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Episode 298 - Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

12/02/20146 Comments

‘Operation Gladio B’--the continuation of the old NATO Gladio program--covers a tangled web of covert operatives, billionaire Imams, drug running, prison breaks and terror strikes. Its goal: the destabilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. In this presentation to Studium Generale in Groningen on November 19, 2014, James Corbett lifts the lid on this operation, its covert operatives, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland.

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Gladio Revisited (video)

02/03/20130 Comments

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Episode 256 - Gladio Revisited

02/01/20138 Comments

As one of the most startling admissions of a decades-long program of officially-sanctioned false flag terror, Operation Gladio remains a woefully under-reported piece of the War on Terror puzzle. Today we go behind the trite summarizations of this program to look in-depth at the program, its roots, and how it is continuing to operate right through to the present day.

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Why Would People Lie About Climate Change? - Questions For Corbett #033

12/16/2016146 Comments

In this edition of Questions For Corbett James (and Sibel Edmonds of answer your questions on Iran/CIA connections, climate change duplicity, whether the conspirators think they can survive their own conspiracy and much more. Also, James answers that age-old question: why do Hollywood movies suck so much these days?

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About those Turkish nukes...

07/23/201624 Comments

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Three Days of the Condor - FLNWO #34

04/19/201619 Comments

On this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we talk to Sibel Edmonds of about the 1975 spy thriller, Three Days of the Condor. We explore the context of the film's release, the possible CIA involvement with the production itself, and what the film's ambiguous ending tells us about the nature of the deep state and the media's role in covering it up. We also discuss the future of Newsbud.

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Brussels Is A Hub for (NATO) Terrorism

03/27/20161 Comment

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Is Erdogan Being Set Up For A NATO-backed Coup?

12/06/201521 Comments

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The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail

10/15/20153 Comments

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A New World Order Reading List

07/03/20155 Comments

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