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Blair's Catholic Gambit Pays Off

New Age Blair's Catholic "conversion" helps out in EU presidency bid

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

26 April, 2009

Blair and Pope shaking hands

In a move that is as unsurprising as it is unpopular, Iraq war co-architect Tony Blair has declared his intention to become President of the European Union. The move is being backed by current British PM Gordon Brown as it will insure Britain has a key role in the "new world order."

Under Blair's reign as British Prime Minister from 1997-2007, not only did Blair conspire with George W. Bush to wage an illegal war of aggression of Iraq, but British civil rights reached a nadir with such programs as the ridiculous scheme to require all citizens to carry a biometric id card and the expansion of a DNA database for law enforcement that now includes millions of ordinary Britons, many of whom have not even been charged with a crime. Now, as long expected by observers of EU politics, he is bidding for the presidency of the undemocratic and highly unpopular European Union.

As many observers noted in late 2007, Blair's miraculous "conversion" to Catholicism at that time was seen as little more than a political move to position himself as a candidate for the EU presidency. As The Corbett Report noted in an in-depth article on the subject, Blair's conversion had little to do with his bizarre spiritual beliefs and occult practices. The former prime minister's New Age practices—which include his documented participation in an Aztec rebirthing ceremony where he sat half-naked in a mud bath and chanted to the four winds and his documented penchant for channeling something he refers to as "The Light" (presumably to advise him on the spiritual rectitude of slaughtering a million Iraqis and stripping Britons of their civil rights)—went unquestioned by the Catholic Church at the time.

Now, in a move that is perhaps fitting of one of Britain's least popular and anti-democratic prime ministers in living memory, Blair is lobbying to take control of one of the least popular and anti-democratic institutions in the western world. Despite the fact that the people of Europe have resoundingly rejected the expansion of the European Union enterprise every time they have been given the chance to vote on it, the EU is now preparing to create a presidency (unelected by the people) to govern its Council (unelected by the people). Those concerned with basic freedoms in Europe have reason to fear a Blair EU presidency, given his on-the-record statement that he believes children should be screened as potential criminals before they are even born.

The European Union itself has been the target of much criticism in recent years. When the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, the EU ministers were ridiculed for their open disdain of the Irish and their democratic decision. Just last February the European Parliament demonstrated their critics' point by walking out of a speech by Czech President Vaclav Klaus about how the EU should listen to their critics.

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