this playing on people’s fear of disapproval…”
          THAT is the true fear…getting rejected by the group used to be a death sentence.

          “..mitigated by redirecting the anger at non-participaters who are blamed for continuing the crisis…”
          THAT is the religious impulse, the high stress environment gets people to act more instinctively (thats why you have religious Awakenings after high stress events) and since MOST people no longer have a religious foundation, a nationalistic or ethnic identity they compete to conform to whatever looks like its in charge.
          The % of people who CAN wake up nd think is, and always has been, small… 5 or 10% of the population decide the outcome of everything.

    • mkey says:

      What about counter hypnosis?

      • Duck says:


        Do you mean where you mind control the normies?

        Thats totally doable, on a small scale, though personally I don’t think being a cult leader is good for a persons character… too many virgins on tap 😉

        The thing with clearing you mind is kinda like in the Bible at Luke 11
        “…24 “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25 When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26 Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first….”

        When you get rid of the the fake world view you need a solid one to replace it- thats why so many people got Q-tarded when they realized that the system was nothing like they imagined.
        Thats why I think the long term goal is to to create a replacement religion for normies and why destroying the social fabric and religion of normies was always a top priority… Just as it says in the 4th of the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion. Considering those are forgeries they bear a remarkable resemblance to the modern world.

  4. scpat says:

    From Derrick Broze’s piece in the Recommended Viewing:

    Derrick point’s out what Dr. Peter Hotez is writing about in the MSM comparing “anti-vaxers” to terrorists and evil people.

    If the Biden administration is serious about countering anti-vaccine disinformation it must be willing to take on the empire and launch a counteroffensive.

    […] The evil empire will not stop at COVID-19 vaccines and prevention. It is just the beginning. The bad guys know we are a nation built on science and technology. The question is, are we willing to fight to protect American science from the three-headed monster?

    I am in the middle of reading Carl Jung’s final book, Man and his Symbols. Jung’s co author discusses “the shadow”, an element of a person’s ego, or personality, that the person does not acknowledge and/or is not aware of. I immediately thought of the “anti-science” rhetoric, or the “Nazi” rhetoric that antifa and others have spouted. This is also what Peter Hotez is doing.
    [continued below…]

    • scpat says:

      …[continued from above post]:

      Obviously, the problem of the shadow plays a great role in political conflicts. If the man who had this dream [described a paragraph earlier] had not been sensible about his shadow problem, he could easily identified with the “dangerous Communists” of outer life, or with the “grasping capitalists”. In this way he would have avoided seeing that he had within him such warring elements. If people observe their own unconscious tendencies in other people, this is called a “projection”. Political agitation in all countries is full of such projections, just as much as the backyard gossip of little groups and individuals. Projections of all kinds obscure our view of our fellow men, spoiling all possibility of genuine human relationships.

      And there is an additional disadvantage in projecting our shadow. If we identify our own shadow with, say, the Communists or the Capitalists, a part of our own personality remains on the opposing side. The result is that we shall constantly (though involuntarily) do things behind our own backs that support this other side, and thus we shall unwittingly help our enemy. If, on the contrary, we realize the projection and can discuss matters without fear and hostility, dealing with the other person sensibly, then there is a chance of mutual understanding or at least of a truce.

      The message of Peter Hotez’s earlier quote directly compares to a quote spoken by Adolf Hitler in 1941 that Jung’s co author pointed out to explain this projection of the shadow. In this quote, Hitler was referring to Winston Churchill.

      For over five years this man has been chasing around Europe like a madman in search of something he could set on fire. Unfortunately he again and again finds hirelings who open the gates of their country to this international incendiary.

      • mik says:


        First, I don’t want to devalue what Derick and you have said. I want to present another way for which I think that it has a potential.

        Imagine, you are playing chess and opponent makes an attack move, a potential breakthrough move. One might be tempted to put all brain-power into defense, damage control. When I play chess I always first look to counter-attack.

        Hotez and the ilk are maybe scientists, but foremost they are gurus and pimps of scientism religion, that is their most significant role in society.
        This is their Achilles heel and our counter-attack should strike also there. We have a weapon, philosophy. This sword ain’t sharp enough would probably be prevailed thinking, yeaa, maybe, but if we won’t sharpen it will stay dull. If we won’t practice its use we will never become proficient.

        Although philosophy today is pretty much upside-down like most of the world, it still provide us with proper tools to attack religion of scientism.
        For the beginning, Karl Popper and falsifiability. Pimps and gurus are closing the doors of their temple (that shouldn’t be temple in the first place), throwing out heretics and in this way making their theories un-falsifiable, and that is a proof we are not dealing with science.
        Falsifiability is necessary condition in scientific-naturalism paradigm, paradigm of today, because empirical observations are used to justify scientific theories. This paradigm has to face the Problem of Induction: sun rising everyday in the past, does not guarantee it will rise tomorrow. Observing white swans (in general), does not guarantee all are white. Falsifiability closes the problem of induction, it’s necessary.

