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Transcript of Anti-Illuminati Interview: 2009/08/28

The Scribbler
Prison Planet Forum

01 September, 2009

Editor's note: What follows is a transcription of The Corbett Report's recent interview with Prison Planet Forum member 'Anti-Illuminati.'The transcription was provided by Prison Planet forum member 'The Scribbler.' The interview is available for download in mp3 format at this link.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" -Shakespeare

The Scribbler's analogy for easier understanding of this interview:

The global architects are producing a movie that's constantly under revision with the planet as the stage and the world populous at large the audience and unwitting actors In this interview Anti_Illuminati reveals spoilers to the movie, who the producers and directors are, and most importantly, how the show is being produced. AI also explains who he is, what he is doing, why he is doing this, and why you need to know what he knows.

Where applicable some portions have been edited to enhance readability of the script.

//begin transcript//

JC:This is James Corbett of The Corbett Report. It's currently the 28th of August, 2009 here in Japan. And I'm joined on the line by a member of the Prisonplanet forum community who posts by the name Anti_Illuminati. He has been painstakingly researching and documenting the global information control grid and cyber false flag terror. So, Anti_Illuminati, thank you for joining me on the program today.

AI:Thank you James. It's great to be here.

JC:Well, I know you've done a lot of information that connects with a lot of the things that we've talked about on the Corbett Report in the past including, of course, Ptech, which, my listeners will probably know by now is one of the key pieces of the 9/11 puzzle. And, of course, Ptech was a computer software firm specializing in enterprise architecture software that was set up in 1994 by Oussama Ziade and mystery investor Yasin al-Qadi, who...recently there was a break in that case with the Boston FBI indicting Oussama Ziade for lying to the FBI about their investigation into Ptech and Yasin al-Qadi's links to Ptech. So, for mor information about that, I certainly suggest that my listeners listen to my recent interview with James Evan Pilato at mediamonarchy dot com or check out some of my articles. But you've been researching into this for years now and you have uncovered a weath of information about Ptech and where it really came from. So what can you tell us about the global information control grid and cyber false flag terror?

AI: Well, I think that a good way to start off with this is to kind of go over some solid details about what Ptech actually is in terms of the company make-up and the people behind it. There's virtually hundreds of articles about this on the internet. And some of them have more quality information than others. And I happen to have right in front of me a kind of the best descriptions of the people who run the company and a little bit on their background that most people are unaware of. And I'll just go ahead and kind of read this here regarding executives that run Ptech so that you'll have a better understanding of this.

"As far as the CEO, Mr. Oussama Ziade, his background was that he was a chairman/CEO of Ptech. He established it in 1994. He has over 15 years of professional experience. He's the chief architect and driving force behind the company. One of the key attributes was his ability to sense market direction and play early on into potential markets while still in their infancy. He is a proponent of competition, customer-partnering, and value-oriented solutions. His philosophy of management is based on the balanced involvement of customers, management of employees in the operation of the company to create value for all stakeholders, while creating a culture of innovation and focus. He has raised over $20 million in private investment for Ptech. Prior to launching Ptech,"...

And I'm gonna pause right there. This is the key to this because what a lot of people don't know about this that are looking into it is that the Ptech software existed in name before the company even existed. The executives that created Ptech were formerly comprised of another company prior to that that traces back as early as 1989. And that company is called ADT. Now that's not to be confused with the home alarm system company. This is a company that stands for Associative Design Technology. And with that being said, I'll continue with this as that's where it goes into talking about the bio of the CEO.

"Mr. Ziade was Chief Executive Officer at Associative Design Technology and previously held a series of progressively responsible management positions in software development. Mr. Ziade holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and participated in the Ph.D. program in High Energy Physics at Harvard University. In addition, he holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Boston University. Mr. Ziade has appeared on several TV shows and is a published author in industry leading publications, appearing on the cover of several magazines."

Now, another key guy which I'll just go into next, is the Chief Product Officer, Mr. James Cerrato. And what tt talks about with respect to him is that...

"J ...he serves as Chief Product Officer of Adaptive, Inc. Mr. Cerrato is responsible for the full product lifecycle of all of Adaptive's products, from defining product strategy, to gathering market requirements, creating product specifications and controlling product release schedules. He applies a holistic product approach, and ensures that all Adaptive product components including software, documentation, training material and collateral are consistent, integrated, and synchronized with the release schedule. He serves as Chief Product Officer of Ptech Inc. He has been with Ptech since its inception in 1994 as a Co-founder."

I'll skip some of this here. It's just kind of basic info.

"He guided the successful development and release of a suite of products including enterprise architecture modeling tools and web portals and as a part of the core team, he helped guide this company from startup to recognition by Deloitte and Touche as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in New England."

What this talks about next is very important. There's a link made here to a company that is very behind-the-scene in all of this stuff that's going on.

"He served in role as representative to the Object Management Group (OMG), and participated in the OMG Object Analysis and Design task force that developed the Unified Modeling Language (UML). In addition to his involvement with the OMG, he speaks frequently at conferences. Mr. Cerrato worked with Associative Design Technology, where he held a series of progressively responsible roles culminating in his position as Chief Technologist. He has been a speaker at major conferences and has been active in several standards organizations. Mr. Cerrato Bachelor's in Computer Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

And of course you have the chief scientist, one of the founders, Dr. Hussein Ibrahim. Very, very important individual for many reasons other than the already public information that's well disseminated from Indira Singh with her 9/11 Citizen's Committee testimony along with Cynthia Mckinney and former LAPD narcotics officer Michael Ruppert. Talks about in here where he was with Ptech...

"since its inception in 1994. Dr. Ibrahim has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise architecture and business consulting. He oversees the innovation and creation of new domain specific add-on solutions. In this capacity, he acts as lead consultant, advising customers in the modeling of technology and human capabilities aspects of an integrated eBusiness architecture. Dr. Ibrahim taught computer science at Columbia University, where he also led a research team in a computer vision research project funded by the United States Department of Defense."

That's a key right there. So, the DOD already knows everything about this guy. That's something you're not gonna hear anywhere else.

