All In The Family: Meet The Inbred Eugenics-Obsessed "Elite" Who Are Shaping Our World

01/24/201610 Comments

We are told by the well-coiffed liars of the mainstream media that the world's "elite" have descended on Davos, Switzerland, for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, where the rich and powerful hobnob over hot cocoa as they find better ways to swindle the public, wreak havoc and ride out the coming financial crisis. This, needless to say, is a lie.

But if the glitterati, hangers-on and nouveau riche that hog the headlines at Davos are not the elite string-pullers that the MSM wants you to believe, who are? And what is their guiding philosophy? Find out in this week's subscriber newsletter.

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  1. WAYNED says:

    It is amazing that such “games” can be played in full view, with a distracting media playing constant sleight of hand. Who was it who said “we will have been successful when everything the American Public believes is a lie”? Maybe not a direct quote, but one that continuously presents itself when availing oneself of the real news, as provided here.

    I am very excited about Newsbud. May it spread far and wide. We can follow their model, not of inter-breeding, but of truth-tellers, and it need not be hereditary. We can come up with our “tree” of truth-tellers, so people know where to go for real information.

    Or is that “gate-keeping”?

    • John says:

      I second that. i would very much like James to be a part of Sibel’s venture. This must move forward. I await info on Newsbud with baited breath. It has such exciting possibilities, and once the snowball rolls, we shall keep it going.

      I work as a freelance TV sound engineer in UK. I have every intention of contributing, and I consider it a worthwhile charitable cause. I will happily do my bit, and am looking for a UK-based camera operator and Journalist/Producer to offer my services to.

      Sorry I wandered off-topic. The article was great, James. Let’s go out and shoot it.


    • garyegeberg says:

      William Casey, I believe, is the person who said something to the effect that we will have won when everything the American public believes is disinformation.

  2. jhnsmall6 says:

    How about banning Corbett and his friends from talking and sharing ideas? They conspire to change the rules in their favor. Or lets ban Environmentalist from meeting and sharing ideas and thus conspiring to change the rules. Lets just ban everyone from meeting and sharing ideas. The enemy in finance is all the government systems like the Fed. 2 decades after the Fed, 1913 to 1933, created to deal with bank failures, like 1907, the USA suffered 13,500 bank failures and the Fed did nothing, (in fact the Fed claimed the legislation contained no authority to correct the banking failures.) In Canada, which had no Central Bank or banking regulation, suffered 0 bank failures during the same time period. The regulatory institutions establish economic Cartels, per Adam Smith, and the history of each regulatory agency bears out Smith’s historic finding for 18th century England, and are true for USA creations.

  3. nosoapradio says:

    For the moment I’ve only had time to read the caption under the first photo that for reasons I’d be hard-pressed to explain, had me gripping my midriff in uncontrollable hilarity…

  4. hanky says:

    It seems we ARE experiencing real alien invasions, albeit they hail from benighted regions of this bellicose planet. That must be why our economy is currently surviving, despite all the indicators and predictions of financial collapse. But we are just sputtering along precariously. What we obviously need is a real fake invasion to get us back in top form.

    While we are at it, let’s put on a big order for more astroturf.

  5. Octium says:

    I don’t think “elite” is a misnomer when describing these people. They are in fact “Elite Criminals”

    If you rank every criminal at how good they are at being a criminal on a scale similar to the one outlined by Larkin Rose in his video :-

    How To Be a Crook

    These people would appear right at the top!

  6. phreedomphile says:

    I’m visualizing a memorable scene from the movie The Remains of The Day in which the head butler, played by Anthony Hopkins, is made to be an example of the ignorance of the common man when he declines to answer questions on the geopolitics of the day asked by a pompous parlor guest.

    Isn’t it amazing how the elites characterize the commoners as inherently inferior, mental midgets incapable of self governance, yet they put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources into their dumbing down protocols?

    Another British period film comes to mind: Angels and Insects – a reminder of the the deleterious effects of elite inbreeding.