        This was relatively low hanging fruit, next is harder, but more profound.

      • mik says:


        Clergyman of scientism claim that this is the Path to Ultimate Knowledge. And power, we will conquer the universe, Moon and Mars are almost at hand. All they need is persistence, time and money.
        False claim. Ones again, Goedel help me. He proved, that any mathematical theory powerful enough (arithmetic and above) cannot be consistent and complete at the same time. Another implication from Goedel, there are questions that cannot be answered, true propositions that cannot be proved. Maths, the queen of sciences, cannot be complete and consistent at the same time.
        What can then be complete and consistent?? Does that mean that reason itself has limits???
        Physicists, who still believe in theory of everything (many many), certainly don’t want to contemplate Goedel.
        Sure, how this can be extended to other fields of human endeavor depends where you stand in philosophy of mathematics. If you are at least a bit mathematical realist, means maths is discovered, it’s a part of universe, then I see no doubt it can be extended. Also, a belief that universe is not just a bunch of unconnected stuff, is also necessary.

        I said belief that universe…belief, what a despised notion today.
        At the dawn of enlightenment, when our civilization started to lead the world astray, Kant said in Preface to the Critique of Pure Reason, a central goal of the Critical project is to establish the limits to knowledge “in order to make room for faith”.
        My interpretation is that he didn’t have just religion on his mind. Not everything can be proved, elaborated, for example some values, convictions. No one can’t prove Anarchy would be the closest to milk&honey, I believe it.
        It ought to be enough to declare belief…not in our world, it is worth less. We have been fucked by the Absolute of rationalism.

        some philosophy not to be missed

        • mik says:

          An important thing I forgot to mention that needs to be rehabilitated: Intuition.

          • vadoum says:

            it seems that awareness of “intuition” IS the itch your trying to scratch.

            “Maths, the queen of sciences, cannot be complete and consistent at the same time.”

            great line.

            I immediately remember the Oxford prof looking at me like a hungry raptor; philosophy & religion 101 (or some such), it was the opening moment of the first class of the year, he singled me out called my name and asked “are there any absolutes?” I didnt have an answer that was as suckerpunch as his question, so I carried the query around for years until I had some direct experience that lead to at least a sharper khanda way of seeing..

            I see the struggle or impulse as acceptance of not knowing, which is a mind-state, innocence, humility, open minded and even focused yet without (as the tibetains like to say “grasping” or “attaching”). following zen teachings or your thread targets the same: cultivating a balance between the positions of “absolutely” and “not too sure” seems to orient us, nay ensconce us with raison d’etre; there is no absolute way of languaging this point (lets nick name it “vector”): the golden mean, which seems to be the “queen’s’ best dress (far as beauty goes), is an “irrational” never ending number, yet intuition claims that its the precise course that beauty’s arrow is hurling: so there.

            There eventually are words to at least thoughtfully reply to “are there any absolutes?” but i’ll not spoil the discovery by pretending to put it in linear print.

            I did review the report you linked about J.Assange &
            I do see how wikileaks might, as you suggest, be used as a cover; just like your site can; and I confess to only knowing Julian by video. but his dad has been through town many times, speaking, trying to get help to save his son’s life; it has earned him, amoungst seasoned non-slouching freedom fighting locals, a sense of credibility that could put his story on the level of the Nelson Mandela of journalism.

            This is the era of the sprung lie, “beware the Jub Jub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch” l.carroll

            • mik says:

              That was nasty question.
              It’s easy to be a general after battle (and few days of contemplating). The answer is obvious then:
              God Almighty….(drama pause)…if you are a religious person,…..a believer.

              “….there is no absolute way of languaging this point…”

              Yes. I wondered is it so because we haven’t evolved to that level, but more and more it seems to me that it just has to be this way. One have to feel, intuit this truths and then, of course, trust himself, believe also.
              Ones I’ve contemplated Tao Te Ching 38 with a friend.

              Fourth stanza: Tao, goodness, morality, ritual, chaos.
              Descent into chaos, our zeitgeist, a ritual: just put damn mask on, take a jab, we don’t fucking care do you believe or not. It can also be seen as ascent from chaos, I guess that would be our preferable way.

              Tao, I can’t verbalize it, but it has a meaning for me, not for majority. Goodness, still almost un-verbalizable, full meaningful to me, people struggle with the notion but it has a meaning for most of them. Morality, I can be verbal about, while majority…oh, yeah.
              Chaos is very close, namely, science, the antithesis of religion, has now became a religion.

    • Duck says:

      I don’t know much on Jung , past what I read about his character in ‘Degenerate Moderns’, but I was surprised to see he was buddies with and worked for Allen Dulles and they hung out a lot

      “..Allen W. Dulles, later remarked: “Nobody will probably ever know how much Prof Jung contributed to the allied cause during the war.””..”

