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Death By Treaty

Lord Monckton on the Crisis of Copenhagen

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

27 October, 2009

In an interview with The Corbett Report today, Lord Monckton of Brenchley went further than ever before in describing what is so worrying about the new climate change treaty that UN Framework Convention on Climate Change signatories are getting set to commit to this December: "This treaty is designed under the name, of course, of pretending that there is a problem with climate," he said. "It's aiming to set up a world government that will have the power to control all the world's financial and other markets."

The draft text of the treaty released earlier this month contains clauses that make it a threat not only to national sovereignty but to the liberty and democracy of the signatories: "I think the reason they are doing this is that it gives the dictators complete control over the economies of all nations," Lord Monckton told The Corbett Report via cell phone. Listen to the interview in the player below or click here to download the mp3 (right click and 'Save As').

Lord Monckton is by no means the only one sounding the alarm on Copenhagen or its agenda. As we have pointed out before, the redistribution of wealth to lesser developed nations in the name of reducing carbon is neither a redistribution of wealth to lesser developed nations nor will it reduce carbon. Carbon trading is, to the contrary, a scheme being set up by and for the interests of elite banking interests and others of Malthusian bent. Alex Jones' new documentary, Fall of the Republic makes this point quite well in the following excerpt from The Corbett Report's Economics 101 series:

In effect, as Lord Monckton points out in the interview, the proposed Copenhagen treaty promises to fold the worst aspects of the Waxman-Markey bill in with the worst aspects of the Law of the Sea Treaty, and all under the auspices of a new world governmental body that, being a part of the UN, is inherently undemocratic. Concerned citizens are urged to voice their opposition to this monstrous undermining of national sovereignty by contacting the White House or their own national government, signing an Instrument of Repudiation as outlined by Lord Monckton at the end of the interview, or sending this information out to others to begin organizing political action.

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