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Arrest the Crimatologist Contest Entries

Corbett Report listeners and readers take action to spread the word about climategate

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

21 January, 2010

Following are details on the entries we received for the Arrest the Crimatologist contest to spread information about the Climategate scandal. Links to details about the action have been provided wherever possible.

The response to this contest was overwhelming and the results were as impressive as they are varied. The recent acknowledgement by the UK Information Commissioner that the crimatologists broke the law is a vindication of the premise of this contest and this admission would never have happened if the activists and concerned citizens represented here had not gotten involved. A great thank you goes out to all those who participated.

Congratulations to the winners, who will receive a signed copy of James Corbett's forthcoming book, Reportage, as soon as it's released. The winning entries were announced on Episode 115 of The Corbett Report podcast released Sunday, January 31, 2010.

Winning Entry #1: Tristam Ludlow, who sent this gravatar for people to help spread the word about climategate online.

Winning Entry #2: Andrew Paterson has used his radio show, "Andrew on the Air" on CICV 98.7 FM to interview Dr. Tim Ball and has written the Auditor General of British Columbia to question B.C.'s carbon tax.

Winning Entry #3: Denis Rancourt, who hosts a radio program on CHUO-FM, sent a link to his blog where he has been covering the global warming scam as well as a link to his call into 98.5 FM where he spreads Climategate to French Canada.

Entries in order of receipt:

Edwardplanetarywarrior from Australia submitted an email he wrote to 25 of his colleagues, each with their own distribution list. He also included an email he wrote to the local office of a national parliamentary party bringing Climategate to their attention.

Anders Nilsson from Sweden submitted a link to an image he created to help people spread the word about the scandal.

Ariel from Argentina sent a link to their Zeitgeist Argentina blog where they keep people informed of the latest Climategate developments.

Joe sent a link to an article he wrote on explaining the scandal and providing links for interested readers to check out (including a link to The Corbett Report homepage).

Ebenezer from Australia sent a scurrilous ditty entitled "RIP Global Warming:"

RIP Global Warming

Sorry 2B such a pain but there's things the alarmists can't explain
They say it's for the poor but look at Al Gore Making more money than he ever did before
Greenhouse CO2 helps plants grow but does not add heat
Glass panels achieve that feat
Why no boiling greenhouses, with CO2 three times more than normal air?
The ABC won't answer my question:
I don't think that's fair
Oil companies own more than just oil,they own lots of green stuff, too
They want to charge more to me and you
Restrict supply
Peak Oil completes the lie
Your super and the ETS
Where it goes is anyone's guess
Climate activists are not amused
When they're told they're being used
What about the antarctic icecaps that grew
And burst a pompous windbag or two?
Climate Change Advisor: Dream career of every halfwit wastrel
On every local council
I think I am detecting
More and more believers are defecting
Now we've got Climategate
Shout it out loud, don't hesitate!
The theory's old;it's got some mange
RIP Global Warming-I mean, er, Climate Change!

Rollye submitted an article exposing who benefits from the climate change scam.

Pepe from Argentino wrote in with a link to a Spanish language blog where activists are exposing the global warming farce and other aspects of the NWO.

Frank sent a link to the comments section of an article in the Dallas Morning News where he injected some climate change truth into the discussion.

Lisa sent in a link to her blog where she's been keeping people informed about the Climategate affair and other important issues.

Alastair Sweeny sent in a link to his climate and environmentalism timeline.

Alex from Germany sent in a link to his blog where keeps people up to date on articles, books, podcasts and videos.

Justin sent in a link to The Official Facebook Climategate Fan Page with 19,000 fans and counting. Become a fan:

Thomas sent in a link to his Stop the Copenhagen Treaty Facebook page...which seems to have accomplished its purpose.

Jose from Mexico translated my article and video into Spanish on his blog (much thanks!).

Roger from Switzerland has been actively spreading the truth on MySpace and Facebook message boards (here and here and here).