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Purported bin Laden Tape Helps Israeli PR Effort

Corporate media refuses to acknowledge suspicions surrounding previous "Al Qaeda" releases.

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

17 January, 2009

A new audio tape purported to be a recent recording of real-life Emmanuel Goldstein figure Osama bin Laden has appeared on the SITE Intelligence Group's homepage. The tape supposedly features Al Qaeda boogeyman Osama bin Laden exhorting Muslims worldwide to rally in defense of the Palestinians in Gaza, and comes just as the near-universal condemnation of Israel for its slaughter of innocent civilians in the region is spilling over into violent demonstrations against the current Israeli regime.

The timing of the tape's release is highly dubious, although not altogether unexpected. In fact, it is just the latest in a string of audio and video recordings released at suspiciously opportune times for the very Western powers Osama is supposedly opposing. Past examples include Al Qaeda's Number Two Ayman al-Zawahiri popping up to rally support around the Bush administration just days before a State of the Union address (two years in a row) and a bin Laden video that was released in the crucial final days of the 2004 presidential elections, tipping the scale in Bush's favour in such a way that even veteran anchor Walter Cronkite pondered the possibility that it was a Karl Rove set-up. When Colin Powell was getting set to present the case for the Iraq war to the UN, a bin Laden audiotape emerged in which he claimed alliance with Saddam Hussein. Now, just as it is finally being widely acknowledged that Israel in fact founded Hamas and the Israeli military is losing its global PR battle with the Palestinians over the Gaza situation, along comes the terrorist everyone loves to hate to equate Palestinians once again with radical terrorists.

Given the history of these releases, there is ample reason to be suspicious of the claim that this in fact a recording of bin Laden, or even that the translation of the speech appearing in the media is accurate. After an examination of the controversial 2001 video in which a large-nosed, right-handed, portly figure that the White House claimed was Osama bin Laden supposedly confessed to a part in the 9/11 attacks, a German TV crew and Arabic translator discovered that the official White House-supplied translation of the video was inaccurate in precisely those areas where the supposed Osama supposedly demonstrates his foreknowledge of the attacks. This incredible discovery was reported nowhere in the American media.

In 2002, an audiotape of bin Laden was released which US intelligence officials asserted was an authentic bin Laden recording...despite the fact that a Swiss lab discovered through voiceprint analysis that it was almost certainly a fake. In 2006, Bruce Lawrence, the Duke University Professor of Religion who translated over 20 of Osama’s speeches into English for his book Messages to the World himself doubted a 2006 audiotape purportedly of bin Laden, saying it was missing several key elements and that "It was like a voice from the grave."

Of course, for the corporate-controlled media and those who take their every word as gospel truth, these problematic facts will be conveniently left out of their articles about the latest audio tape. After all, there's no way a tape purported be from bin Laden could possibly be faked.

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