  7. Mark says:

    As sort of a followup on my eugenics comment to the Guns and Butter podcast, and also on my “right forest, wrong trees” metaphor used related to another matter there. I read this article last night, and while into one of my current reads on the train this morning, I came across this written in ’08 regarding Obama and McCain: “neither candidate has acknowledged that a theocratic and bloodline-based nation is anathema to the secular values of democracy, its rejection of royalty and its abhorrence of bloodline-derived political status.” So in the ballpark, and the author then goes on to say, “That rejection includes those who consider themselves ‘chosen’ because they share a common lineage traceable to King David”.

    If one looks at many if the big problems plaguing this country today, whether it’s Wall Street thievery, advancing corruption of our media, continuous wars fought in the middle east against Islam, you tend to see one group with influence far beyond their constituency in this so-called democracy. So perhaps the best recent example to look to is post-Soviet Russia a decade or two ago, the Yeltsin-era free-market rise and heyday of the oligarchs, who at the highest (read: richest and most-powerful) level were predominantly, almost totally, Ashkenazim (as the author puts it). Is this the real elite?

    So do we have a budding Putin in ’16 who will bite (or gum, more realistically) the hand that feeds him/her? Not the neocon-infused and Sheldon Adelson-financed Republicans, that’s for sure. Not the hawkish and rabidly zionist Hillary just as certainly. What about leftish darling Bernie? He’s hardly even Jeremy Corbyn-like on foreign policy, and of course he “shares a common lineage traceable to King David”, as it were. So maybe Obama is as good as it gets, in this age of post-holocaust total immunity.

    As an example of that, during my morning coffee today while watching the news on D-Now!, a piece on the complete absence of blacks among the Oscar nominees again this year, I was struck by the similar complete absence of terms like “Jew” and “Jewish”. There was Amy and guests talking about “the academy” being 96% white and 71% male (not that the latter was material to anything), discussing cultural and ethnic groups and proportional representation, and yet where was the mention of the one group totally out of proportion among the decisionmakers in Hollywood? Immunity, hiding in plain sight.

    So circling back to eugenics, I recall in an interview I listened to recently, Kevin MacDonald pointed out how talented, how intelligent the Jews are, particularly the Ashkenazim, the highest IQ of any ethnic group. He also spoke of the long-standing, absolute prohibition against marriage outside of this group, and the high cultural value placed on intelligence and cultural norms which lead to people with this characteristic marrying and procreating, leading to this particular group superiority over time. All related to group survival during 3000 years “on the road”, as it were. If true, is this a more meaningful example of eugenics than notions of a history of interbred royalty and racist (their definition and ours) social thinking and policies of a century ago?

  8. zgornel says:

    I wonder if indeed this ‘creed’ of the superior man could be turned into a religion with the sole purpose of total dominance through the creation of seemingly real and palpable gods … some sort of new age aspiration to immortality and infinite power through science (the ideea of the superior man can be traced somewhere around darwin’s time, having more of a romantic essence – must watch “BBCs Ascent of Man”, ep. 8,9 – on the industrial revolution and how concepts such as ‘energy’ actually shaped much of our current present). M. Bakunin has a wonderful analysis of scientific aristocracy in “The god and the state ” if I remember correctly.

    Having a quite some background in computer science, I can attest for the presence of the techno-religious behemoth all over the place, whose abstract coagulation is the ‘Singularity’ concept (so adamantly pushed by Kurwiziel and co. with some help from Michio Kaku et al.) Read: Ray Kurwiziel: “The singularity is near” ( What is unnerving is that although the singularity concept is pure 100% speculation, a lot of efforts are being driven towards that goal, from theoritical formulation to practical implementational aspects e.g. bio-tech, robotics, machine learning and such.

    By the way, the religious aspect of evolution towards singularity-like forms of existence is very elegantly described (and to some extent theorized) by non other than Arthur C Clarke in pretty much all of his literature. I would say the singularity is the center of the clarke literary universe.

    What’s funny is that in some way, the elite is condemned to humanity in their search for godliness: they want to live for ever (e.g. instinct of self-preservation) and to spread their genes (e.g. reproduction). As for dominance, it is an essential prerequisite to all aspiring gods.

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