The Big One

Dictator Hater
The Frugal Zone

20 December 2008

Many of us have been waiting for "The Big One." I'm not talking about earthquakes, I'm talking about the one big thing that will happen that shows us once and for all that we are slipping into fascism.

The problem with the big one is that there is no big one.

What we are seeing today in our government and rule making bodies is a descent toward something like Fascism but laced with Communism. It doesn't matter what you call it, in the end you can't tell one from the other.

Waiting for the big one has paralysed many people into believing that until "it" happens, they have no right to protest or do anything about it. It makes us doubt ourselves and feelings of being unsure hold us back. What many people forget is that the courts in this country convict many of our fellow citizens with circumstantial evidence and in lesser courts, a preponderance of the evidence. There is no need for eyewitnesses in these types of convictions, just enough evidence to prove that if it goes moo, it's a cow.

Instead of waiting for the big one, it is time to take a hard look at the circumstantial evidence and ponder it.

Our government has been corrupt ever since it came into existence. Any time someone has something, there is always someone out there trying to figure out a way to take it away so they can profit. Personal freedom is no exception Since the erosion began, centuries ago, we've been turned into servants to the state, our labor is exploited by the government and is used to back up the debts these criminals run up so high that Jack's Beanstalk pales in comparison. Think about it, you are what the government uses to back their bonds. Your labor and your children's labor in the future. We are nothing more than bond servants to them, allowing them to issue servant bonds to support their spending sprees, graft and corruption. Now if that doesn't make you mad, I don't know what will. What do you think "backed by the full faith and credit of the United States" means? The government bodies do nothing that produces a product or any form of profit, they are there to restrain the people.

The amount of nose thumbing at the people of the United States of America has been staggering as of late. Those of you who are quick to call Americans "Sheeple" would be served by taking a lesson in how much uproar there was during this last Bailout of Wall Street. But, no matter, the criminals in charge went ahead and gave away their Constitutional powers of the purse over to the Treasury in spite of all the uproar.

We are on the train tracks that lead to hell and the powers that be are stoking the steam engines with paper dollars as fast as they possibly can. If we can see where we are going, why can't they? The answer is, they can and they are doing this on purpose.

Why in the world would anyone want to bring down the economy of the entire world, you may be asking yourself. If you look at the top dogs, they are not being brought down, they are being lifted to heights of wealth that to an average person are unimaginable. Money does not just simply disappear, it is transferred from one hand to the other. Speculation can cause markets like real estate to turn into a bubble, but the actual materials and labor it took to build the buildings sitting on the land is real. Then comes the supply and demand principals that in a normal market are supposed to dictate value further. The toxic loans and low interest rates fueled speculation and caused the housing bubble, the breakdown of our labor force through job losses and stagnant incomes is causing demand to slip. It is at this point where, if you have cash, you can buy up land and houses for less than it cost to build them. Now, ask yourself, just who is it that is sitting on all the cash?

One answer to this could be found in the end of day stock rallies we see happening so frequently, these are rallies that defy logic. There is no good news to drive them. Thus, one might ask, why are they happening? Is it due to stock market manipulations which allow certain people to bail out at the right moment so they do not suffer the same losses that those who are not in the know are unable to avoid? It is a known fact that the Plunge Protection Team and government intervention has been the backbone of the stock market all the way back to 9/11/01 and that this administration has interfered in the stock market more than any other in it's history.

Cash is King right now. The question for these Kings who hold the cash is, where exactly is the bottom of the real estate market and when is it safe for them to invest their money and be sure they are buying up something that isn't going to fall further? I almost (not really) pity the poor middle Kings because they still believe that the markets are operating under the old principals they've always been able to rely upon. These people will take a bath while trying to profit off other's misery. They believe they are part of the elite segment of this country. The truth is, they are fodder for the big guys, just like the rest of us poor slobs who think we are middle class, this is evidenced by the losses of those who didn't get the go ahead to bail while the stock market was up for those few hours.

Those puny middle guys who believe they are Cash Kings are in for a big surprise if they hold onto that cash too long. The plan is and has been all along to devalue the U.S. dollar and crash it into oblivion. Or should I say, it has been said that this is the plan?

All the wild-eyed conspiracy theorists of the past thirty or so years who have predicted these events are beginning to look a lot saner in today's world. They were not wrong about what was going to happen, the only thing they've been wrong about is when. I doubt there are many of them, although exonnerated by these recent cataclysmic events, who are gloating and saying much along the lines of I told you so's. What I see are these visionary's trying to help people prepare and learn to do things in order to be more self sufficient in order to stave off hunger and abject poverty while that window of time is still open a crack.

The ones who are left with fistfuls of dead dollars are going to be in for the shock of their lives. They will discover that they are not "all that" anymore when dead broke, if they have allowed their money to define who they are. If you are one of them I doubt you are reading this article, after all, you know better than a poor dumb slob such as myself, that's why you're holding all that money and I am not.

So, cruising through the news the other day, I see that Bush and Lady Bush are going to move into an affluent community around Dallas, Texas. I remember thinking that what our soon to be ex-president deserves is not a cushy retirement (PLEASE let this guy live out his days in obscurity) but a jail cell for the rest of his life.

Watching the suits stand up on television and trying to tell us that they know best is truly a sight to behold these days, since their evilness is what got us here in the first place. Marie Antoinette comes to mind when I see them standing up their in their two thousand dollar suits and expensive leather shoes. Liar, Liar and damned Liar is another one.

The more they try to fix things the worse they get. Any doubt yet that they are not trying to fix things, other than to rig the game for those who are in on the biggest swindle in the history of the world? They must hurry and transfer those dollars to the right people before they crash the current monetary system. This way, they can invest into tangible assets for pennies on the dollar and the heirarchy will come out of this smelling like the proverbial rose.

I'm no prophet and I do not have a crystal ball, but I do know one thing. What cash I can get my hands on these days is invested in equipment that can benefit me in the future, where I don't have to rely on others to do things for me. I am leaning new skills at every opportunity to help myself and my family in the event all of the dire predictions come to pass. Other money is used to create a food stash which is constantly being rotated.

I cannot begin to stress to you the importance of food independence. Get your house in order now. Even if you don't have much money, you can still cut corners and buy an extra bag of beans or a small bag of rice to start a small stockpile. Don't forget fruits and vegetables, if you are trying to make a food stash. Those who control the food are the ones who really have their fingers around the neck of humanity. No matter how much material goods or gold you may have, you cannot eat it. Gold is at some point only going to be as valuable as what it can buy. If food scarcity becomes so dire as to threaten life, people are not going to trade their food, even for gold.

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