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New Footage of World Trade Center Collapse Mysteriously Appears on Internet

Anonymous footage lacks soundtrack, contains clearest shot of the side of WTC7 as it collapses

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

03 November, 2008

After seven years, startling new footage of the collapse of World Trade Center 1 (North Tower) and World Trade Center 7 have mysteriously surfaced on internet video sharing site Veoh. Watch the video in the player below:

The footage was posted November 1, 2008 by "GldBr" a user who signed up the same day the new footage was posted and has no other videos on the account. The videos contain no soundtrack but show clear views of both the WTC1 and WTC7 collapses, apparently from the roof of a nearby building. It is unclear at this time who shot the footage or why it is just making its first appearance on the Internet at this time.

The new footage of the WTC7 collapse starts with an extreme close-up and zooms out just before the collapse. The image zooms out again to show the pyroclastic flows of dust from the demolition engulfing the streets below. Just as the building begins to collapse, a series of explosions can be seen shattering a line of windows along the side of the building on the right side of the frame, consistent with blast squibs.

The unreleased footage of the North Tower collapse starts with an extreme close-up of the building showing a squib well below the area of collapse before jump-cutting to a zoomed-out view of the building as the collapse is already taking place. It is not evident whether these two shots are from the same camera or why they were edited together in this way. The collapse footage shows red-hot areas within the still standing "spire" of core columns not toppled in the collapse and then pans down for a moment. When the camera pans back up, the spire is gone.

The Corbett Report will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.

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