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Vaccine Lawsuit, Cyberwar On, Fukushima 10 - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: New Mexico leads the way with the first US lawsuit against mandatory vaccinations; the US loudly announces their super secret cyber offensive on Russia; and the UN claims no adverse health effects ten years after Fukushima.

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China Rising, Fukushima Continues, Vietnam Millionaires - AP Perspective

03/19/20151 Comment

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Interview 931 - USA Watchdog: Global War, Fukushima Update and more

08/27/20140 Comments

James joins Greg Hunter of to discuss his Federal Reserve documentary, the moves toward global war, the ongoing nuclear situation at Fukushima and much more.

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Interview 909 - Global Journalist: Fukushima Three Years Later

07/04/20140 Comments

More than three years after the events at Fukushima, journalists still struggle to report on what exactly is going on with the region’s recovery and cleanup efforts. TEPCO, the utility that managed the nuclear reactor, has been criticized for not being forthcoming with the public, or with the victims of the tragedy … or, even with the government. Today on Global Journalist, we take a look at what’s going on in Fukushima, and look at some of the challenges reporters face in covering stories like these in Japan.

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Interview 823 - Dan Dicks Reports on Fukushima Radiation Across the Pacific

02/11/20140 Comments

The stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan remains an ongoing concern as it continues to leak radiation into the Pacific Ocean. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth delves deep into the issues regarding the Fukushima disaster to better understand the implications of this catastrophe while at the same time separating the facts from fiction. Joining Dan via Skype and reporting from Japan is James Corbett of and

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Interview 802 – James Corbett on the Snowden Saga, Fukushima, Saudi Arabia

01/10/20140 Comments

James Corbett joins Jack Blood of on the newly relaunched Jack Blood Show to discuss the NSA/Greenwald/Omidyar saga, Fukushima fearmongering and the potential for the fall of the House of Saud. The Jack Blood Show airs on The Micro Effect weekdays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern.

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Arafat Poisoned, India To Mars, Fukushima Cleanup - New World Next Week

11/09/20130 Comments

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Silk Road Shutdown, Fukushima Fast Food, Exercise Pills - New World Next Week

10/06/20131 Comment

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Interview 746 - James Corbett on Syria and Fukushima

09/11/20130 Comments

James Corbett joins Scott Teeters of Far Out Radio for an in-depth conversation on the latest developments in the Syria crisis and the Fukushima situation. Topics discussed include media propaganda, the public awakening to the real global agenda, the leaks at Fukushima, and the relationship of the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons industries.

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Fukushima: From Bad to Worse

09/05/20130 Comments

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