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False Flags Over Kashmir: Prelude to WWIII?

03/10/201914 Comments

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Snowjob 2.0, WWIII Prep, PubPeer – #NewWorldNextWeek


This week on the New World Next Week: the Equation Group hacker gets nabbed; WWIII will be lethal and fast; and peer review vigilantes take matters into their own hands.

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WWIII News, Monsantogeddon, FEC Backs Down – New World Next Week


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WWIII Cometh? – Beard World Order (video)

09/08/20144 Comments

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Interview 934 – The Beard World Order roundtable on WWIII

09/02/20146 Comments

In this episode of the BWO, Beardlitarians Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Pearse Redmond consider the possibility of World War III. Could it happen? What would it look like? Has it already begun?

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War on Syria: Gateway to WWIII

01/04/20131 Comment

Now entering its second year, the foreign-funded civil war in Syria continues to drag on, destabilizing the country and causing widespread violence and bloodshed. In their newly-released free online e-book, War on Syria: Gateway to WWIII, Global Research contributors Nile Bowie and Tony Cartalucci examine the roots of this conflict and its potential consequences. Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest, Nile Bowie.

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Syria, Intervention and the Path to WWIII – GRTV Feature Report

09/02/20110 Comments

The western powers are working behind the scenes to set the stage for yet another potential military intervention, this time with embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Episode 002 – WWIII Starts in Iran

06/08/20072 Comments

In this episode of The Corbett Report, we examine the likelihood and the implications of an American strike against Iran. We also examine the possibility of a false flag nuclear terror event prompting a war with Iran.

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Did Soleimani Kill 600 Americans? – Questions For Corbett #050

01/10/2020110 Comments

Everyone has heard by now that Soleimani was responsible for 600 American deaths . . . but where does this oddly specific number come from? Today on “Questions For Corbett,” James finds the answer at the bottom of a barrel of neocon lies.

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Crisis in Kashmir: What Does It Mean?

08/10/201944 Comments

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