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School COVIDpass, Mexico GMOs, Music NFT - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: schools roll out COVID passes; Mexico says no to glyphosate; and the music industry starts tokenizing albums.

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Back to Books, GMO Crisis, ISIS Hangout - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: Australian private schools ditch fondleslabs for textbooks; the GM environmental crisis spreads as the MSM hypes the fake climate scare; and the MSM pimps a limited Turkish hangout over ISIS.

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Crypto Cannabis, Whole Foods GMO, Digital Plates - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: Weed turns to crypto to relieve the cash crunch; Whole Foods backtracks on GMO labeling; and the police get ALPR help with digital license plates.

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Big Ag Wants to Sell You GMO Marijuana


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Dissecting the Royal Society's GMO Whitewash


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Interview 1186 - Robert Verkerk Dissects The Royal Society's GMO Whitewash

07/06/20161 Comment

Dr. Robert Verkerk is the Executive and Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health. Today we discuss his recent article, "UK Royal Society whitewash on GM crops," which breaks down the Royal Society's recent report on the safety of genetically modified foods. From false assurances of consensus to exclusion of key issues like glyphosates and superweeds, we show how the latest report is a whitewash and discuss why the Royal Society is promoting the biotech industry.

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Did A New Study Just Find GMOs Safe? – QFC #30


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Did A New Study Just Find GMOs Safe? - Questions For Corbett #030

06/19/201646 Comments

Why does America attack the I-CIA-SIS it created? Was Gladio an outgrowth of SOE? How do you get a loved one out of the military? And did the National Academy of Sciences just find GMOs to be safe in a new study? Find out the answer to these and other burning questions as James opens the mailbag for this month's edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again...MSM Stays Silent

12/06/20154 Comments

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Interview 1096 - Jonathan Latham on GMO Concerns

10/07/201512 Comments

Today we're joined by Dr. Jonathan Latham of to discuss his recent article, "Growing Doubt: A Scientist's Experience of GMOs." We talk about the fundamentally flawed "risk assessment" process for GMO crops, the dangers of increasing herbicide use in the GMO era, the corporate corruption of GMO research and more.

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