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Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2018

08/18/201830 Comments

It’s summer time again! Relax, kick back and enjoy your vacation with a little truth music courtesy of these friends, subscribers and listeners of The Corbett Report.

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Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2017

08/24/201767 Comments

It’s the dog days of summer, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for our annual roundup of the latest, hottest truth music. Load up your playlist with some of these tracks and blare it at the beach, at the bar-b-q or in the car on that big road trip! And if you have any suggestions for good truth music tracks, share ’em in the comments.

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Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2016

08/04/20166 Comments

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Truth Music Summer 2015

08/19/20155 Comments

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Truth Music

06/02/201527 Comments

Need to get pumped to fight the New World Order? Well here are some suggestions for your soundtrack. Join James today as he goes through some of his faves and some tracks that some listeners sent in. SHOW NOTES “What Would You Do?” by Paris “To join the fight” by Ditch Your Box The Thing […]

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Corbett Report Radio 209 – Truth Music V


As Corbett Report listeners start to upload the videos of this program to YouTube, the Google gang have thrown up red flags over the corporate music in our bumper playlist. So we’re divesting ourselves of the corporate mainstream music altogether and switching to an all-independent, all-truth playlist. Tonight James introduces you to some of the new songs in that playlist so you can unwind on a Friday night listening to some good tunes with a good message.

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Corbett Report Radio 166 – Truth Music IV


Tonight we take a moment out of the news, doom and gloom to listen to some music to a message. Whether it’s exposing the left/right political illusion, questioning the nature of our reality or speaking out against would-be authorities, tonight we play songs that make you think, and we have fun doing it.

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Episode 214 – Truth Music III

01/14/20120 Comments

In this third installment of the “Truth Music” series, we shine the spotlight on more artists who are channeling their creative energies into raising awareness of truth issues. This time we highlight the work of: Blakhatz, JJ Jones, The Robots, Dan Dicks, James Evan Pilato, Mike von Hash and Alan Watt. See the links in the documentation section for more about these artists and their work.

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Episode 143 – More Truth Music

08/22/20104 Comments

Running Time: 59:55 Description:This week we take another look at some artists who are spreading the fundamental political truths of our time through their musical arts. From hip hop to folk rock to mainstream, the truth is spreading in ways that few would expect. Documentation Documentation – LCS Hockey Time Reference: 02:28 Description: Tune in […]

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Episode 072 – Truth Music

02/01/20091 Comment

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast…or light a fire in the minds of men. It’s also a good tool for getting the truth out about the Federal Reserve, 9/11 or the other key topics of our time. Let’s explore some of the ways music can be used to spread truth in this week’s episode of The Corbett Report.

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