About those Turkish nukes...

07/23/201624 Comments

The actual nukes (about 50 of them) stored at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey are B61 gravity bombs. They are "dumb" bombs first developed back in the days when a tactical nuclear bomber raid of the Soviet Union's Eastern European flank was a plan kicking around the offices of RAND's real-life Strangeloves. In other words, they serve no conceivable use in any current day situation.

So of course the US just spent $8 billion upgrading them to B61-12s by adding moving fins so they can be more effectively steered toward their targets after they're dropped. Controls have also been added so that the bomb's yield can be adjusted before they're deployed, all the way down from their full yield of 170 kilotons (11 Hiroshimas) to 0.3 kilotons (a measly 2% of a Hiroshima). The idea is to make these nukes "small" enough so that their use is conceivable and acceptable to the public...the entire opposite of the MAD doctrine that was used to promote their development and stockpiling in the first place.

So as spectacular as the Turkish coup and all of its myriad internal and geopolitical ramifications no doubt are, one of the most hair-raising stories coming out of post-coup Turkey has centered on Incirlik. On July 16th, as the coup plotters lost control of the event, power was cut to Incirlik. Shortly thereafter the base's commander, General Bekir Ercan Van, was arrested in the post-coup purge.

Now, any time a week-long disturbance of this sort takes place at a major US Air Force base in a strategic location housing the forces for a key, ongoing tactical operation, that is a big deal. But given Incirlik's role as a NATO nuclear stockpile, that's a very big deal indeed.

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  1. Corbett says:

    Hey everyone, sorry there hasn’t been a subscriber video yet this month. I have a “prop” in mind for this month’s video but haven’t had time to dig it out yet with all the world craziness I’m trying to cover this month. Next week, I promise…

    • ldoebbeling says:

      Hi James, thanks for your great work… Would you care for spanish subs for some of your documentaries ? Free of charge. I live in Argentina and although these subjects are a difficult sell over here I have some friends that would be interested in seeing them. If interested let me kow at ldoebbeling@gmail.com I would need the english srt to work on them. I am not a professional translator but I speak both languages indistinctively. With internet documentation it is easy finding doubtful equivalences. I recently did the spanish subs for Aerotoxic Syndrome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgQjYdN48vU.

    • rltmlt says:

      James, economist Michael Hudson did an interview on TheRealNews earlier this month; “US-NATO Border Confrontation with Russia Risks Nuclear War and Loss of European Partners”
      He made a very good point when he addressed the unstoppable out of control military spending by the U.S. to maintain numerous military installations in Eastern Europe staffed by an array of civilian and military personnel. In addition, Massive ongoing production of an array of very expensive military hardware to fight a conventional war at a time of looming U.S. Deficits. The U.S. Military remains frozen in the Cold War era where a conventional land war is the only option. Hudson poised the question, why do the powers that be continue to see traditional ground wars as the only alternative when a single finger on a nuclear launch button will inevitably lead to the extinction of mankind on this planet. One of the many Peace Movements in this country recently did a mass Email distribution of their assessment where they pointed out that there were only three Nuclear Armed countries in the nineteen fifties and now their are at least seven as far as we are able to ascertain !

  2. greencrow says:

    New York Times as a source for power on at Incirlik? I wouldn’t believe anything the NYT says. I checked with the Turkish government website and with RT and PressTV to see if there was any corroboration of the NYT report and there wasn’t…so I’m not going to update my blog coverage of Incirlik until there is.


    • robert_a_jackson says:

      I believe he quoted “The New Yorker”, not the “New York Times.” I’m not saying it’s any better, just clarifying facts.

      • greencrow says:

        No, I checked the post again and Corbett’s link is to the New York Times


        Your apology is accepted.


        • robert_a_jackson says:

          No apology will be issued as here is the site if you click on the link above in the article. You’re a journalist as well? Hmmm…


        • robert_a_jackson says:

          Ok here is your belated apology, as I was referencing a different section of this article that I thought you had originally referred to. Now I see where this link to the NYT is placed.