"Dr. Ibrahim completed his undergraduate work in Computer Engineering at Ain-Shams University, and received his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science from Columbia University. Dr. Ibrahim has had many articles on computer science published in leading professional magazines."

And I'll stop there with the bios. Basically, I just wanna mention, in terms of myself with respect to, you know, who am I in relation to this? My name is Mark. I'm Anti_Illuminati, one of the moderators of the Prisonplanet forum. I'm just your average Joe Citizen. I don't have any industry connections or any respective background that gives me any...that is contributing to anything that I know here. All this is is that I was...after I began to see things that Indira Singh brought out when I saw her testimony years ago. I really woke me up more than anything else that I'd ever seen already knowing that 9/11 was an inside job but not quite understanding with any detail how they could have really pulled this off. And then just seeing the continual erosion, evisceration of the Constitution and our liberties. And it's like, "OK, wait a minute. This has to be fleshed out. This needs to be investigated." And that was the thing that led me down to the myriad of rabbit holes that showed me just how absolutely sinister and huge this media-blacked-out topic is. This is something...Ptech has never been mentioned on TV virtually. I think maybe it was back in 2002 or something on some local news stations which are accompanied by some local news articles that you have to use the web archives to even access anymore. But largely, it's something that nobody knows about. And it's the biggest thing that''s been said that it makes Watergate look like nothing, basically. This is the huge thing. In one respect, it's the foundation of being able to carry on forward with world government. World government has myriads of facets from the New World Order's perspective in terms of what they need to achieve to try to eliminate the sovereignty of every nation and consolidate everything. And one of the keys for them to do that is the technology aspect of it. They have to have everything integrated so that they have full control over everything so that nobody can challenge their power, no one can challenge their authority. And that they can administer their tyrannical virtual government, their communist model, long distance. And remove all representation towards all free human beings from having any say in what would have been their formerly elected representatives. That's a big component to this. And that's where a lot of my research goes into and what I'll talk about today.

JC:Well, I think you and I are in total agreement that Ptech is absolutely central to any kind of understanding to 9/11. And Ptech branches out into a lot of other topics. And it sort of shows the way on cyber false flag terror and how that can be implemented. But, for those listeners that are maybe tuning in for the first time, can you just go over, sort of, what is enterprise architecture software and how is it used to implement a false flag terror attack?

AI:Enterprise architecture make an analogy. If you're gonna have a new home built, say you can have a custom home built for you. If you're gonna do that, you obviously hire an architect to design your home. It's the same kind of concept with enterprise architecture. The architecture that would be applicable to the physical world brought into the digital world to engineer the blueprinting for business process modeling for a large organization on how everything is going to take place and streamlining everything, all of your operations, your systems, the people that you have to do business with, communicate with, so forth. And including security and everything else. One interesting point is, see, the idea of enterprise architecture in and of itself is not a bad thing. It's just like technology. Technology is not evil innately. It's what people are doing with it and how they're using it and what they're putting into it to use for nefarious means.

A lot of people are well aware of this individual, Katherine Austin Fitts who has her own website, solari dot com I believe, where she worked for the US government. I can't remember her exact position but she was involved the financial fraud investigation. Michael Ruppert makes mention of her as she was his mentor or instructor on everything that he knew about the PROMIS software. And the thing about Katherine Austin Fitts is she was actually, she was working for the US government. She was working on a non-backdoor, non-corrupt type of enterprise architecture, kind of akin to what Indira Singh is talking about but not using Ptech, that kind of stuff. She was actually creating this herself. She was creating the software by herself. And she wanted to use this to reconcile all of the financial discontinuities and discrepancies within the US government so that the numbers would line up and there wasn't all these shenanigans going on. And the government saw that Katherine Austin Fitts was doing this and that she was actually..."Hey, you're actually trying to foster real accountability within the government. You can't do that. You're fired. Get out of here. What do you think you're doing? We're criminals. We run things. You don't come in here and bring honor and integrity. What are you doing? You can't do that." //laughs// There's an actual article on this. This is on the forums too.

By the way, what I wanna mention is when we're done here, I'm gonna put up a post for all of you listening to this show. I wanna put up a post with links that will back up every single topic that I'm gonna bring up. And it'll be pinned so that you can browse it at your leisure and go ahead and look at the information.

JC:OK. And just for the listener's benefit, I will put a link to that post in the documentation section of this interview so that when you click on the "interviews" tab on corbettreport dot com, find this interview and press "documentation" and you'll find a link to that post that Anti_Illuminati is talking about.

AI:Now in terms of the false flag aspect of enterprise architecture, keep in mind too that when you think of enterprise architecture, think in terms of blueprinting because that's what it is. And that's what Indira Singh...she herself has used that term and that's what she was working on. Specifically was the, in her own words, the next generation of risk blueprint. And that has every painstaking detail of all systems within a business. That includes the electronics, the network infrastructure, and everything like that. The partner to this is risk management. And you see this all the time. All of the big new world order corporations, you'll find them talking about stuff like this. If you do a search for risk management by itself, you'll probably find tens of thousands of hits on it, maybe more than that.

Let's say, for example, you're incorporating an artificial-intelligence-based architecture to protect a network from cyber attack. Sounds good, right? This software can scan incoming network traffic like a highly advanced firewall and if there's different thtreats that are unprecedented or there's different types of hacker attacks or something, the idea is that this can adapt to real-time attacks and learn new things that were previously unknown to it. And then harden itself to be able to deal with that in the future so it's immune to such attacks. Well the problem with risk management is that not only can it protect you but it can be specifically reversed to amplify risks. It can be used for the exact opposite of that. It can be used to create risks where none existed before. And it can also be used to make existing risks within an enterprise, a business, security risks, can make them invisible. It can just say that, "Oh, there's nothing wrong here." when there is something wrong. You have a multifaceted way that this can be implemented. And this ties into 9/11 because ostensibly, the idea behind the interoperability that Ptech was touted as going to provide for the FAA and the Federal Aviation Administration's NAS, which is the National Airspace System, which the documents that talk about that, where this whole thing was engineered before 9/11. The documents from like 1999 from MITRE Corporation. There's 2 different ones from MITRE and 1 from the FAA dot gov website. You can still down download these. When you read the contents of them, they can still be used in a court of law to get people indicted for treason if you know what they're (the documents) talking about.

