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Estulin: "World is Out of Time-Outs" on Global Depression

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

16 July, 2010

Bilderberg researcher and bestselling author Daniel Estulin appeared on The Corbett Report yesterday to discuss the troubling economic information that came out of last month's Bilderberg conference in Sitges, Spain.

The picture painted by Esulin's sources inside the secretive Bilderberg group—and confirmed by readily available financial data—is one of grim economic times where bubbles are bursting all over the world and no corner of the globe will escape the fallout. "From the Chinese real estate bubble[...]to an imminent housing crash in Canada, from the more-than-expected treasury bubble collapse in the United States and also from the meltdown of Spain which is happening as we speak, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, the battle lines are being drawn," he told The Corbett Report by phone from his residence in Spain. "And needless to say these battle lines will very much define which direction humanity will actually go over the next few years."

Download the interview as an mp3 or listen in the player below:

As evidenced by the Bilderberg 2010 agenda that Estulin leaked earlier this year, the unfolding crisis in the Eurozone continues to preoccupy Bilderberg. As the sovereign debt crisis and the Greek bailout threatens to tear Europe apart at the seams, Bilderberg is looking for ways to capitalize on the chaos to advance their One World Company Ltd. agenda.

Remarkably, some of the key discussions on the future of Europe took place not the conference in Sitges but in a smaller, more elite conference that took place in Hirona after Bilderberg proper wrapped up on June 6th. This smaller, unknown conference lasted until Wednesday the 9th and concerned plans for the creation of a two-tiered Europe and the creation of "insolvency rules for the countries in the Eurozone" that would further erode national sovereignty. According to Estulin, "One of the ideas that has come out of that [Hirona] conference[...]would require private investors to bear some of the financial burden and force the affected countries to give up some sovereignty."


Although the perception is that Bilderberg is in control of this economic collapse, the reality seems to be quite otherwise. "What we have today is this: we have derivates on top of derivatives divided and multiplied by derivates and the people who 'control the world' have lost control of the system." Who, then, is in control of the system? "They [Bilderberg] are not so much in the driving seat as they had hoped and unfortunately we don't have much control of the system either. I don't think anybody does."

If there is any potential positive to be derived from this collapse, it is that the speed and totality of the economic armageddon is serving to activate average citizens and turn them against the Bilderbergers and their puppets in government. This, in turn, is having an appreciable effect on national policies: "All of these nations are terrified of the consequences [of a global political awakening]. They're seeing in the United States [that] people are rising up and saying to the politicians 'We're going to kill you,' and they simply don't want the same to happen in their countries."

Daniel Estulin will join The Corbett Report once again in August to continue going over the details of the economic crisis.

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