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Episode 427 - Remembering Tim Ball

10/03/202219 Comments

Today on the program James celebrates the life and work of Dr. Tim Ball, a man who devoted his retirement years to fighting the good fight against the agents of the climate scam and the green enslavement agenda. His fearless truthtelling in the face of so much adversity serves as an example to us all.

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Interview 1016 - Tim Ball Outlines 20th Century Theories of Geopolitics

03/19/20156 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us again to continue our ongoing exploration of geography, climate and politics. In this conversation we explore 20th century geopolitical theories and theorists, from Ratzel's Lebensraum to Mackinder's "Heartland" to Spykman's "Rimland" to Cohen's "Divided World." We also explore the rise of NATO in the mid-20th century and the role of the BRICS in shaping the world of the 21st.

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Interview 1010 - Tim Ball on Geography, Climate and History

03/10/20154 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us once again to continue our philosophical exploration of the linkages between consciousness, geography, climate and history. In this conversation we discuss the transition from hunter/gatherer society to agrarian civilization and some of the early theorists of the connection between geography and human history.

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Interview 992 - Tim Ball on Geography, Politics and Cognition

01/19/201512 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us once again for a wide-ranging conversation on geopolitics, history and cognition. We also engage the annual "hottest year ever" claim and detail the real science behind global temperature averages.

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Interview 980 - Tim Ball Lets the Hot Air Out of the Lima Climate Deal

12/15/201438 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us once again to discuss the latest climate talks in Lima, Peru. We examine the foundations of the IPCC and UNFCCC, their tie-in to Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome, the issue of science vs. politics, and the agenda that is driving the climate change debate.

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Interview 629 - Tim Ball on Climategate 3.0

03/19/20130 Comments

With the release of the password to unlock the full 220,000 email treasure trove, the Climategate saga has entered a new phase. Joining us to discuss this latest development is Dr. Tim Ball of

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Corbett Report Radio 078 - Peak Water and Agenda 21 with Dr. Tim Ball


With the carbon dioxide alarmism running out of gas, the proponents of world government are looking for a new alarmist paradigm to scare the public back into line. According to Dr. Tim Ball, they may already have found it: water scarcity. Like the global warming scam, this one too is based on untruths, but with the Rio+20 conference coming up later this year, the globalists may have the chance to kick the Agenda 21 football further down the field. Dr. Ball joins us on the program tonight to break it all down and take your calls.

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Interview 443 - Tim Ball

01/04/20120 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us to discuss Agenda 21 and the possibility of the creation of a new "sustainable development" meme at the upcoming Rio Earth Summit to replace the dying climate change meme. Dr. Ball discusses many of the intricacies surrounding the problem of water resource management and how this could be a potential new flashpoint for conflict and debate in the coming years.

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Interview 421 - Dr. Tim Ball

12/02/20111 Comment

Today we are joined once again by Dr. Tim Ball for a discussion about climategate 2.0. We discuss the latest leak of emails from the academics behind the global warming scare, the implications of the leak, and the "Peak Water" scare that is likely to take the place of the debunked climate alarmist hoax.

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Interview 288 - Dr. Tim Ball

02/15/20110 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball, climatologist and co-author of Slaying the Sky Dragon, joins us once again to break down the anthropogenic climate change myth. In this conversation we examine the various ways in which the sun drives climate on earth, and how changes in earth's orbit or the intensity of solar radiation can effect the temperature on the earth.

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