So anyways, the documents talk about the engineering, the actual use of Ptech to supposedly reconcile all of these former interoperability problems. And that everything was gonna be great and everything was just gonna be made so much more efficient and so forth. Well, the reality of it is is that it didn't create interoperability. You see, the new world order, the criminals that carried this out, when they're talking about interoperability, they're not talking about that for your benefit. They're not talking about it for the benefit of the people. That's for them. That's so they have interoperability. In other words, they have control. All of their people, all of their criminals are on the same page. They all have exclusive access to the system to exploit it however they want to and strip the administrative, supervisory controls from the people who would not otherwise be criminals, who would actually be doing their job to defend the United Stated against an internal threat of hijacked airliners or aircraft that have remotely been seized by this software through their advanced automatic flight systems, like ILS and so forth. So they strip the command and control away and the interoperability is in the hand of the new world order and everyone else is left with a chaotic scene of basically shock and awe. (That) is actually what that was, even back then. It was just total overload. And even what they did, that actually leads into another thing, which I'll get into later, called the OODA Loop. If you wanna really understand 9/11, you need to know what the OODA Loop is. And that's an abbreviation for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. It's a military term that was developed, it was coined by Col. John Boyd who was a fighter pilot like 50 years ago who had an exemplary dogfighting record of kills. He had like, I can't remember the number, like 84 planes that he shot down using his OODA loop.

Basically, in a nutshell, it is a methodology of outthinking your opponent. It is being able to preempt their actions and act upon where they're going to be so that when you're in the position to attack you're enemy, they're not even prepared to begin to react to your attack. Because they don't even know that you're gonna be there. And that's the methodology that was used on 9/11 against our own Department of Defense systems. That's how they did that.

They overloaded the response/decision, the legitimate command and control that could have otherwise stopped the black op from being executed. And that sets the whole precedent for the entire fraudulent war on terror and all of this, literally terror engineering is what you have. Or like what Indira Singh, in her own words talks about where she says, "The terror economy is alive and well." So, in one respect that's the replacement for the cold war. It's the new permanent enemy so that the new world order can have unlimited money for no bid contracts and to fight illegal wars and to basically enslave everyone, steal all the money so that they can eventually be unchallengeable.

So, the false flags, that whole thing is a very huge subject in terms of where you can go with that. The idea is that you have painstaking details of everything within wherever you have that software. And (this is) allowing you to attack whatever points that you want to. And also, you can set it up to blame whoever you want. And the thing of it is is that this is used in conjunction with the backdoor capability of this stuff.

The back-dooring into enterprise architecture that's based off of Ptech or the like, a PROMIS based program. That Ptech is just a name. You want to use a term that kinda is more encompassing, that could attribute for whatever it could be called. There's a lot of different companies that make the same exact thing. If you do some research, you will find that the current iteration of the actual company Ptech, in the United States, is a company called Intelligile. And they actually have a website that you can go to. And you can tell that that's what it is. Intelligile dot com. It's very interesting that there are no names of anyone on the website as far as who runs the company. And there's no street address. //laughs// And there's no phone number. So you can only E-Mail them if you wanna consult them about their software services. That's kinda interesting.

JC:It certainly seems that the picture you're painting is that all of the roads lead back to the DOD and most of them lead through these types of defense contractors and intelligence fronts. And you've done a good job of, I think, identifying a lot of the individuals that are connecting these dots. So can you go through some of the people and the companies that you've highlighted in your work?

AI:Sure. I'll do that. The one brief thing I wanted to mention was what Ptech represents. It falls under a title of what they call agile software methodology. There's several buzzwords that the new world order uses in their own documentation pertaining to all of this stuff. And one of those words is "agility". From their point of view, what that means is...that speaks to their predictive analysis. It's kind of like how you see articles now where they have cameras that can scan you. And they're trying to make it so they can scan your facial expressions and predict what you're gonna do. This idea of "pre-crime". That's where all of that stuff comes into play. It's like being able to preempt what you enemy's gonna do. And the enemy is the American people and everyone else, basically, that's not part of their cabal.

So anyways, just thought I'd mention that. The companies involved with this software that are involved with 9/11...and you can do your own research on this and your eyes will be greatly opened when you see the connections here. 'Cause a lot of these names are not talked about. There's weblogs obviously. But you don't hear about this stuff. You have SAIC, which is Science Applications International Corporation. It's a major defense contractor/police state company that is involved in the police state technology infrastructure. SAIC for example is one of the companies that is behind the gamma radiation scanners that they're gonna want everyone to drive through, that they can x-ray your vehicle to see if you have any terror materials on you, if you're carrying bombs or something. And then they claim, "Oh, don't worry. The radiation is safe. Don't worry about it." when it's been reported to be worse than an x-ray itself so that you get cancer and so forth.

//30 minutes into podcast//

AI:You have a very obscure company that you don't hear about very much. (That) is EDS, Electronic Data Systems. A very central player in terms of the overall continuity of government agenda and martial law engineering on the technical end of things. They worked with Object Management Group, which, as you heard earlier, I mentioned that James Cerrato had dealings with them.

Incidentally, the significance behind Object Management Group is that they came with something that is called P4I. What that is is Policy, Procedures, and Pilot Program Implementations. That's a framework for world government that was used for the underpinnings of the organizational structure of the illegal, unconstitutional, military command called Northern Command. Northern Command is based on the things that Object Management Group created. Object Management Group created the idea of something called "Coalition Interoperability" which was the beginning of the global wargame martial law takeover drills that have been going on for the last nine of 10 years. It started I think maybe in 2000. Previously it was called JWID or Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration. And that's a key thing because that's how...using all of this enterprise architecture, these are global drills with foreign military. To where they're making sure that all of their military hardware can interoperate with each other so that they can successfully take over the entire planet by force. By basically a global military force that that they have the ability to do that. Whereas if you didn't have interoperability, you wouldn't have the ability to command these multinational enclaves, as Northern Command calls them in their own documents. There's actual documents that they have where they show them (enclaves0 attacking the United States to claim it. But they're saying, in the context, that they're just doing wargames. And a lot of the things that are on the maps are constantly reminiscent of a lot of the stuff that you're seeing happen. Like a missing Russian ship and stuff like that. So, that's very damning right there because it just shows with all of this technology what Ptech is part of being used for.