        • greencrow says:

          From Corbett’s Report

          But don’t worry. The latest report is that power has been restored at Incirlik (nearly one week later) and news reports from the base are desperate to paint a picture of a minor disturbance that has been smoothed over as “there is a steady flow of hot food, water, and fuel to support U.S. service members and civilians in Turkey.”

          Now…click on the link embedded in “The latest report”.

          • greencrow says:

            apology accepted!

            Now…as a “journalist’ I would like to give Corbett another…and better link…from Debka file. Which says the crisis at Incirlik is ongoing and the US soldiers and their nukes are being “held hostage” by Erdogan. James seems to have caved to the NYT and their ilk too soon, IMO.


            • Corbett says:

              Actually Debakafile is a terrible misinformation source and should generally be avoided. But the report you link to is five days old and even they were reporting the power was back on 3 days ago:


              As are a number of other sources. I do not know of one source that as of today is reporting the power is not back on. It seems you haven’t researched this very thoroughly, if at all. But the funniest part is that my last paragraph could not have been more sarcastic if I tried. Of course I don’t believe everything is hunky dorey and business as usual.

              Your apology is accepted.

              • greencrow says:

                I noted on my blog that the report was four days old (at the time) but that thetruthseeker had just published it today…and hopefully looked for anything contrary. James…what I am really going by is the lack of update on Incirlik power from either RT and/or PressTV who were the ones who reported that it was off. Neither has reported that it is on. Nor has the Turkish government website…which has press releases…reported that it is back on.

                So in re-reading your post it looks like you are depending on DEBKA when you say “…even they were reporting that the power was back on 3 days ago.” Which makes me wonder why the truthseeker reported TODAY that it was off.


  3. nosoapradio says:


    come to think of it… maybe I will start a hydroponic togetherness community … on the outskirts of Mata-Utu… or maybe on Alofi island…

    I make a mean seafood lasagna…

    …who’s coming with me?

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Since we are not in a Dr. Evil plot, and all the players are power hungry, but reasonably sane people, they will ensure they make the max profit (in power term) and minimum loss, so taking the world to destruction does not add up.

    What is the ultimate benefit to these poker players? Sure, people will gamble big, and might even gamble with their own life, but no one will gamble with their children…

    There is something here we don’t see (understand)… We all accept that the hidden hand is at play, but i doubt it resembles Dr.Evil.

    my two cents

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Dear Voice of Arabia, I would take issue with this assumption. Maybe Power Mad may have been a better choice rather than power hungry. There are levels of sanity and those who worship at the altar of Absolute Ambition have deluded themselves into believing that the rungs of the power ladder must be quickly climbed and to hell with anyone above or below themselves. Hey, a metaphorical pull on the leg of the one next further up and a boot to the head for those just below is not beyond these Addicts of Ambition. In fact, it’s usually on full display for all to see (just not the nitty gritty horrifying details). The pay offs are tremendous in both wealth and their power fix to calm the DT’s of unbridled ambition required to satiate them, for a short time until the next rung is in play.

      “the players are power hungry,but reasonably sane people”

      I would note that TCM is playing ‘Dr. Strangelove Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ at this particular moment in the USA. Rather creepily prescient if I do say so myself. (Tora! Tora! Tora! is next on the hit parade which led to what?) I would also note I believe Eugenics is in play here.

      Just to clarify, I would never write off their maniacal behavior as merely being “mentally ill”. They know exactly what they are doing and are not “off” in a normal sense. Their actions are quite rational given they are satiating their need for the next ladder rung. It’s the choice they have made in life. Life, ethics and morality are not even considered not to mention Love of their fellow human. Quite rational indeed although evil is in play or what should be classified as evil behavior. From Kissinger to Clinton to Ryan, they just don’t give a damn.

      Love One Another

      The Mohawk

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi @Mohawk Man,

        I quite enjoy your posts, although sometimes i don’t understand them as english is not my first language.

