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Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins members discuss HAARP, GM Foods, Illuminati

Ongoing celebrity fascination with freedom message confirms societal shift underway

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

17 February, 2010

In a recent interview posted on, Sex Pistols co-founder Steven Jones and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discuss everything from HAARP and weather weapons to GMO foods, the elite depopulation agenda and the possibility for a genuine freedom movement in the United States.

Watch a short excerpt from the conversation in the video player below or click here to watch the full interview.

What starts out as a passing reference to HAARP—the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program that has been linked to weather control—quickly develops into a serious conversaton about the ways the population are being manipulated and enslaved for the promotion of an elite agenda. That agenda, as both Jones and Corgan point out, focuses on making people unhealthy and keeping them that way. It is enacted through manipulation of the food supply, the control and restriction of vital resources like drinking water, and the distraction of the public with media-created simulations of hope and change.

At one point, the conversation turns to the question of who is behind this agenda. Jones asks if Corgan believes in an "Illuminati" who is puppeteering events from behind the scenes, adding "I believe that is kind of the concept." Corgan responds with a salient observation:"The common frustration of the common man is that things don't work, but then after a while you start thinking 'Well, maybe they don't work for a reason. Maybe they want things to break.'" He then gives the examples of the engineered end of national sovereignty and the engineered economic collapse.


These observations are all the more remarkable because they represent the fundamental shift that is taking place in the population's understanding of the current political paradigm. Just a year ago, Corgan seemed to buy in to the intense marketing campaign that held up the Obama administration as the harbinger of true hope and change for America; now he seems to acknowledge that Obama is part and parcel of the elite agenda, just another serviceable puppet to be used by the very Wall Street, military-industrial, Big Pharma and Big Agra interests that put him into power in the first place. Perhaps it was the swine flu hoax which recently started coming apart at the seams that prompted Corgan on this path.

Ultimately, Corgan and Jones are just celebrities and as such their pronouncements are no more or less important than any other citizen. But given that the media and the arts are supposed to be reflections of our society, what does it tell us about our society that television stars, movie stars and musicians are increasingly discovering the true political paradigm of freedom versus tyranny and eschewing the controlled left/right debate between the two arms of the same New World Order system? And given that the freedom movement's message is increasingly being represented by artists and then picked up and distributed by a genuine grassroots alternative media, what does that say about the future of the establishment media control grid and their quickly fading power to dismiss legitimate questioning about the power structures that govern society as mere 'conspiracy theorizing'?