Martial law drill may be used to implement martial law

Vigilance needed as pieces fall into place for possible false flag terror event

James Corbett
Corbett Report

14 October, 2007

An ominously worded letter by Gary Hart which appeared in The Huffington Post three weeks ago may be a warning that elements within the U.S. government, military and intelligence services are hoping to start a war with Iran by staging a provocation to be blamed on the Iranian government. The clues come in the opening sentence of Mr. Hart's article, which takes the form of an open letter to the government of Iran offering some "unsolicited advice" about how to avoid war with the U.S.

What is ominous about Mr. Hart's article is his choice of examples to illustrate his point that Americans will go to war if attacked. In the very first sentence, he references both the sinking of the USS Maine which precipitated the Spanish-American War and the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 which helped the Johnson administration introduce American involvement in Vietnam to the public. As will be shown, the choice of these specific examples carries undertones of meaning which will not be lost on those who "read the history" of these events as Mr. Hart advises.

The explosion of the USS Maine.

The sinking of the USS Maine in February of 1898 helped galvanize Congressional support for the Spanish-American War, a war which the McKinley administration had been gearing up for since January of that year. What the official history of the incident only hints at is that the incident was that an independent investigation by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover some 78 years later which called on expert scientific testimony reached the conclusion that the ship had likely not been destroyed by Spanish mines, as was propounded at the time, but in fact had been caused by the spontaneous combustion of coal in the bunker next to the magazine. The McKinley administration, aided by William Randolph Hurst—the original "yellow journalist" who was lampooned in "Citizen Kane"—successfully pinned the blame on the Spanish and Congress authorized war in April. This is indeed a piece of history Ahmadinejad would be advised to familiarize himself now that there is a significant concentration of American naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

The other historical example cited by Hart is the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which North Vietnamese forces supposedly attacked American destroyers along the coast of North Vietnam on August 2 and August 4, 1964. As even the official Naval history of the attack now admits, the North Vietnamese attack on August 4 in fact never happened and the now declassified audio recordings of President Johnson show how he attempted to escalate the incident in order to officially launch American involvement in the Vietnam War. Again, the government of Iran would be well-served by taking Mr. Hart's advice and heeding the historical lessons of this incident as the Persian Gulf teems with American and British vessels.

Nor is Mr. Hart alone in warning—however covertly—the Iranian government and the people of the world that an incident might be falsely blamed on Iran in order to start a war. In February of this year, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he feared the next terrorist attack against America could be used as a justification for war with Iran regardless of who is to actually blame for the incident. Such an admission from such a luminary of geopolitics might be surprising, until one learns that Brzezinski was probably just reading up on Dick Cheney's own admitted plan to attack Iran in the wake of the next big terror attack regardless of who is to blame.

Topoff 4.

All of these ominous warnings come at a particularly dangerous time. According to recent AP reports the U.S. is preparing a terror exercise named TOPOFF 4 this week in which three "fictional" dirty bombs go off in major American cities and in Guam concurrent with a martial law implementation drill known as Vigilant Shield 08 and maritime WMD drills centered on Japan. More worrying than the nature of any of the exercises independently is the concurrence of all of them. As the events of 9/11 amply demonstrated, a confluence of drills on the same day cannot but hinder any response to actual terror events, regardless of what one thinks of the "coincidental" nature of same-time same-place terror attacks happening in exactly the way prescribed by the so-called anti-terror drills. That is not the only reason to beware the TOPOFF drill in particular, though. As Webster Tarpley explains in the latest episode of The Corbett Report, TOPOFF 3 was a drill that was likely used as a cover for the events of 7/7, along with Atlantic Blue, Triple Play and the Visor Consultant drill of the same day which envisioned bombs going off at the same stations and the same bus at the same time as actually occurred on that day.

Again, the fact that these drills are taking place does not mean that they will be "flipped live" to create an actual terror attack, however the dissemination of information about these drills can help insure that this is not the case. There is growing evidence that Alex Jones' warning of an impending event in August 2006 (which was even featured on Fox News) helped avert an "October Surprise" by the Cheney-acs and Webster Tarpley's Kennebunkport Warning helped avert a nuclear sneak attack on Iran in September of this year. Who knows how things might have turned out had Alex Jones' pre-9/11 warning had been heeded in the same manner.

Concerned citizens can help spread awareness of these drills by emailing this article or the linked information offered here to friends and family. As Webster Tarpley is fond of saying, "Get active or get radioactive!"

Dirty bomb.