Other companies that are of note. You have Booz-Allen Hamilton, which was mentioned before. A lot of people are beginning to find out about them. The vice president around 9/11 was, I believe, Dov Zakheim. He was also the Pentagon comptroller where 2.6 trillion dollars went missing on his watch. He's a dual citizen, Israeli. He's a very interesting individual to say the least. Booz-Allen Hamilton incidentally is a subcontractor for the National Reconnaissance Office. And Mike McConnell had a role with them too. I'm not really sure off the top of my head what it was. If he was one of their head guys or something but there's so much info on this. Booz-Allen Hamilton has like 10,000 employees that have top secret security clearances. So, that's just one of those companies that's a revolving door back and forth to the Department of Defense. And they admit that they're involved with, for example, terror threat profiling, creating threat assessments on the American people. It's just another one of the major black op police state intelligence/consulting agencies.

The other big one is MITRE Corporation who is documented proof that they were involved in creating the back-doored National Airspace System architecture. The president during 9/11 was Dr. Rodney James Schlesinger who is affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations. A very instrumental player.

To mention another individual that's very significant, John J. Hamre who is the president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Very major player. Three days after 9/11 John J. Hamre wrote, in his own words, he said that he hopes that, in the aftermath of the rubble from 9/11, that a phoenix will rise from the ashes. An extremely blatant, in your face, new world order reference of the Hegelian dialectic basically praising the 9/11 attacks and saying how great it was because he was one of the architects as the president of the CSIS. The CSIS incidentally is one of the chief forces behind this so-called cyber security. They are an extension of the Council on Foreign Relations. They're just another leg of them, just part of the new world order as you already know. Some of the roundtable members, not only Zbigniew Brzezinski sits on the chair of that, but so does Henry Kissenger, and so does Obama's National Security Advisor James L. Jones. They're also involved heavily with securing cyberspace for the 44th presidency, the document that was drafted up. In conjunction, if you look into Sibel Edmonds, look into her testimony, you're gonna find that some of the people that she talks about that were directly involved in 9/11 with real proof, right? They're actually involved in cyber security. They're actually gonna be "in charge of protecting the networks for the United States". And one of those people is Mark Grosman. Where do you see his name in reference to cyber security? Well, if you look at the...there's a consortium that consists of all the big defense contractors. Raytheon, //1 word missed//, Lockheed Martin, Homeland Security, and Boeng and BAE Systems and on and on. There's a consortium that's called the NCOIC. These guys are a huge player. They're the guys who are taking over the internet. They're one of the groups that are taking over the internet for continuity of government. They're poised to do their part in their future false flag that they're gonna execute. And I argue, based on my research...this isn't really even my opinion...if you read their admissions, in just the context of what they're talking about, it seems to be that when they do their next cyber false flag, it will be in conjunction with their bioweapon attack with the flu. And that's a whole other thing. That's probably another show in and of itself.

The NCIOC. (The reason they should be looked into as far as their direct relevance to Ptech) is that the head Technical Chair Council Member of the NCOIC is the exact same guy that is one of the people that Indira Singh handed a letter to warning about Ptech. One of the chief information officers that she warned about Ptech when she was doing her investigation in 2002. And that guy's name is John Osterholz. And he blatently ignored Indira Singh because he knew what the hell was going on. He didn't do anything because, "Of course we carried out the attack. I'm not going to do anything about Ptech." He didn't say that obviously. But that's why he didn't do anything. And if you just look at what he says, there's an article, in fact I'll read it in a little bit. I have to pull it up. It's pretty short but it's very, very revealing. He's the guy that's the head of that calling for the elimination of the internet protocol version 4 to be supplanted with IPV6. And when IPV6 is actually in place, it's over. The free internet is totally over with because you will never have access to anything that you currently have access to. They will be able to filter things out to just an unimaginable level of censorship. They can implement other biometric authentication through that as well like Joe Lieberman wants. Through using IPV6 they can say, "Well, guess what? The only way you can get on the internet now is you have to submit a thumb scan or retinal scan." And then they'll know exactly who you are. And if you say anything, they'll just come and kill you or whatever they wanna do. It's one of the huge agendas that they have because once that occurs, then no one can expose their crimes anymore. See, this is the thing about the internet that's so significant. They're freaking out. You have Joe Rockefeller freaking out because these people are getting so exposed to such an unprecedented level that they didn't even realize.

I think, and a lot of people would probably agree with me on this, the new world order probably didn't expect people around the world to have figured out their game. We understand their psyops. We have all their documents about psyops and how they're trying to manipulate us. And then we can ignore that and defeat that because we know the tools that they use. We know all of their tools and all of the little deceptive things that they use so they're no longer effective. And it's forcing them to have to go back to the drawing board. And one thing, this point I wanna mention, is that Booz-Allen Hamilton...There's a conference where Michael Chertoff, the former DHS Secretary, along with a guy named Andy Singer, who was a principal at Booz-Allen Hamilton...when you read between the lines, when you read what they're talking about, this is in reference to a global wargame drill that they ran modeling a global pandemic outbreak of avian flu...this is in 2006...with a cyber attack in conjunction with that. And what Andy Singer said was //paraphrasing// that we need to make sure that our next false flags are highly believable. We need to make sure that they appear to be so natural and have circumstances for a backdrop for these things that are gonna happen, that we're gonna cause, that they just follow a series of events that just seem like they'll get everyone to just believe that "Hey, there's actual hackers that did this."

The economy. With what's going on with the manufactured economic crisis. It's already being used. But that's going to be driven into the minds of the people into making them believe that there's these desperate people that are going to engage in cyber crime to try to mitigate their own circumstances in the financial crisis. And they may use that to sat that, "Well, there's homegrown terrorists that are retaliating against the government, against the Federal Reserve for stealing all these tens of trillions of dollars. And now we have to shut the internet down because..." There's a number of ways they could play that. But do you see where I'm going with that? If people educate themselves on what they're doing with all of this stuff, nobody will buy their bull.