        When you say

        “Their actions are quite rational given they are satiating their need for the next ladder rung. It’s the choice they have made in life. Life, ethics and morality are not even considered not to mention Love of their fellow human. ”

        I agree with you a 100%.. They are people who think of themselves better than the rest, as they can “rig” the system to maximize profit, not realizing that some of us believe “we don’t own the land, but live of the land” (we don’t take anything with us on the way out!! in fact, we give everything back to the land.)

        for those people in power, we are just herds of cattle.. they need us to fertilize the land, produce future herds and milk, and when no longer useful, then to the slaughter and turn us into “sell-able” goods.. but they need us to “harvest our labor” and create their wealth.

        So, killing all of us is like committing suicide…

        by the way.. I love watching ‘Dr. Strangelove Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’

    • nosoapradio says:

      I’ve actually often thought about this “max profit/minimum loss” notion…with a great deal of hope in my heart…

      and I don’t mean to sound overly negative but…

      when you consider that some… um…people…were happy to make a mint “betting” on disaster while others like “THE EXECUTIVE” of Marsh and McClennan who from the safety of his own home called a meeting in the north tower in order to listen to his overly-conscientious collaborators perish over the phone…

      you need a certain degree of imagination to suppose that we are not in a Dr. Evil plot…

      Have you seen that video of Bush dancing at a funeral in Dallas?

      Seriously, I wonder what Beverly Eckert and Allison Desforges would have to say on the subject…

      Well, anyhow, it’s probably all for the better.

  5. bob_fergus says:

    Is it just me or is all of the global tensions and confrontations indicative of a planned transition of the human phyche from Church/state to corporations?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi bob_fergus,

      I like your idea, and i think there are dots that be linked here…

      I believe that all religions that came in the past was to fight the No1. Evil, which is Slavery (and by that i mean harnessing all the labor of other people and converting that labor to wealth and power)… Moses came during the pharaohs enslavement of people. Jesus came during the Roman enslavement of people. Mohammed came during the Quresh enslavement of people.

      But religion was always the key to “save” the people…

      So, it appears someone, some where is manufacturing inflection point to introduce a new concept or religion, and we shall call it.. CorpJuMuiTY religion. 🙂

  6. VoltaicDude says:

    Lot’s of important analysis here, but this bears repeating:

    “We know that the same elements in the US government that organized 9/11 have been warning about a terrorist nuclear event for years. And given that they’re the terrorists, they should know what they’re talking about.”

    All those complicit-thru-silence players in this game better wake up if they don’t want to one day find themselves relegated in history to the likes of those silently complicit with the rise of the Third Reich.

    Actually – perhaps more to the point here – they will be relegated in history to the likes of those silently complicit with the likes of all the “Allied” banksters that brought the Third Reich into power – a group that shares an historical continuity with the perpetrators of 911.

    In the long run even F.D.R.’s betrayal-through-silence in the wake of the heroism of General Butler’s exposé can be seen as a pathological loyalty to his family’s patrician, bankster class, and something that directly influenced political conditions allowing that two of Prescott Bush’s progeny have become American presidents with equally grotesque amounts of blood on their hands.

    The world needs to wake up to these facts and to the reality that these atrocious developments will continue if not actively stopped.

    And the only way to stop it is through the robust conveyance of this hidden, complex, “corrective” history about these facts (versus the simplistic lies in the history books used to brainwash young people) and open, peaceful dissent.

    It will cost us dearly for these sociopaths are ruthless, but the delusion is that not stopping them will be less painful.

  7. hanky says:

    Great article. Great links. I wish I could share this with my non-member friends.

  8. ddplmr says:

    Below is a link to a small segment of the Alex Jones interview of Aaron Russo done in 2007 not long before Russo died of bladder cancer. Here Russo talks about his friendship with Nick Rockerfeller and some of the things Rockerfeller told him — about 911, the CFR, and the globalists’ aims. I give it high credibility considering who Russo was. I think it’s a rare window into some of the plans of the Globalists and their world view.

    The full interview is quite long and has more commentary on Rockerfeller.

    https://youtu.be/LSGZ4Hkdyg4 (full)

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