Climate Scientist Compares CO2 Hysteria to Terrorist Hysteria

Both are being used to erode rights and line government's pockets, he asserts

James Corbett
The Corbett Report

March 4, 2008

Dr. Tim Ball

Dr. Tim Ball—the Chairman of the National Resources Stewardship Project and an environmental consultant who has authored numerous scientific publications in the field of climate science—joined The Corbett Report recently to discuss the B.C. government's recent move to impose a carbon tax on the province, among other issues. Carbon taxes, he asserts, are "another grab for money; politicians are always looking for ways to get more funding." A YouTube video featuring an extract from the interview is available here:

The hysteria over manmade global warming is akin to the hysteria over the terrorist scare: a convenient excuse to raise funds and take basic liberties from citizens. "In the U.S. and in fact the Western world, they're using terrorism and [the need for] Homeland Security as a way of taking away people's individual rights."

The point is not a trivial one. Indeed, others have noted that the global warming hysteria is being pushed by many of the same globalists pushing the Global War on Terror fantasy.

In the long and wide-ranging interview, Dr. Ball also points out that carbon dioxide is not the vile pollutant some claim it to be: "In fact, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere is the worst thing you can do because it's absolutely essential to plant life. So here they're proposing something that in fact is going to be detrimental, and yet they're saying that they're doing it to save the planet and people have got to pay for it."

Dr. Ball is appearing this week at a major climate conference in New York put on by the Heartland Institute which is bringing together scientists to discuss the widespread dissent in the climate science community to the alleged "consensus" that climate change is being caused by human activity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the event is being ignored by the controlled corporate media, but is receiving alternative media coverage.

For the full interview, which includes Dr. Ball's response to recent allegations against The Friends of Science, click here to download the mp3 or listen to the interview in the player below: