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Interview 970 - Tjeerd Andringa on Conspiracy and Falsifiability

12/01/20148 Comments

Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of joins us to discuss a question James posed in the last subscriber video: are conspiracy theories falsifiable? We discuss Karl Popper's famous "falsification" criteria for the demarcation of science and its potential applicability to geopolitical events. Dr. Andringa also details an approach for how to proceed in developing resilient hypotheses in an unstable, chaotic and non-closed system like global geopolitics.

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The Global Warming Pause Explained

12/22/20157 Comments

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Narcissus and Goldmund - FLNWO #24

02/16/20157 Comments

Logic and emotion. Language and image. Discipline and instinct. In his classic 1930 novel, Narcissus and Goldmund, Herman Hesse captures the essence of the duality of the human spirit. But while this duality is everywhere evident within us and those around us, is there a higher level of consciousness that combines both Narcissus' and Goldmunds' strengths? Is that the answer to the problems posed by fear, authority and tyranny? This month Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins James for another fascinating dissection of a classic piece of literature.

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Are Conspiracy Theories Falsifiable?

12/02/20142 Comments

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Episode 065 - Carbon Indulgences

11/24/20082 Comments

Have you atoned for your carbon footprint yet? If not, fear not, the Obamessiah is here to absolve you of your sins...but you have to be prepared to pay the price. Join the latest religious trend: earth worship and human sacrifice. Brought to you by the New World Order.

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