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Yes, Mainstream Media Bias is Getting Ridiculous...But Why?

09/15/201670 Comments

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Interview 1780 - Media and Terror on Truth Over Comfort

01/19/202313 Comments

via In todays video, I conducted an interview with James Corbett, about the Media, his recent video "The Media Are The Terrorists" and the Werther effect (copy cat effect ). We discuss the reasons why the media are seemingly incapable of telling the truth for certain subjects, the societal effect of the media and how tragic events are often a televised movie like event in peoples minds.

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Online Media: The Promise and the Peril

10/24/202184 Comments

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Sunstein Won: Cognitive Infiltration of the "Alternative" Media

09/13/202177 Comments

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Media Mergers, Palestine Strike, Vaccine Liability - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: the media consolidation continues with new merger talks; Palestinians unite against Israel as the apartheid issue goes mainstream; and OSHA says employers will be responsible for the adverse effects of mandated injections.

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Interview 1348 - The Last American Vagabond on Social (Media) Engineering

03/01/201825 Comments

Were we led to believe that long-told lies were finally being exposed, only to lull the masses back into a state of subservience and blind patriotism? How would that even be done? What type of massive control structure would be needed to execute such a manipulation? Is that even possible?

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How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media

03/22/201716 Comments

It is no longer disputed that the CIA has maintained an extensive and ongoing relationship with news organizations and journalists, and multiple, specific acts of media manipulation have now been documented. But as long as the public continues to ignore the influence of intelligence agencies in shaping or even fabricating news stories, the agency will continue to be able to set the policy that drives the American war machine at will.

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Al Qaeda Videos Aren't the Only Media the US Has Faked

10/08/201618 Comments

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Chinese Gold, Saudi Pages, Dinosaur Media - New World Next Week


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Deep State Rising: The Mainstreaming of the Shadow Government

01/05/201670 Comments

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