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Episode 427 – Remembering Tim Ball

Episode 427 – Remembering Tim Ball

Today on the program James celebrates the life and work of Dr. Tim Ball, a man who devoted his retirement years to fighting the good fight against the agents of the climate scam and the green enslavement agenda. His fearless truth-telling in the face of so much...

Interview 1016 – Tim Ball Outlines 20th Century Theories of Geopolitics

Interview 629 – Tim Ball on Climategate 3.0

With the release of the password to unlock the full 220,000 email treasure trove, the Climategate saga has entered a new phase. Joining us to discuss this latest development is Dr. Tim Ball of SHOW NOTES: Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU...

Interview 443 – Tim Ball

Dr. Tim Ball of joins us to discuss Agenda 21 and the possibility of the creation of a new "sustainable development" meme at the upcoming Rio Earth Summit to replace the dying climate change meme. Dr. Ball discusses many of the intricacies surrounding...


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