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Bikini Clad Miss Earth Contestants Pushing Global Warming Propaganda

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

5 November, 2009

Bikini propaganda: Lower your carbon emissions!

As "reported" by the London Telegraph yesterday, scantily clad Miss Earth contestants are the latest cultural vehicles for delivering the seemingly omnipresent propaganda of the manmade climate change alarmists. In addition to signs with innocuous (if brusquely worded) rejoinders to "Repair all leaks promptly" and "Plants trees that are indigenous to your community", the contestants were also paraded in front of photographers with placards warning of the dangers of carbon emissions and urging "adaptation and mitigation" of climate change "NOW!" According to the Telegraph, this year's Miss Earth competition has adopted the theme "Beauties for a cause" and encourages contestants to help raise awareness of environmental issues.

The timing of such a photo op must make this propaganda especially welcome to the proponents of the manmade global warming hoax. Momentum to achieve a treaty to replace the Kyoto Accord at next month's UNFCCC meeting in Copenhagen has apparently begun to wane. Two days ago it was revealed how Al Gore is poised to become the world's first carbon billionaire and just yesterday it was reported that he now acknowledges that carbon dioxide is not responsible for the majority of global warming. The last few months has seen more and more acknowledgement of the fact that the earth has in fact been cooling for the past 11 years.

As viewers of The Corbett Report's recent interview with Lord Monckton of Brenchley know, the coming Copenhagen treaty is in fact an attempt to establish a world government on the back of the climate change scare...a problem that isn't even real.

But now along come a bevy of buxom beauties to not-so-subtly remind everyone that carbon dioxide is in fact the greatest scourge facing the earth and all the banksters and cap-and-trade hucksters can rest easy knowing that their scheme to set up the swindle of the century is still on track.

Much prettier than Al Gore: beauty pageant contestants front for billionaire swindlers

This shameless lowest-common-denominator climate propaganda is by no means the only instance of pop culture being used to indoctrinate the public on the pseudo-science of manmade global warming. Sports have been used as a way to sell a phony message to an unsuspecting public as well, with the NFL, the NHL and FIFA all helping to miseducate the public on the "necessity" of paying billions of dollars in carbon indulgences to the bankers and well-connected businessmen who engineered the current economic meltdown...and every other market manipulation since the Great Depression. Rock stars, movie stars and documentary filmmakers have all gotten into the carbon indulgence act.

What this trend indicates is a much broader and more disturbing phenomenon than any isolated incidence of propaganda. As The Corbett Report recently demonstrated, the psychic assault that we are subjected to every day in all the various corporate controlled media outlets amounts to nothing less than the weaponization of culture. Culture becomes an instrument through which the ruling oligarchs can attack the public's common sense and perpetuate their system of lies and control. For more information on this fascinating topic, download Episode 105 of The Corbett Report podcast here or listen in the player below:

E for Effort: What is cleane air, anyway?

As researchers on this subject like Alex Jones, Alan Watt, and Steven Jacobson have pointed out, infowarriors must continue to spread the truth on issues like the fake manmade global warming scare by presenting the facts in a coherent, effective manner. This helps to counteract the propaganda and reverse the tide of the information war whereby this weaponized culture continues to claim the minds of well-meaning but easily-swayed individuals. Only by educating the public can we hope to create a valid cultural movement of truth and liberty empowered by knowledge. Interested volunteers can start by educating Miss El Salvador on the proper spelling of the word "clean."