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Bilderberg 2019, Army Twitter, Dumb Locks – #NewWorldNextWeek


This week on the New World Next Week: Bilderberg slithers off to Switzerland for 2019; the US Army pwns themselves on Twitter; and tenants win fight against smart locks.

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03/31/201843 Comments

In case you didn’t catch it yesterday, this is why I am no longer on Twitter. Maybe you’ll consider joining me in this exodus. #deletetwitter

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I Held A Twitter Election And It Was A Glorious Dumpster Fire!

01/29/20186 Comments

I held a Twitter sElection and you absolutely WILL believe what happened next…unless you’re a statist, that is. Happy voting!

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Janet Yellen’s Twitter Q&A Was A Glorious Dumpster Fire

04/12/20176 Comments

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GCHQ Twitter, Kissinger Award, Nestle Wars – New World Next Week


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Interview 1472 – Kashmir in Crisis with Mohamad Junaid

08/21/201976 Comments

The Indian government has created a crisis by stripping the state of Jammu and Kashmir of its former semi-autonomy and splitting it into two territories. What are the roots of this crisis and what can we expect to develop in this volatile region? Joining us to dissect the past, present and future of Kashmir is Kashmiri scholar Mohamad Junaid of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

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Hong Kong: Chaos Before the Order

08/17/201923 Comments

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We Need to Talk About Search

08/16/201980 Comments

Why does no one seem to understand the bigger picture of search algorithm manipulation. This isn’t about being able to work around search blacklists to find certain information, it’s about how we are being steered toward a future where we will not have control over search results at all. We will ask our computer oracles a question and we will get one pre-approved answer. This is the nightmare future we are stumbling into, and (almost) no one seems to get it.

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Episode 361 – Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein

08/14/2019179 Comments

In this in-depth exploration of the death (?) of Jeffrey Epstein (?), James and The Corbett Report community members tackle 3 questions: What do we know about this incident? What do we not know? And what does it all mean?

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Interview 1469 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

08/08/201935 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Amerikkka descends into terrornoia chaos; Kashmir descends into crisis; and scientists start breeding the first human-monkey chimera.

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