I read documents. I don't go just to websites and say, "Oh, I copy and paste an article and I post it here because I wanna make it seem like I know what I'm talking about." No, no, no. I read hundred-page documents. I read stuff that nobody wants to read because it's boring because I know that that's where the real information is. They don't expect you to do that. That's why you don't find a lot of the stuff that I have on the forums, on websites. That's exactly the point. It was never on a website. It was in a document buried somewhere. My goal is very simple. To completely discredit every possible avenue that the global crime syndicate can use to be able to get away with carrying out anything resembling 9/11 ever again. So that it will give the people, it will give free humanity the incentive and the understanding, the foundational wherewithal to not be deceived by anything that they could possibly do. If they don't have your mind, if they don't have the mind of the slaves from their point of view, there is no way in hell that they can defeat free humanity. It is impossible. The new world order, as powerful as they may appear to be, they still require my compliance, they require your compliance, and they require your neighbor's compliance for their system to be implemented. If you say "No", they cannot succeed. But the key is, you have to have most people that understand what's going on and stop fighting with each other and realize that they are, in fact, the real enemy to a degree that you totally see that so that you'll have the strength to resist all their crap. So that you'll be able to say "no" to retinal scans. What am I talking about? That's an example. To say "no" to the national/world ID card. You'd mass protest it. You've got people going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get their license renewed, and they say, "Hey, you need facial recognition for that." Could you imagine if 70,000 people in a city said. "Guess what? I don't think so. You are not facially scanning men into an enterprise architecture database where you can use that digital data..." that basically is like a fingerprint, but it's of your face "...and use that for identity theft purposes if I don't play along with your game, if I'm a good enough globalist, so set me up for crimes that I haven't committed because you..." like in the movie "The Net" from 1995 with Sandra Bullock. "We planted your digital biometric data somewhere and now you have 50 felonies and you never committed a crime. But guess what? The computer says you did. So you're doing life in prison." That's the consequences. That's an example of what can happen and what they can do with all of this stuff. That's why you have to say no to it. That's what the reason to learn about this is. Because they wanna make this affect your life in a bad, bad way.

There's a video that I've compiled. It's not footage that I took. It is one of the most significant things that anyone could ever look at. It will give you an incredible foundational understanding of what is at stake and what the new world order actually intends, and is doing, and what they intend to do even further. And what this video is titled as, it is called "Ptech built Supply Chain Infrastructure - Destruction of Free Market". And this was posted last month on vimeo dot com. I can give you the exact address and it's 52 minutes long. That is the most powerful thing that I've ever seen in terms of exposing the technological end of what they're doing and putting it...not dumbing it down at all, but yet putting it in layman's terms so that virtually anybody who watches this will basically get a total understanding to enough of a degree that they'll know what's going on. So, if you wanna comment on anything, go ahead. I need to catch my breath here.

JC:Absolutely. Well, I certainly agree education is absolutely one of the keys to defeating the system by discrediting it so that whatever they try, and they have many tricks up their sleeve, but whatever they try will fail because they've been so thoroughly discredited. And I agree that education is absolutely the cornerstone of that. And that's why we are in the infowar. But basically it sounds like maybe we should be implementing an OODA Loop against the new world order in the infowar. I guess I'm just trying to come to terms with what...I certainly see how this process is moving and how they're developing their technology. But I guess I wanna see what is the endgame and what would the world look like if they were able to implement all the systems that they're attempting to at the moment?

AI:Well, there's that old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. And if you want a quick answer to that, all you have to do is go to Google and click on "images" and in quotes, type in "network centric warfare" and do a search. And when you look at those pictures, that is your answer right there.

To accompany that, you will see a total war zone. You will see the world, the planet earth, transformed into a state of persistent total destruction, murder, genocide, and war and just exacting tyranny against everyone who does not willfully submit and say, "Ok. Please put me in a reeducation camp." Basically what it comes down to is anyone who doesn't go to the reeducation camps is gonna die. That's what they wanna do. That's up to us whether that's gonna happen.

Homeland Security. I hate to even use that term 'cause it's completely inaccurate. There's all kinds of articles where they're flying unmanned aerial vehicles at the US-Canadian border and they're using them at the southern border as well. They're ramping all this stuff up. They just ran a big terror drill up in the Great Lakes. There was an internal memo from Northern Command that leaked out that they didn't want. And they were very upset about it. (The memo) talked about a terror threat. They said it was like Al-Qaeda or whoever it was. They said there was a terror threat up at the Canadian border. What the world would look like is you'd have robotic aircraft flying all over the place that would be up linked to the Global Information Grid feeding all of their IMINT or Multi-INT, to be more accurate. Multi-INT just means multiple intelligence. Multiple sources of intelligence. With all of their control-freak technology. All of their thermal imaging, the different types of optics that they have and so forth. And now their algorithm and the could face scan you from 60,000 feet up in the air with their blimps that they have and their UAV Predators and their Global Hawks flying around. It's kinda like, if you haven't seen this, here's another thing too I'll mention.

There's a video. It's an old video from 2005 from DARPA. It's called "DARPA IXO". A lot of people know about it If you don't know about it, you can view this at veo. Go to veo dot com. It's just a video upload site and just type in "DARPA". I have uploaded the video there, and you can watch it there. That's a video showing all of their network-centric warfare, which just means the human has effectively been removed from the cockpit of any aircraft and from ground vehicles. Everything is basically antonymous. Everything is governed from a computer command and control center. That's the new world order's future for America and for the world is to have everything run out of command and control, militarized hubs. All of the formerly civilian sectors of society will no longer exist and will be replaced by a militarized, largely antonymous, supply chain infrastructure. They phase people out. The necessity of having people in the workforce in various areas. They phase that stuff out slowly. It's not necessarily immediate where, "Hey, suddenly robots are dong everything.". They'll phase that in. (robotics) They'll have all the organic food to themselves. They'll live off of the fruits of the earth from their own protected stuff like their seed vault. While the slaves will just be given all the stuff that's poisoned. And if they're not already murdered, they'll be dying from any disease that you could think of from Codex Alimentarius being in effect to where nutrients are no longer allowed and poisons are the new nutrients and so forth.

