America, China, and the Battle for the "Indo-Pacific"

03/10/20184 Comments

Goodbye, Asia-Pacific! Hello, Indo-Pacific?

That's right, the old "Asia-Pacific" label is so last decade, guys. It's time to start calling that part of the globe the "Indo-Pacific." Who cares if it's geographically nonsensical? America's military planners and their think tank lackeys are starting to change their nomenclature, and you should too!

The term entered the vernacular last year when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used it in his "Remarks on 'Defining Our Relationship With India for the Next Century.'" It was immediately parroted by all the usual propaganda outlets, including the mouthpiece of the globalist establishment,

So why bother? What was wrong with "Asia-Pacific" as a descriptor, and why now the shift to "Indo-Pacific?" When questioned about the change in terminology during Trump's Asia tour last year, a White House official told India's Economic Times that the phrase "captures the importance of India's rise."

There may be some truth to the narrative of India as a rising power. It has, after all, surpassed China as the fastest-growing economy in the world, and foreign investment figures indicate that boom might not be stopping any time soon. But if you get the sense that Washington's sudden inclination to rename an entire region to reflect this rising importance is not merely about goodwill for the Indian people, then give yourself a prize. It has everything to do with Washington's interest in India's potential use as a pliable vassal state that can be used as a roadblock against the rise of the region's other great power: China.

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  1. Corbett says:

    So it took precisely 0 seconds after tweeting this newsletter to find a relevant update:

  2. stanleydanielle3 says:

    I must take time to compose myself after reading Tillerson’s speech. The and hypocrisy of this history ignoring
    lier make one feel like vomiting. Sorry.

    • danmanultra says:

      I agree. Every time I hear the Trump regime make accusations about other nations I feel my stomach churn. Just listen to Trump’s speeches on Iran and how its the “greatest destabilizing power” of the Middle East. It would be laughable if it were not so disgustingly hypocritical. All while he’s shaking hands with Saudi Arabia and Israel, the true Middle Eastern terrorists…

      Makes me think of that old adage “when you point your finger at someone three fingers point back at you.”

  3. cara says:

    Thanks for the big picture outline…. the social engineering of society continues with this latest “linguistic intervention”.

    Not mentioned in the above article but part of this, is to my mind the “Quad” alliance – United States, India, Japan and Australia – mentioned here ( and in other articles on the web.

    Interesting echoes of the historical use of this name:
    “Quadruple Alliance may refer to:

    The 1673 alliance between the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, and Brandenburg, during the Franco-Dutch War.
    The 1718 alliance between Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Great Britain during the War of the Quadruple Alliance.
    The Treaty of Warsaw (1745) between Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, and Saxony (the Quadruple Alliance) to uphold the Pragmatic Sanction, allowing Maria Theresa to succeed to the Habsburg dominions.
    The Quadruple Alliance (1815) between the United Kingdom, Austria, Prussia, and Russia following the Napoleonic Wars.
    The 1834 alliance between the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal to enforce the Concession of Evoramonte.
    The 1915 alliance formed when Bulgaria joined the other three Central Powers of World War I (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire).
    The major Allies of World War II: the United States, Great Britain, China, and the USSR, dubbed the “Big Four” or the “Four Policemen”.”
    From Wikipedia, here:

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