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9/11 Truth is Still the Issue

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

6 September, 2010

With the ninth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 fast approaching, The Corbett Report has released an in-depth audio/visual exploration of where the 9/11 Truth Movement stands and where it is heading.

Drawing on the thoughts and opinions of Dr. Bob Bowman, Richard Gage, AIA, Aidan Monaghan, Kevin Ryan, Anthony Flammia and many others, "9/11 Truth is Still the Issue" attempts to consolidate the 9/11 Truth movement's gains and ponder the best way forward for 9/11 researchers and activists.

Download an mp3 audio version of the report by clicking here or watch the Youtube video version in the player below:

From the introduction:

9/11 Truth is the issue for-ending the wars of aggression that have wreaked such havoc on the world and so far resulted in the loss of thousands of Americans and over a million Iraqis, not to mention the scores of Afghanis and Pakistanis that the Western media finds too unimportant to even tally.


9/11 Truth is the issue for exposing one of the largest swindles in history, the 2.3 trillion dollars that Donald Rumsfeld pronounced "missing" from the Pentagon's coffers on September 10, 2001, the day before the attack on the most heavily defended building in the world that left the very office that was investigating those missing trillions smoking in ruins.

9/11 Truth is the issue for unraveling decades of manipulation of foreign "terrorist assets" in calculated strategies of tension that have left thousands of dead bodies in their wake, all directly attributable to the machinations of intelligence agencies and their cohorts.

9/11 Truth is one of the few issues that gives any hope at striking at the true root of the system that has acted so concertedly against the interests of the people and resulted in the erection of a control grid to watch over the populace for the benefit of the plutocrats, the well-connected and the banksters

In short, 9/11 Truth is one of the most important issues with which we can possibly hope to press forward, even now, 9 years after those horrific events unfolded.