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Interview 698 - Tom Secker on Secrets, Spies and 7/7

07/05/20130 Comments

Tom Secker of and joins us to discuss his brand new book, Secrets, Spies and 7/7. Today we discuss the likely spies and provocateurs at the heart of the plot, the alternative theories that have been developed about the bombing and the programming that helped inspire them, and why the truth about 7/7 still matters nearly 8 years later.

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Interview 582 - Tom Secker on Operation Gladio

01/18/20136 Comments

23 years after it was first revealed to the public in the Italian Parliament, few are today aware of the history of Operation Gladio, the stay-behind operation that was seeded by intelligence agencies in Western Europe at the end of WWII and which was responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and outrages in the ensuing decades. Fewer still are aware of the details of this program, where it originated, who was behind it, and what it teaches us about the nature of such operations. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we talk with Tom Secker of about this much-neglected piece of false flag history.

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Interview 540 - Tom Secker on the Breivik Verdict


Last month Anders Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing 77 people and injuring 200 in a bomb and shooting massacre in Norway last July. There are still unanswered questions about whether Breivik pulled off the attacks by himself, what the role of the organization he claims to be a part of really was, and whether the police investigation, trial and July 22nd Commission adequately examined all of the evidence. In this wide-ranging conversation, Tom Secker of discusses his research on the matter, including the echoes of Gladio, the suggestions of false flag, and the political ramifications of the massacre, trial and verdict for Europe as a whole.

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Interview 518 - Political Philosophy with Tom Secker


Tom Secker of joins us for a wide-ranging conversation on political philosophy. We discuss disagreements with and reservations about alternative political movements from UKIP to the Ron Paul phenomenon before talking about a stateless society and the possibilities of anarcho-socialism.

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Interview 489 - Tom Secker on Interrogating the Programming


Once it has been established that the foreshadowing of certain terror events in supposedly fictional works is more than just coincidence, what does this mean, and how do we proceed with an analysis of these works? Joining us on the program to examine these matters in greater detail is Tom Secker of

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Interview 425 - Tom Secker

12/06/20110 Comments

Regular guest Tom Secker of joins us to discuss the murky world of triple agents; intelligence assets who are working for multiple agencies, countries, or terror groups. From Ali Mohammed to Humam al-Balawi, Secker dissects the "triple agent" terror narrative and interrogates the official version of the War on Terror.

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7/7: An Historical Analysis - Tom Secker on GRTV

09/24/20110 Comments

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Interview 298 - Tom Secker

03/02/20110 Comments

The Corbett Report talks to author and documentary filmmaker Tom Secker about the latest 7/7 developments from the startling sentence of Mohammed Junaid Babar to time served to the ongoing 7/7 inquests which are due to wrap up hearings next week.

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Interview 232 - Tom Secker

09/28/20100 Comments

The filmmaker behind 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction joins us to discuss the lies, contradictions and factual errors in the official 7/7 narrative.

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Interview 205 - Tom Secker

07/29/20101 Comment

Today we talk to Tom Secker, a researcher in the UK and the writer of the Howard Beale's Newshour blog. We discuss the various intelligence agency linkages to the major terror incidents of the past two decades and we discuss the likelihood of the various explanations offered for these connections. Documentation - 7/7: Seeds of […]

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