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Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON BITCHUTE / ODYSEE / YOUTUBE You’ve heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you’ve never heard of him? In this classic episode from The Corbett Report archives James dishes the dirt on Edward Bernays, Freud’s American nephew. Learn how to break...

Episode 033 – Meet Edward Bernays

Running Time: 44:55 Description:You've heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you've never heard of him? This week, we dish the dirt on Freud's American nephew, the man who literally wrote the book on propaganda, and paved the way for women's smoking, fluoride...

Why Do You Eat Bacon and Eggs?

Watch this video on BitChute / YouTube Because the Beech-Nut Packing Company told you to, that's why. But don't take it from me, take it from the man who engineered the campaign himself, Edward Bernays. So what other ideas have been woven so thoroughly into the fabric...

Episode 088 – You Are Being Programmed

Running Time: 1:03:30 Description:We've talked about Edward Bernays and we know all about propaganda, but there's more to media control than corporate advertising. Public opinion and attitudes are shaped through the media we consume, from television and movies to...

Episode 446 – Finding The Better Way

Episode 446 – Finding The Better Way

In June of 2023, James Corbett delivered two presentations at The Better Way conference in Bath, England: "Between The Raindrops" on the topic "From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies" and "The Limits of My Language" on the topic "From Thought Control to Free...


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