I hate to use something that's fictional, but it's really quite accurate conceptually. Something like "The Terminator". The hunter-killer cybernetic drones that fly around and just kill anything in sight. That's exactly what they're doing. How they (robots) look is irrelevant. I actually broke that story on the forums. A guy that was in Air Force intelligence for over 5 years contacted me and wrote up an article regarding the info that I brought up about that. And he submitted it to, I believe, Infowars or Prisonplanet. And it actually got posted. It got posted with the document that I linked to. So, it's pretty long (document) but it's from the Air Force Research Laboratory and it talks about how they admit that. "Yeah, we're eliminating pilots. The real reason why we're getting rid of the F-22 program is because we can kill more people with Predator drones and with a lot less money." There's nobody that says "no". There's no accountability.

One thing I wanna point out too is all the military hardware. Ptech was used to build an architecture for the Department of Defense. This was done before 9/11. This was only enhanced, only made more powerful an capable in the years following. And they created something called DODAF, which just means Department of Defense Architecture Framework. It is the framework that Ptech built for interoperability to have all their systems integrated. All of their disparate...what would otherwise have been disparate, non compatible communications systems and so forth.

//60 minutes into podcast//

AI:Everything is now able to be commanded can command an entire army from a computer in a command center. They're talking about, for example, with UAV's, they have SWARM technology. Where one person sitting at a computer can fly four Predator drones simultaneously and have them attack targets at will. And have them all synchronized and avoid colliding with each other and being able to selectively pick out whatever targets that they need to pick out and attack. Using Ptech, the bottom line, in one respect, is they can make sure that only the criminals, the really hardcore...if there's anyone that remotely would not want to engage in genocide, they can easily remove you from the chain of command.

I did a show called "Piercing the Darkness" back in April with an actual cyber security expert who worked for Motorola and Sun Microsystems. And, in his words, he said that the new world order doesn't even wan Four-Star Generals to be in charge of anything anymore. They're just gonna be there on the sidelines so to speak while the software makes the battle command, strategy, execution decisions. And the General takes a back seat to the artificial intelligence. Now of course in whatever aspect that the new world order sees fit or that they need to be in control, they will always be in control. There's no point in going off into a discussion of Skynet in terms of where this stuff is totally sentient ant totally doesn't need any human interaction. It's really irrelevant, even if someone wants to talk about that because the people who are in charge of it are totally evil, psychopathic, murdering pieces of trash. That would be just as evil as if the stuff operated on its own like in Hollywood films to begin with. So, that whole argument is a moot point anyways. 'Cause I've seen people try to say that to deemphasize or to downplay it or something.

There is a specific thing that I wanna get into while I can, if I have the time. (This is) pertaining to Ptech. It's very significant. It's a big part of 9/11 that nobody really has talked about. I don't know if you wanna interject, if you wanna comment on anything or ask me anything before I do that. It's a very interesting thing that I'm gonna bring up.

JC:I'm just excited to hear what you have to say.

AI:Sure. Cool. One of the things that I'm gonna say here could be construed as actual bombshell information. I'm just being serious because virtually nobody knows this. There's a very significant thing here and any of you who are listening...and by the way, it's theoretically possible that Indira Singh may be listening to this show. I hope she does. And if you're listening, Indira, God bless you for your sacrifice and your selfless contribution and fearlessness and really getting to the bottom of the eugenicists who have carried out this attack and are continuing to destroy what is left of our republic. I commend you and I cannot thank you enough for what you've done. And I sincerely mean that.

Here's the key. And anybody who's gonna research this, this is gonna open up everything in a very big way. The chief scientist of Ptech, in his own words, he made a reference to a guy that is very, very significant. Dr. Hussein Ibrahim mentioned that Ptech was worked on at a specific place. That it was engineered for use in C2 process modeling. C2, all it means is Command and Control. That's the new world order's abbreviation for it. The thing that he talked about was this. He specifically said that Ptech was worked on at a place called System Architectures Laboratory at George Mason University. Why is that significant? 'Cause the head director of the System Architectures Laboratory is a guy by the name of Alexander H. Levis. He is the other scientist that engineered Ptech. Indira Singh probably doesn't even know who Alexander Levis is. Now she does, if she ever hears this. If she looks into it, I'm sure she will find that everything I'm gonna say is accurate. Why is he significant? //lchickle// Well, if you type in "System Architectures Laboratory" in a search engine, you can go to the website, and you will see a huge list of documents, PDF files going back to 1995. And these documents detail the engineering work involving artificial intelligence and all of the intricacies and extremely advanced mathematics that, I don't even know what kind of math it is. I had someone tell me that they brought this to a postgraduate student, a friend that was a genius mat major, and, when he was shown these documents, and this is just what he said to me, he actually got scared and said. "I don't think you're supposed to be looking at this. Where the hell did you get this stuff from?" The documents that are there show wargaming scenarios that are depicted in red and blue teams fighting each other. Kind of like Waco. Kind of like a situation where the FBI or federalized law enforcement would be fighting the American people. Those type of situations like that to where they model using all this advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence. They've modeled since 1995 at least, as early as we know, martial law takeover scenarios in the digital realm. So that they can apply what they learn in the digital realm to real world to be able to effectively take over entire civilizations, to take over cities, to actually succeed in a FEMA roundup of people, to make sure everybody goes to the death camps. Also incorporating all of the data mining. They know everything about each individual and who poses what threats. Incorporating that so that they can formulate a more effective strategy in a martial law takeover. The documents talk about that they actually premeditatively engineered both Iraq wars six to eight years before the wars occurred. Tell me that isn't criminal.

JC:That's incredible. What is the name of the document?

AI:They're PDF files. They're not named per se in terms of a name that...the PDFs themselves are just like alphanumeric numbers but there's a description on them. And I would have to go look at the site to actually read them off to you.

JC:But they are available from the SAL website?

