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Announcing the DNA Control Grid

Mainstream news finally revealing government ownership of public's DNA

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

27 February, 2009

Newborn blood spot card

Recent weeks have seen a string of revelations in mainstream publications that there are plans for a North American Union, a world government and a New World Order including a world central bank with the power to "knock heads" if nations refuse to surrender their authority to an elite group of international bankers (exactly as we predicted). Add to these startling admissions the Austin American-Statesman's recent "discovery" of the state of Texas' practice of keeping blood collected at birth for "scientific research purposes" without the knowledge or consent of parents.

As bad as it sounds, the Statesman article is in itself a whitewash. The blood is collected not only for scientific research purposes, but also for a DNA database which in itself is slowly being announced to the public. The blood—or, more importantly, the genetic information it contains —is stored not for a few months, as the article implies, but indefinitely. It is not stored by state or public laboratories but private companies. It is not merely a statewide program or even a nationwide program but an international one. It has been in operation for over 40 years. And now, thanks to recent biomedical advances, the public is starting to learn that their very DNA may be the property of a few private companies.

When stated in one concise paragraph, the monstrous nature of such a system is laid bare. When introduced piece by piece over a number of years by well-meaning but ill-informed local reporters, however, such a system can be accepted by the public. This, of course, is part of The Process of Indoctrination by which any unthinkable idea (such as world government by an elite group of bankers or DNA databases under private control) can be made to seem a perfectly natural development.

The pieces of the DNA control grid puzzle lie in numerous mainstream reports over the past decade and trace a secret, Orwellian history of the past 40 years which is only now coming to light. It involves the intertwined stories of an international DNA database, involuntary blood collection, private DNA ownership, and, ultimately, a biometric control grid that has been the dream of every eugenicist since the days of Francis Galton.

The topic of DNA collection by the government usually focuses on criminal databases. The infamous UK DNA database is in fact just one of many such national databases justified by their use in helping law enforcement solve cases by recourse to genetic forensics. Of course, the real problem is not that databases of this sort fail to acknowledge the widespread, systemic and ultimately inevitable abuses of these law enforcement tools; the problem is that these arguments miss the point entirely by arguing only the limited benefits and drawbacks of DNA databases for law enforcement.

The truth is that governments around the world have been collecting, analyzing and storing the blood and genetic material of all newborn babies without bothering to inform their parents of this fact for 40 years. The article in the Statesman gives a limited, narrow glimpse into this program. A much more revealing look is given in a shocking article from the Australian periodical, The Age, which calmly reported in 2004 that dried blood samples taken from newborns in Victoria "are tested and stored by Genetic Health Services Victoria, a company set up 16 years ago. It is paid by the State Government to do the tests, yet believes it owns the cards, which date from 1965." The most disturbing part of the article is that the private company contracted by the government to analyze and store the blood in fact claims to own the samples themselves, and all the genetic information on them.

While the ownership of Victoria's cards has not been tested, an internal company document obtained by The Age says: "This (newborn screening) card is the property of Genetic Health Services Victoria . . . (access) is in accordance with privacy legislation. (The company) owns the card."

It is almost impossible to comprehend the scale of what is being perpetrated on the public without their knowledge or consent. In effect, every person born in Australia, the United States, the U.K., Canada, and numerous other countries around the world are leaving their genetic code to the goodwill of the private companies contracted to analyze and store these samples. The public outrage engendered by Tony Blair's plea for everyone to be forced to give a DNA sample to the authorities should be multiplied many thousands of times in this case: Everyone has in fact been forced to give their DNA samples to the government from the very moment of their birth. What in fact amounts to one of the most egregious violations of basic privacy rights in the history of human civilization is being calmly reported by local reporters in region after region, none of them able to or willing to connect the dots into the larger picture. It is left to organizations like Genewatch and legal scholars to begin to examine the implications of these breathtaking governmental intrusions into the very bodies of their citizens.

Those interested in the larger picture are encouraged to research further into the topics of eugenics, biometrics, and what happens when governments start tracking their citizens and use them as human guinea pigs.

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