Canada's NSA Equivalent

Dr. Joe Hawkins, B.Sc., D.C.
for The Corbett Report

26 April 2009

What is Canada's equivalent to Americas secret spy agency the NSA?

The answer is the CSE.

I have approximately a few hundred spy novels in my small library. I am a Canadian. I am very political, speaking out on 911 truth via my web site, and producing professional documentaries on the same topic such as Blueprint for Truth. I thought I had some idea of what was happening. A few weeks ago I learned of one of Canada's best (worst) kept secrets. That is the branch of the Canadian security establishments surveillance organization identified as the "Communication Security Establishment," or the CSE. CSIS or the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is the equivalent to the American CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency. The CSE is the equivalent to America's NSA, or National Security Agency.

It is my understanding that this organization is above the law, or in fact has never been legislated. The robotic Canadian public didn't know of its existence officially until the early 80s when it was mentioned in passing in Canadian parliament. The Fifth Estate—a popular Canadian CBC news show—did a piece on it in the 70s. However in 1993 Philip Rosen, a senior analyst for the government, created a document for the Canadian parliament explaining what the CSE is. In this document it states:

"What is known about it - for example, what appears in this paper - must be pieced together from disparate sources. Unlike the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the RCMP, the CSE has no governing statute setting out its mandate, powers and control/accountability mechanisms."

Further, a Maclean's article from 1996 states: "The CSE has no mandate beyond one paragraph in a 1975 cabinet order."

So in other words, theoretically Canadians could have been (and I am sure were in fact) spied on for the last half century by an organization that is literally above the law, with no accountability, funded with an unknown budget.

It was established in June of 1941 as the Examination Unit of the National Research Council and was located in the house next to what was then Prime Ministers residence on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa. From that time it has grown to what Maclean's magazine reports is an organization with almost two thousand employees and an annual budget of $250 million, and a super crazy computer to boot. So if any one in the 911 truth movement in Canada wishes to know who exactly is spying on them, it's these guys. They are supposed to work on the foreign aspect of Canadian intelligence, but If you believe that then you believe 47 story high World Trade Center Building number seven fell down in 6.4 seconds because of "fire." So, the matrix we all wake up to has been controlling us for some time. The vast majority of Canadians think the CIA is some big brother organization, when in truth there is a list of organizations they don't even know the name of that are running the show.

What exactly is the relationship between the NSA and Canada's CSE ? Well, Canada's national mainstream magazine Maclean's reported in 1996.

Until recently the CSE functioned as a virtual branch office of Washington's National Security Agency, which has 38,000 people on its payroll. One large satellite dish stationed outside the CSE's Ottawa headquarters is dedicated exclusively to messages to and from NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Md. Numerous CSE employees have done training there.

Ex-CSE employee Jane Shorten, working as a linguist with the super secret organization, spoke out about her concerns of what is really going on. She spoke out for 'ethical' reasons, we can only begin to imagine the depth of the truth here. Yet another whistle blower is CSE employee Mike Frost. He says the fact the vast majority of intercepted messages are discarded provides little comfort. Mr. Frost compares the electronic sifting of personal messages to a burglar who breaks into a home and rifles through possessions without stealing anything. "Would you still not feel violated? Of course."

In a nutshell, the CSE is an extension of NATO's intelligence network known as ECHELON, a world wide spy network. Don't you feel safe already. Gee, I wonder if the CSE has access to the internet, do they know about WTC building 7?!. (Sarcasm, people, sarcasm!) Indeed, as Alex Jones says, it is a prison planet.

So where do Canadian go from here with basic truth? 911 is an inside job, the majority of people know it, and the CSE is here to make sure we are all safe. I don't know about you, but I am not feeling too safe these days. A government that kills its own people in plain site, then lies about it, then plans to kill more, and spies on its people, is in fact a dictatorship. The true north isn't so strong, and sure isn't so free.

Out of sight, will soon be not so out of mind, when the government comes knocking. First they came...

In Truth,

Dr. Joe Hawkins B.Sc.D.C.