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Why is the MSM (Finally) Reporting on the Petrodollar?

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON ODYSEE Bloomberg is trumpeting "The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret," but anyone who is scratching their heads at this non-revelation might well wonder 'Why Bloomberg?' and 'Why now?' Join James in today's Thought For...

New World Last Week

Let me guess: you're sitting there in your Corbett Report T-shirt and your (brand spanking new) Media Monarchy baseball cap with your beverage of choice by your side, constantly refreshing The Corbett Report home page in the vain hope that the latest edition of New...

The Controlled Demolition of the Economy

In case you haven't noticed, the wheels are falling off the global economy right now. We've all started to feel the pinch of supply chain disruptions and rising energy costs and economic uncertainty and inflation—not to mention stagflation and shrinkflation and...


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