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A Brief History of Ukraine

A Brief History of Ukraine

The full-on hysteria that surrounded the announcement of Tucker Carlson's arrival in Moscow and his subsequent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin—including Hillary Clinton branding Carlson a "useful idiot" and Bill Kristol's call to bar him from...

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis (2014)

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis (2014)

Video player not working? Use these links to watch it somewhere else! WATCH ON:  /  /  /  /  / or DOWNLOAD THE MP4 FROM 2014: As supposedly “progressive” outlets once again scramble to throw their support behind the billionaire oligarchs and NGOs that have helped to...

Flashback: Rick Rozoff Warns Ukraine War is Inevitable (2015)

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Odysee / Rokfin / Rumble / Substack  FROM 2015: Rick Rozoff of Stop Nato joins us to go over the context of the US/NATO/EU/IMF takeover of Ukraine, why it is taking place, and where it is ultimately leading. Rozoff warns that war is not a...

Schrödinger’s Bomb: False Flags Over Ukraine

Remember way back in January of this year when I predicted that geopolitical strife—"the element of the global calculation that has been excluded from the equation" during the scamdemic—would "come back with a vengeance" in 2022? Well, if the Russian invasion of...

The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know

You've no doubt heard the story of the crisis in Ukraine by now. But, as we've been told all our lives, there are two sides to every story. So, which side of the story have you heard? There's the MSM/establishment/dinosaur media side of the story. Let's call it the...


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