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Hip Hop Stars Lining Up Against Obama

M1 of Dead Prez speaks out on the likelihood of real "Change"

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

19 May, 2009

Add M1 of famed hip-hop duo Dead Prez to the growing list of hip hop icons who are seeing past the hype surrounding the new president and questioning whether the Obama Administration will really bring a change in course from the Bush regime.

One of Dead Prez' latest singles, Politrikkks, contains lines such as "billion dollar campaign, trillion dollar bailout/anyone know the definition of a sellout?". In a recent interview with The Corbett Report, M1 was explicit about his disbelief in the "Hope" and "Change" administration. When asked whether he believed that having an African-American in the White House would protect Americans from tyranny, he replied "Definitely not. The tyranny will continue as long as U.S. imperialism is alive." Watch an excerpt from the interview in the video player below:

M1 is not the only well-known artist speaking out against the Obama deception, whereby the political left is being railroaded into supporting the very Bush policies they once opposed (including military tribunals, secret prisons, secret renditions and lobbyists in government). Hip hop legends KRS ONE and Public Enemy's Professor Griff have both spoken out against the public's mindless adoration of the new president, with KRS ONE memorably comparing the office of the president to the position of manager at a fast food restaurant. Just as the actual decisions about the restaurant are made by the franchise owner, so the president must answer to the corporate, military and financial interests who have long since bought and paid for the American political process.

As The Corbett Report has previously reported, the political left is waking up to the reality that the Obama administration is not going to fundamentally alter the American imperial agenda that has been faithfully followed by every administration since LBJ. Evidently there are many influential hip hop stars who would agree.

Listen to the full interview with M1 in the player below or download the mp3 (right click and "Save Target As").

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