      Chris Knowles over at The Secret Sun blog has an idea that MKUltra grew out of that relationship with an aim of reshaping the world…. I dont know about that but on Wikipedia you can do a chart from Jung and Dulles to Bancroft to her traveling companion and Buddy to the IPI to Epstein Foundation money which kinda fun

      • nosoapradio says:

        Sounds rather like the chart I stumbled upon one day from Gandhi to Blavatsky to the secretive Middle Temple, where Ghandi was sent to be schooled to Miraben, Ghandi’s ever present advisor, to her father, Rear-Admiral Edmond Slade, Director of Naval Intelligence, loyal servant to colonialist Britain…to the squelching of independence movements, the continued oppression of the Dalits and the scission of India…not to mention unusual testimonies from numerous underage girls, (including family)…which, come to think of it, sorta brings us back to Epstein…

        it’s also interesting to note that Miraben, aka Madeleine Slade, instead of returning to Britain, spent the last decades of her life quite alone in Vienna, never evoking her life with Gandhi until 1969 when, invited by Lord Louis Mountbatten himself, on the occasion of the “Gandhi Centenary Celebrations” she finally agreed to give an official presentation at Albert Hall in front of 7000 “spellbound” people. Sounds like it could have served as a very touching, timely and effective booster for the official version of the Mahatma’s life and purpose. But of course I could very well be wrong.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Corbett’s August 8th article “Beyond Pegasus: The Bigger Picture of Israeli Cyber Spying” there was a lot to digest. I had to do it in two settings. The references were prolific. Thank Gawd!…I can still read…even though I enjoy videos and someone to walk me through the details.

    This article highlights how mainstream media and security state will set up the pieces on the game board.

    I’m sure, as we creep towards 2030, this article will be cited again and again.

  6. Thom 9 says:

    When it comes to Rothschild’s child Israel the spies the limit.
    “By way of deception we shall conduct covert war…”

    • beaconterraone says:

      That “Red Shield” our “friend” named himself after is the Star of Remphan, aka the Star of Saturn, aka the Star “of David.” Most interesting, a graphical representation of the number 6-6-6, and, the Star’s central hexagram is found at the north pole of Saturn.

      It also changes color. Maybe it will turn red by the time the Anti-Christ reveals himself.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Whitney Webb says:
    Pretty depressed about the death of Trevor Moore, one of the best and most incisive comedians of the past several years. He routinely used his comedy to bring attention to “deep politics” and CIA malfeasance.

    Here’s a great example:
    (5 funny educational minutes – President Reagan)

    [Trevor Moore, Founding Member of Whitest Kids U’ Know, Dies at Age 41 ]

    • nosoapradio says:


      Very hard to find info about this comedian (who I’d never heard of previously). Googling the man produces pages and pages and pages of identical reports on his death.

      Same result when googling “Trevor Moore Covid vaccination” and variations on that theme.

      Family and collaborators insisting heavily on leaving them alone during this time of mourning.

      Wonder if they’re afraid of Covid vaccination questions? This video, the only thing I found after a relatively quick search, might shed a glimmer of light??


      I confess I’m always spooked out by these “accidental deaths”…

  8. Bilejones says:

    Why does Israel need to hack anybody when the NSA shares all their intel?

    Every phone call, email, text and post of all Americans including Judges, politicians and journalists.

  9. Mielia says:

    concerning TUBESHIFT PLUGIN UNCENSORS THE NET Sarah Corriher

    I am using the odysee add-on now
    it redirects me to the odysee version of a youtube video (if available, or more precisely to the video of the channel when both channel and odysee video are established)

    tubeshift looked promising with more features
    but it needs log-in (age restriction) on chromium based browser – so a NO to install
    and I am not familiar enough with tar.gz to run it via the documents I downloaded
    so: fail

  10. LastHumanist says:

    Israel is a nefarious state that reflects the evil of the Rothschilds who largely brought about its creation. What frustrates me the most is that conspiracy realism is routinely labelled as “right wing anti-Semitism” because the public perception of the world conspiracy is still tainted by Nazi propaganda about the “Jewish” world conspiracy.

    The masses back then were willing to go along with “JewAnon” and blame it all on the people around them who mostly shared the same lot in life instead of asking who was funding both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. The Rockefeller/Rothschild world conspiracy and Bankster NWO are, if anything, the antithesis of Judaism or any other religious tradition that upholds the notion of a natural order of things and powers above human understanding.

    The vile masters of man have shown that they religiously worship power and control. They are technocrats, transhumanists and every other totalitarian anti-human nonsense. Most of all, they are tyrants. The tyrannical state of Israel has not only adopted a policy of apartheid towards non-Jews, it even forcefully sterilised other, namely Ethiopian, Jews.

    The Rothschilds and their Zionist Israel are, however, not the one and only Jews. As with any group of people, there is diversity. Just as there are Christian Zionists, there are plenty of Jews who oppose it. Let us not be disparaged nor discouraged by the cronies who have no interest in the truth and wish only to enslave humanity. Whether they hoist the swastika or the rainbow flag is systemically the same.

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