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Resisting Canada's Mandatory Traveler Quarantine - #SolutionsWatch


The Canadian government announced it was going to subject Canadian residents to mandatory quarantine, at their own expense, after returning from international travel, regardless of their negative COVID status. After public backlash and the threat of legal action, the government is now delaying those plans, but some are alleging that the government has already arrested Canadians arriving in the country by air and transported them to a secret hotel location. Joining us to discuss this developing story and what Canadians can do about it is John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

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Lockdown Uprisings, Canada Reset, News Updates - New World Next Week


This week on the New World Next Week: Protesters around the world rise up against the lockdowns; Canadian globalists ready a green reset; and James and James run through a bunch of other important stories

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Canada Votes For 4 More Years of Oligarchy


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The Terrorists Behind Canada's "Anti-Terror" Law

08/01/20152 Comments

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Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship

07/29/20154 Comments

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Justin Trudeau: Canada's "Hope and Change" Deception

03/24/20151 Comment

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Interview 822 - Richard Gage Takes ReThink 9/11 Across Canada

02/10/20140 Comments

Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth joins us today to talk about the Rethink 9/11 campaign that is seeking to refocus the public's attention on the crimes of September 11, 2001 and their cover up. As part of the ongoing campaign, is putting on a cross-Canada tour of speaking engagements featuring Richard Gage's keynote presentation, "9/11: Blueprint for Truth." Today we talk to Gage about the tour and its importance to Canada and the world.

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Canada's Foreign Policy - Yves Engler on GRTV

12/07/20121 Comment

While Canada enjoys a reputation as a peacekeeper on the world stage, its history proves it to be anything but. In his new book "The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy," author and activist Yves Engler explores how the Harper government is trying to further militarize Canada and create a change in perception of Canada's foreign policy. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Yves Engler.

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Interview 536 - Lawrence McCurry on Power and Politics in Canada


Lawrence McCurry of joins us today to continue fleshing out Power Corp., the shady and little known Canadian conglomerate that exerts control over Canadian politics through its money, power and influence. We examine some of the consequences of this influence and what the Canadian public can do to combat this hidden influence on the Canadian political system.

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Agenda 21 in Canada with Richard Heathen (Video)


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