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Episode 454 – JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio

Episode 454 – JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio

We all know what happened on 11/22/63. But what about what happened on 11/22/90? And what connects these two events? And what does Seven Days in May have to do with it? Join James Corbett for a special presentation to the JFK Lancer conference on "JFK: From Mongoose...

Debunking the JFK Silver Certificate Myth

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube There are many people who will tell you that JFK was assassinated because he was trying to end the Federal Reserve and replace the Federal Reserve note with silver certificates. Not only is this not true, it's the...

Chuck Ochelli Sorts Through the JFK Dump

The squirt of JFK documents from the government archives that I reported on earlier became a veritable dump last week when 13,000 more documents were released. Joining us to sort through this mess is host of The Ochelli Effect, Chuck Ochelli, aka The Blind JFK...

Jacob Hornberger on the Ongoing JFK Cover Up

Watch on Bitchute / Odysee Jacob Hornberger, President and Founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation and author of The Kennedy Autopsy, joins us today about the JFK files (un)dump that (didn’t) happen last week. We talk about the ongoing cover up of the JFK files,...


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