AI:Yes. They are. And, by the way, a lot of them, I've actually posted them on the forum as well. I image extracted them and posted them up. There's like probably 50 of them there. I'm not even sure how many there are off the top of my head. There's a lot. But the ones about the Iraq wars are there. I'm not sure what the exact name of those ones are but they're there.

JC:And this ties directly back into the birth of Ptech?

AI:Yeah. None of those documents make mention of Ptech. The ones at the System Architectures Lab specifically. I don't know why they don't mention it but you can tell that that's what they're talking about. They do have other tools that they use that they do mention such as CAESAR. It's a tool that Dr. Alexander Levis created. It's called CAESAR II. And then CAESAR III. And then they also use computational software called TEMPER and PYTHIA. Those are the things that he uses. I'm not a software engineer so I don't know if those tools themselves were created with Ptech. It's possible that they were, particularly CAESAR itself. But here's the thing. There's a document by Alexander Levis himself from a different source where he makes mention of Ptech. In his own document he talks about Ptech. He just makes a reference to it in the context of the topic that he's talking about which, I think it's just C4I...that just stands for Command and Control, Computers, Communications, and Intelligence. That's what that abbreviation is. It's one of his C4I documents that's on the forums. I could pull it up and read it. But it just proves that Alexander Levis is well aware of what Ptech was. Not just that but he was using it. But it's not even just from his admission. It's the fact that Dr. Ibrahim said that that's where it was being worked on. Ibrahim doesn't specifically mention Dr. Levis but he mentioned SAL and if he's talking about that, he's obviously talking about him because that guy is the head of the thing. He's the head of it so obviously he's involved with that.

And I actually have this video of Alexander Levis too that I found. I will put that in a link so that you can watch it. To view it, it's RealMedia. I don't like RealMedia player but you can watch it through like MediaPlayer Classic with...I think you might have to use a Real alternative plugin or something.

Not only was Dr. Levis a professor at George Mason University, he was also the Chief Scientist for the US Air Force up until, I believe, 2004. So that tells you something right there. The document where he mentions Ptech has the Air Force logo on it.

JC:So once again, it ties right back into the DOD and all of the various organizations associated with that.

AI:Yes. One real important thing I wanna mention that anybody can do to see what the real deal is here. If you go to the web archives, webrchive dor org, and if you type in Ptech's website, ptechinc dot com, and you use the wayback machine...obviously the site is no longer'll produce several results going back as far as 2002. Off the top of my head, there's like 5 or 6 different links. Each of the links that are an archive with the respective year have different...they may allow you to browse through their contents moreso than others. They're not all the same. Dunno if you've ever noticed that where you might put in a website and one of the archives has more subdirectories that actually work and don't result in an error message that "Oh, it's no longer here.". When you go through Ptech in one of those links, it will take you directly to Department of Defense PDFs that just show that the Department of Defense was using this software to facilitate the transformation of the military forces into a cohesive force. It's migrated from Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard into the joint staff. Everything is joint, joint, joint. That's what everything is. And that was all made possible by this software. But the point I'm trying to make on that note is how damning is it to see direct DOD links. Those are internal links from Ptech to the Department of Defense PDF files talking about their setup of enterprise architecture for the military. There you go right there.

JC:Absolutely. It leads directly back to the Pentagon's door and I guess this...

AI:Yeah. And the key thing that ties into this too...and I want your listeners to know this. Indira Singh actually has many interviews that she's done. I believe there's like 4 or 5 different interviews that she's done with various people. And I can consolidate all of that to where they can all be downloadable. She did an interview with Bonnie Falkner of Guns and Butter. She did an interview with a, I forget the guy's name, a guy who was a Special Forces Colonel during Vietnam. She did a show with a guy who was in Special Forces that was concurring with a lot of stuff Indira was saying about black ops and about the terror connections that she was bringing up. That's a really interesting interview because this particular Colonel they were talking about, he witnessed acts of total Geneva Convention violations and high treason during Vietnam and how they wanted him to carry out black ops and everything and he said, "No. I Don't think so. I'm not a traitor to my country." So it's just interesting to see that someone in Special Forces is in the company of Indira Singh in an interview. That's kind of telling. You don't just have something like that set up if you're not for real. Do you know what I mean?

JC:Absolutely, yeah.

AI:Probably her most important interview that she's done in my opinion is the one that she did with Michael Corbin. Michael Corbin had a patriot radio show that he did and he's dead. I'm not sure what it was...maybe a year, or several months after he had Indira Singh on his show. After that, he was gonna go into some really, really hardcore stuff. And at 50 years of age, he just drops dead of a heart attack. And that was the end of it. So nobody knows. The new world order...if you look into their history of people that just die, there's a lot of people that just miraculously end up with hear attacks. You know what I mean?

JC:The number of people who either just suddenly drop dead or are suicided is obviously suspicious. And that even ties back to, of course, Danny Casolaro and the octopus and BCCI which relates also to PROMIS and INSLAW which ties back to Ptech. So, it's all one big structure in which there are so many people trying to expose and dig at the roots of what's going on but one by one, they either fall or are discredited in some way. So, it's up to all of us, all of us who are listening out there and who have access to this information to start getting the word out. And they can take us out one by one but they can't take out a mass of people. And, as you say, if 70,000 people in one city stopped and refused to get biometrically scanned for the new ID's that's going in, then they can't implement that system. So, Anti_Illuminati, we've covered an incredible amount of information in this hour and I think we might be reaching information overload for us mere mortals. But is there any final point you'd like to make to sort of leave the listeners with?

AI:Sure. I could definitely continue this and go on to some really hardcore info I wanted to get into that I apparently don't have time for right now. One of the main motives for carrying out 9/11 was to be able to push forward with the implementation of the Global Information Grid, to where they can enforce the consolidation and be able to vertically and horizontally integrate all aspects of governance, government, into their continuity of government which of the important tenants of that is that the way the government is now, there's physical locations where you can approach your representatives. You can go to your City Council meetings. The new world order wants to get rid of all of that stuff and manage, you know, enforce their global laws, their laws like their Georgia Guidestone stuff and their United Nations stuff. You're not allowed to have any consultation. There's no questioning. So you don't need buildings anymore. And that ties in with the carbon footprint stuff too. It's like they're demonizing the very fact that you have a home or that there's all these buildings. There's all this carbon footprint stuff. We need to get rid of this. And they're moving to this model, which has been planned many years ago, to manage dictatorial governance and to make it so that they can never be held accountable for what they're doing. That they'll be unreachable and that their systems will not be able to be overthrown after they've overthrown our systems. One of the ways that they've been talking about doing that is with the flu pandemic thing with the cyber false flag threat that they're talking about. And you're seeing these mild little attacks that they're engaging in. PROMIS can do all this stuff very easily.

