What's That Smell?

Dictator Hater
for The Corbett Report

17 November, 2008

There was much debate regarding the people's strategy of who to vote for during this past presidential election.

One idea was to vote in McCain because he couldn't get anything done since many believed he would continue the same policies as Bush. The people, already alert to Bush's tactics, wouldn't allow our freedoms to be further eroded due to this knowlege. This was a flawed strategy as highlighted by the fact that Bush, the supposed lame duck president with the help of a despised Congress, managed to loot the treasury at the 11th hour of his term.

Another idea was to vote in Obama, because he would effect change in this country, that Obama is different and would actually consider We The People when enacting his policies. Many figured a vote for Obama would cancel out a vote for McCain.

High hopes have been pinned on Obama. If he fails to deliver, what then? Are the Obama supporters going to simply swallow any decisions he makes because they are star struck? Or, if he keeps with the status quo, will the people quickly become as disenchanted with Obama as they did with those voted in during the 2006 election of Congress?

The 2006 election was supposed to effect great change in this country. The people not only spoke, but they spoke loudly. Even so, things chugged along this past two years as if there were no new members in the House of Representatives or in the Senate. The Iraq war rages on. The Bush Administration has been allowed to gut the treasury and now we are facing huge economic challenges as individuals. The approval rating of the House and Senate are even lower than Bush's approval rating. There are no impeachment proceedings anywhere to be seen, Pelosi saw to that by taking impeachment off the table right from the get go. One might ask, who the hell does she think she is? For all of this uproar, what has changed? Things have gotten much worse for you and me, that's what.

We can only wait and see what course Obama decides to take once he occupies the Oval Office.

Now is not the time to become complacent just because the Bush Administration is on their way out. It is time to be even more vigilant.

So many have told me that they are relieved and have hope for the U.S. again. I do not have this same feeling of relief or their hope for our future. What I see is a changing of the cloak. The old cloak of the Bush administration is full of holes and worn out. The real danger is underneath the new cloak which covers this new administration. Who knows what lies beneath it? Different strategies will be used, different words. But will any of it make things better for you or me?

So many questions and so few answers. There are some hints of what is to come. This hint should be especially disconcerting for all of us.

The idea of enlisting our youth into these types of programs really goes against my grain. What kind of "basic training" would our youth receive? The Obama website has now been changed to state "set goals" instead of "require." We'd better be very careful about this type of "service." This smacks of the development of a country of spies and snitches. The promised $4,000 tax credit for tuition is something few would find easy to resist in our economic conundrum.

My gut tells me that Obama has been selected for office to pick up the baton from the Facists in order to further many ideas that would be unthinkable under a Republican regime. The worse our economic state, the more people will go along. If we are launched into a full blown depression, few will be able to resist ideas that would, under normal circumstances, be unthinkable in our Republic.

This all goes back to becoming more self sufficient. The longer you can resist asking for a government handout, the longer you will remain free. Their help comes with a price. It's a price I do not want to pay and will avoid at all costs.

We must stay on top of who Obama is appointing as his staff and his cabinet. It's important that we investigate these people and understand what it is that they believe in.

I smell the rank odor of soft Communism with this new administration. What do you think is in the air?

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