In their own words they wanna shut down all "non-critical systems". Whatever they consider non-critical in terms of running, in terms of existing in the United States, they'll shut down. And they're gonna implement teleworking. All this long-distance learning, like e-learning, teleworking, e-government, e-governance. And that ties into the flu because they can use that to say that now our critical infrastructure cannot be manned. Like say, for example, we can't have people working at the Pentagon because there's all this bioweapon stuff everywhere. Well, they won't say that. They'll say that everything's contaminated and our government's breaking down. We've been decapitated in light of something like NSPD-51 like the terminology they use. And the only way that we can save the United States is that we have to implement a secure internet to manage this crisis so that we'll have secure systems. They can say that during the flu pandemic that there's all this cyber attack stuff happening that exacerbating, this is the key, that could be exacerbating the problem of the flu, interfering with emergency response. They could say that there's hackers that are attacking police station networks, that are attacking infraguard or any type of first responders. And the people that are actually in the government will actually believe this crap and think that the American people are really the enemy. That the American people, because they'll think that they're retaliating against the financial catastrophe that's happening and so forth, against the government. They'll actually perceive that we're really the enemy when the new world order is actually carrying out al this stuff for the express purpose of being able to finally destroy the internet as we know it and replace it with their internet so that we can't talk to each other. We're not supposed to be talking to each other right now from their point of view. We're supposed to shut up. We're not shutting up. I don't think so. OK? That's their mentality. It doesn't matter how intimidating they get or how know what hurts the new world order?

This awareness of what I'm gonna mention real quick has to be applied to everything else. When George Bush was President, they got the American People afraid because they showed you horrific unprecedented crimes of people getting their heads cut off by Al-Qaida. You don't give up your rights, you're gonna see more people with their heads cut off with knives. We don't play that game anymore. We know that that was Kroll Associates and CACI. We know who carried out that stuff. So, your little torture ops, little death squads that you used even way before 9/11. We're not afraid of that anymore. See you can show all the dead bodies you want to because we know that you carried it out. You're the criminals. You're the murderers. And it's not some ambiguous external threat.

And the last thing I'll mention. You wanna look into the heart of the new world order to see how they operate and how they think? Go and research a guy by the name of Thomas Barnett. //spells last name// Look into that guy. And there's a video that he has where he created a book called "The Pentagon's New Map". It talks about something called the Leviathan force and the Sys Admin force. It's all part of continuity of government. He's a hardcore new world order pawn. He's just some midlevel or low-level guy that is pushing their agenda for total tyrant and fascism.

When you look into their key people like that that expose...when I say key, I mean that within the context of the contents of what they're talking about, they're openly admitting and they're revealing to you, even though it's unclassified, they're showing you a window into the real operations of the new world order that they really don't want you to figure it out. They don't really want you to know that. I mean, it's not like they don't think anybody would ever figure it out. They want you to be like in your former interview where that guy interviewed you where you're talking about "Everybody talks about controlled demolition." No, no, no. You look at the big picture and everything becomes so much more into focus. And the more you know, the more incentive and the more conviction you'll have to know that you know the truth. I would like to see a mass class action lawsuit especially in light of Sibel Edmonds revelations recently against the people who we have prosecutable evidence to bring people into court. As hard as that would be to do, the real criminals who carried out 9/11, the real criminals who carried out 7/7 and so forth, they're not being prosecuted. They need to be. They need to be held accountable.

Keep on looking at George Mason University. Like I said, everything I just talked about, I'm gonna put links to it in a thread. And look into Alexander Levis. Look at the stuff that I posted on the Prisonplanet forum about him with all his documentation. And you will find that he is one of the key guys. And that even Indira Singh herself in her interview with Michael Corbin said that Yasin al-Qadi himself was a front man. They selected him because, in her own words, they would be able to handle the cover up to other people in the government. He basically served as good perception management to keep your eyes off of like say, Dick Cheney and other people and just flat out the Department of Defense. People like him are there to obfuscate I'm not saying anything said about him previously isn't true. It's just that you need to see through these people. You need to look through them and see who are the players here. Who engineered this stuff? What are all the details that surround everything? And then you get to where you really find out what this is all about.

And one last thing. And I promise you, I'm done. One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind regarding Ptech is that the man who advised Indira Singh on using Ptech for her risk blueprint for JP Morgan was none other than the father of enterprise architecture. The guy who recommended it to her, and there were other people, but the main guy was John Zachman. John Zachman, in his own words, said the following statement. And this is so damning, it's rediculous. You could sopoena him and bring him into court with this. He said in reference to Ptech's capabilities, "You would know where the axis points are. You would know how to get in. You would know where the weaknesses are, and you would know how to destroy it." That came from the father of enterprise architecture. So that statement crushes the lies of former Homeland Security head, Tom Ridge where he said that the software is safe. Hey, John Zachman is one of the new world order's key guys. He's one of their own people. And he even admitted that it back-doors all this stuff and can be used to destroy any system that it's implemented on. That's like Lord Rothchild saying Ptech can do this. That's how significant that statement is. That's what people need to realize.

JC:Absolutely. And I agree people need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and not be so focused on some of the tiny details. The picture itself is just so vast and understanding even pieces of it is quite mind boggling but definitely worth the effort. Well Anti_Illuminati, as I say, we've covered an incredible amount of information today. So, I'm looking forward to seeing that post and, as I say, I'll link that up on the documentation list for this interview. So it's been a pleasure talking with you and I certainly hope to see more of your great work on the Prisonplanet forum in the future.

AI:Alright, James. It's been a pleasure, thanks for having me.

//end transcript//

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